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  1. Hi,

    Is your Air FX still for sale and how is it framed please?



    1. Airfx


      Yes... The vented Air FX is still for sale. It is framed with Avia Sport carbon rods. Bottom spreaders are wrapped graphite. Top spreader is carbon. Great kite. I've flown it in competition. Great precision. I have it listed for $200 but open for offers. Thanks Michel.


    2. Michel


      Hi Terry,

      I could be interested in your Air FX vented if it is really in a perfect condition ( no hole, tears, repair, sign of use, clean and 100% original from Aerie Kitesworks). Let me know please.

      But Avia wrapped spars are very difficult to find today and with a vented kite, it's possible to break a spar. :(

      I have already some spare for Avia G-Force spars. But with which type of G-Force is framed your kite? Tapered spars ? UL, SUL, STD, ...

      And what would be your best price including shipping to France (Strasbourg) please?

      Thanks in advance

      Best regards,


    3. Airfx


      Hi Michel... Sorry its been so long to get back to you. The kite has a small worn spot behind the top spreader where the sail would rub against it but other than that, it's in excellent condition and is 100% sewn by Ken McNeil when he owned Aerie Kiteworks. The frame is Avia carbon rods, the bottom spreaders are tapered and wrapped STD spars, top spreader is untapped carbon. It is a used kite that I have flown in competition so it has a few hours on it but my collection of kites are kept as pristine as possible. If you're still interested, I could send it to France for $200 including shipping. Thanks!


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