Double trouble

A few times the kites collided with a muffled sound. Well nothing broke but one time the kites started to spin and left the four lines in a twisted mess. I guess that I could offset the kites by making one line set a metre shorter than the other. In this way the "hit effective cross section" should be reduced and only be limited to kite/line collisions and exclude the kite/kite collisions. Would one notice in any negative way, a metre of difference in lengths between the line sets for a line length of 30m (98ft)? It just struck me that the "reflexes" to give line to make any kite to ground contact milder should ideally apply to kite collisions as well.

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So is this shot called "X marks the spot" or perhaps "Dazed & confused"?  Love this stuff.  My first thoughts of this kind of adventure go back several years to RobB talking about bar flying with a piece of beach driftwood.  He is another of my KiteLife mentors.  You guys are the best.  Thanks, SHBKF

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