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Kite ID... solve this mystery!

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Hello all... I'm a newbie to this forum. Be gentle. :)

Help me identify this kite, mfg by Go Fly A Kite? I need to get new sticks for it, or find out the measurements for the ones needed, so I can cut them myself. I forget when I got this kite, but it was quite some time ago. Thanks for any and all help... even snarky comments. :) Pics included!






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I even forget how to assemble it, but I can figure that out. 

By my figuring... if I remember geometry from JrHS... there are six "sails" connected at the center. When assembled, the kite will be hexagonal, if viewed from the top. There is one longitudinal stick that goes from top to bottom (in the 4th picture above, there is a slide-in pocket for this stick that goes from the top to the bottom), about 28" long. So, if there are six sails, they would form a hexagon where the distance from the center stick to the outer edge would be 14". Therefore, the triangles formed, when viewed from the top, would be equilateral triangles, and the sticks separating the outside edge of the sails would be 14" as well. Each of the colored sails has a plastic connector sewn-in, allowing one stick to connect to the connector of one sail and the connector of the next. As sticks are inserted in these connectors, the kite takes shape and strength, as the last stick is inserted and it is complete.

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Well, I was able to use geometry and figure out the length of the support sticks. I went to Lowe's and got some 1/4" dowels, cut them, and voila! It's like new!  If anyone knows this kite, I'd still be interested in information about it. I'll post a picture here a little later, fully assembled. Thanks,


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