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    hipnoses pride
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    riverside ca
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    United States
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    flying i have a video on youtube its a old one one handed dual line kite flying, check it out
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  1. Welcome to the forums Donald James Hawecker, please send me a PM if you have any questions. :)

    1. Donald James Hawecker

      Donald James Hawecker

      hi thank you i am disabled i live in riverside ca i fly everyday ok let me start from the start 15 years ago i was rideing my bike home from the park, thare in a bike trail . after riding i made a right to go home a truck doing 65 hit me from behind i lost my left arm and left leg check out my video on youtube one handed dual lind kite flying... i could go on and on i live for kiteflying

    2. John Barresi

      John Barresi

      Respect! Hope we can be a part of furthering your love for flying. :)

      BTW - can you post the link to your YouTube video?

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