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  1. Welcome to the forums Jonb :)

    1. Jonb


      Thanks John! Looking forward to learning the ropes! Thanks for having me. .

    2. Jonb


      I'm partially regretting the purchase of my EXP. It's wonderful for coastal areas but not so great for the area i live in 1.5 hours away from good coastal wind. Is there a way to modify the EXP for lower wind conditions, or should i just buy another kite for lower wind?

      I've got the bug for sure. Very excited to submerse myself in the Kite Life. . . Really enjoy the videos you post as well. Thanks for posting John.

    3. John Barresi

      John Barresi

      Rock on - please repost your EXP question on the forum, you'll be well looked after - right now, I'm grabbing a quick connect while camping. ;)

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