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  1. I saw a video of a quad foil his morning, I didn't eve know they existed. Bit sturdier for crashing I would think.
  2. Thanks alot for your answer. Makes it very clear, and yes I will wait awhile before I begin this project.
  3. I found this site. Which would be the best to order and how much of it for a Rev 1.5? with 90# lines. http://www.thekiteshoppe.com/categories/Kite-Line/Spools-%26-Bulk-Kite-Line/Laser-Pro-Bridle-Line/
  4. In order to make these leaders, where would I get the material to make them? I would guess I would have to buy it in a bulk length, and this would be for #90 pound line.
  5. What is weird is a tried the member map on the Revolution website forum today at work and it did the same thing. Is that the same data base?
  6. How long should the top leaders be ?
  7. I joined the REV forum this morning.
  8. I just ordered an SLE 1.5 from A wind of Change this morning. Got a really good deal on it. Can't wait to start learning.
  9. Looks like I just joined the "dark side" and haven't even flown my new HQ Symphony 1.8 yet, thanks to some of the Rev fans on this forum introducing me to the Rev. I have a SLE 1.5 on the way from Awindofchange.com , and can't wait to get it.Already watching a bunch of tutorial videos, which are excellent by the way. Flying this type of kite has similarities to the years that I flew RC helicopters as far as hovering, moving in different directions as opposed to forward only, so I am looking forward to the challenge.
  10. I I have windows 7 and visit many forums with zero problems. I have the same problem as you, where it locks up the browser when I visit that page and I have to reboot the browser to continue ( Chrome). Definitely an issue with that part of the site.
  11. I tried loading Member Map this morning, and can't get it to work. Not sure if this is the place to report that,
  12. The KIte shop in Atlanta has this site on their website for winds.. Works pretty well.. http://www.windfinder.com/
  13. That is the spec on the company web site 150#
  14. Looks like the choices I have seen are 220# and 300# Spectra. Would a 220# be an acceptable upgrade from the stock 150#, or should I go for the 300# which of course would be much heavier. I doubt if I will reach the high wind stage for quite awhile.
  15. Glad to see this is such an active forum, and enjoyed meeting some people in the chat room last evening.
  16. Two questions, what is the purpose of the bar as opposed to the straps, and I was thinking of getting a 200# line set as a spare, would that be better than the stock lines?
  17. Yes, I have been looking at the Revolution today on some videos. Interesting the way they fly.
  18. I found a little velcro tab, that is apparently where the tail goes. Funny, I called HQ this afternoon and the lady that answered the phone said that a tail doesn't belong on the 1.8. I think she thought I was talking about the tail you would place on a paper single string kite years ago
  19. I guess the question I have from today, is that I checked a few videos on Youtube of the HQ Symphony 1.8 that had a tail on it around 20-40 feet. I was looking at the kite this afternoon and can't figure out how one would attach a tail to it. Hoping someone here would know if it could be done, in the future, was I get some experience in flying it.
  20. I started reading about kites a few days ago on the internet, and since then have watched a ton of videos, read forums, visited manufacturers and dealers websites, and tried to figure out what I should start with. I am a licensed private pilot, flew RC helicopters and aircraft for years, but gave all that up a decade ago when I retired. Miss flying, and looking at the videos of the stunt kites, brought back the desire to fly something. I live right next to an 80 acre park which has a very flat and level area on a rise, that is large and most of the time deserted. I found a Kite dealer right in Atlanta GA, Piedmont Kites, and went down there today and came home with an HQ Symphony 1.8. I wanted something that I wouldn't immediately wreck, and yet would challenge me a bit, and decided that this type of kite fit what I was looking for. Looking at the videos of the delta type stunt kites, I decide that the foil style kites were more suited to the style of flying that I would wind up doing, just carving S turns and rolls, patterns, etc, and not being really interested in the trick part of flying. The price of the HQ was much lower that the Prism 1.9 which I was also considering, so I was a bit concerned about the quality of the HQ, but the dealer said that he loves his HQ 1.8 and flies it every week at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, which is right near his shop. As soon as the snow melts, I am going to the field and see if I can get in the air....Anxious to see what it is like.
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