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  1. Thanks Kent,... Learning tricks with it too. Met up with some local guys along w/ Jon T the other day and he was showing us some easy PRACTICE stuff to learn with slack-line tricks...cool stuff! Colors: Think about it, ...first, they're opposite on the color wheel (orange / blue), and ...start looking around. You see a TON of this color combo: Detroit Tigers, NY Mets, Denver Broncos, U of Florida, .....you watch, ..you'll start seeing the combo all over the place now . My brother in law said at first...why? I told him about how you see it all the time....and he called me a couple days later saying WOW, ..it's everywhere! Thanks for the kind words!
  2. Just as I thought........smooth, & precise! So far it's great! No other comments ?!?!?!?!? :confused!:
  3. Well, I thought I posted a quick little post a couple weeks ago that I was getting a new kite, but maybe I didn't? Oh well....here are a few pics of my new kite being assembled by the one and only Jon Trennepohl. Thanks to my brother in law snapping that last one with me "jawing" w/ Jon while he creates my tail-weight. Charcoal, midnight blue, black, flo-orange,....nice! ENJOY.... I'll get her in the air tomorrow!!
  4. Baws, I can now do a 1/2 axel with mine, but I'm not too accomplished yet. Yes, it's more difficult because of it's lower profile, but it's great to have on higher wind days, just put a nice tail on it and carve up the sky! When did you get it, and what color is it, I know someone who may be interested! Email me at jmetz66@yahoo.com Thanks
  5. is trying to learn tricks!

  6. Hi Baws, I have a T&T, ...my first and only kite to date. Now, ..it was a gift from my wife, a very pleasant surprise! I am also a beginner basically, and for tricks, I'm not sure yet. I'm on the verge of pulling off a half-axel with it, but I'm having trouble finding the right wind in the last few days! However, ..your comment disturbs me, because you can do them on other kites, but not this one?! Hmmmmm......
  7. Hey now...watch it...Ford quality is through the roof right now fellas!! Anyhow....Spzo nailed it ..... Just look at any high-end kite (Skyburner for example) and look at the spars and the stitch quality and the Icarex ....you can see it immediately!
  8. Are you from the metro Detroit area?
  9. All in one day?!? Jeeeez...talk about jumpin' in with both wings!
  10. True ...but for pure wind INDICATION for direction....something showing the direction-change would be great, especially for a beginner. I've noticed too, that if you go out after dinner,...later evening ....it gets fairly inconsistent .....
  11. hey, jeff: 2 is such a modest number. if you don't want to quit when the wind is picking up, nor want to put some holes in your Std /regular as you say, you may look into the vented soon enough. it's not a bad thing, this love for flying. to deal with the issue of having more kites then you can fly at one time, just get your family and friends started, then they will soon be more understanding and supportive..... ps: please don't ask me how many kites we have in our house. Litsong,... That's funny stuff! You know ....yesterday, in the later afternoon, the wind picked up, and my brother in law and I saw a reason for a VENTED also!!! OH NO!!!! Anyhow ...but seriously, ....vented situations are rare for me,...my BIL lives in California and got an Ultralight because that's what HE primarily sees ....an UL and a standard will suit me just fine for a while! Man is this ...just ..............F_U_N!!!
  12. Ok, just an update ..... It just keeps getting more fun!! My brother in law (yes, the one who started this mess) is in from California, and for his birthday, my wife and I and his parents suprised him with a Skyburner Freestylist Ultralight (that he's been wanting)!! Well,...now this has REALLY done it for me! Now I can CLEARLY see how you can EASILY need/want/need/want 2 kites! One regular, and one ultra-light! It's never going to end is it?! Anyhow ... 49 and a nice breeze today .....yeah,..I THINK I KNOW WHAT I'LL BE DOING AFTER WORK!
  13. Hi everyone,... Does anyone use a wind indicator when flying ? No, not a wind gauge (that tells you the wind speed) but an "indicator" so you can see if the wind direction changes? Thoughts? Thanks......
  14. LOL!! You guys are nuts!! That is some funny stuff!! OK, ok,...so I don't feel so ...."entwined" now!! GET IT?! Anyhow...thanks! Looks like good winds today!
  15. Hey thanks! Now...are those diagrams as if you're looking at your kite from the 'flying' position? yup, you got it, from the flying position. once you get that down the first trick i learned was the axle. here's a link to a tutorial on the axle. http://www.wonderhowto.com/how-to/video/ho...ite-trick-1730/ also, through the help of Spz0 I learned that the easiest way to pull off your first axle (although kite dependent as to whether they like/dislike to axle) is to fly to the edge of the window where your kite starts to stall and practice it there first. good luck! WOW! Thanks Shanobi! Hey, stupid beginner question In the "axle" ...will my lines cross when the kite rotates, or am I over thinking this?
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