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  1. I flew the Hata today. With the tail attached, it's a pleasure to fly. My wife flew it for 30 minutes with no issues whatsoever while I flew my dual line foil. I tried it without the tail too. It flies well, but is more challenging. The wind was too strong on the coast of Lake Erie this afternoon to fly it as a fighter comfortably. I didn't want to risk crashing and destroying it the first time out.
  2. I ordered one. It will be delivered on Thursday.
  3. I was in Chennai a few years ago. Sunday evening of my arrival was fascinating. Kites were being flown on every building after 4 p.m.
  4. I talked with him a bit and he explained that I might find it pretty challenging. He was flying it low but with a lot of movement.
  5. I saw one yesterday flying off and on at the kite festival. I like the way it flies. It's different and interesting.
  6. I tried to contact them online but their online form doesn't work for me today. I'll call later when I have time. I am interested in whether the red Hata is ready to fly or I need to order additional items with it.
  7. I've enjoyed the Symphony a lot
  8. What is the name of this kite? It's a very large single line I saw it at Belle Isle today.
  9. I love my foil. I'm getting better with it and actually kept it up at Belle Isle today for more than 15 minutes. Fly, crash, repeat.
  10. I saw a fighter kite flying at Belle Isle today. Can they be purchased or do I have make one from scratch?
  11. My wife and I decided to get dual line foils for some nieces and nephews this year. The store only had one Synapse in stock. Hearing that we wanted 4, they offered to order more. I asked if they could order HQ Symphony instead. We have 4 on order. Hooray for Kites and Fun Things. #SmallBusinessSaturday
  12. Here's another clip of my wife flying - Symphony flying
  13. I flew tonight for about 45 minutes and my confidence is building. I had several good flights.
  14. I got the beach model. If I buy the 2.2 down the road I'll try the pro version. I think I am going to really enjoy the sport foils. The Symphony will fly in very low wind when I can't fly my other kite.
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