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  1. Life has gotten in the way of kite flying:( Still have not had time to even those lines out. But hopefully soon! This is my busy season (educational evaluator) so I'm hoping to steal some time away from all that and fly!
  2. Thanks everyone:) Finally have some beautiful weather coming up in NY, so hoping to get those lines staked and see what's up.
  3. Many thanks also to Makatakam and Kansas Flier I really love this forum, you guys rock with the insight! Based on all the info, I really think I must have wound the lines in wrong. Didn't get a chance to check by staking today, but will let you know what I find when I do. And lol Makatakam, thanks for notifying the hubby!
  4. Thanks Breezin! Looks like I will have to work up the courage to do some stretching...stil hoping that I just wound them unevenly;) But it'll be good for me to learn how to do them on my next set, and the next one, and the next one Shhhh, don't tellthe hubby I said that. Good thing about having my daughter pilot was that I was able to take photos, I'm liking that new avatar pic too:) And the 75ft. tail is soooo much fun to watch!
  5. Thanks Dragonfish and Wayne I will definitely give the staking technique a try in our yard before we head out again. Thanks so much for the advice! Interesting on the handedness. My one daughter is a righty who was flying yesterday. I'll have to put her identical twin (but a lefty) on the kite and see if she has the opposite effect!
  6. Oops, I just checked the wind speed (after the fact lol), looks like our first flight was in 15 mph winds with some bigger gusts. Aiming for less next time!
  7. Lol Rob, it definitely got gusty later this afternoon at which point we packed it up;) Hoping for a calmer breeze next time we're out, but it still felt great to get outside.
  8. I just wanted to thank so many of you for the Prism Quantum recommendation for our first "real" dlk. After cold weather and a virus that hit us hard, we finally got to fly it today...well, I should say my 13 y/o flew it 99% of the time with a huge smile. Yep, a few lawn darting crashes, but lots of fun, especially after we through the 75ft. tail on. Maybe a bit too breezy for our first time today, about 12mph winds, but still had a blast. I did notice when we wound inthe lines after that one line had stretched a good 2 feet, but I think the handles have some sort of way to re-knot and correct that. Do you think we did something wrong to cause that kind of uneven stretch? Now waiting for a low wind day for the 4-D. I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy some flight time this weekend
  9. Twin Roses


    So very sorry for your loss. There's way too much good company up there waiting for a reunion one day. So very hard losing a family member whether they be furry or of the human kind. Despite her life not being the length it should have, sounds like she was very much loved by you and I bet the years you shared were wonderful.
  10. Gotcha on the goats. Would love to give the cheese making a try, maybe even add some fiber animals to the pack. Ah, some day. Congrats on the new kite, enjoy, and thanks for sharing your expereinces from the beautiful day:)
  11. Sounds like an awesme day Breezin! Alpacas are such cool animals:) Have a few friends who have them. You're a lucky grandpa. Kites, kids, and alpacas. Doesn't get better than that! My goal is to get goats some day We have a "starter" foil that is only about 50" that takes a whole lot of wind to get going. Interesting that the Snapshot does too. I could see that frustrating my kiddos also and they'd be heading off to collect shells;)
  12. Thank you! That is super helpful info:) And a great video!
  13. Lol Breezin, now that is what life is all about
  14. Sage advice Wayne Hoping to enjoy some 8-10 mph winds if spring ever arrives;) Getting cabin fever, thinking of making indoor kites
  15. Yikes on the broken rib Makatakam! I think I'll side on the err of caution and go with the Synapse, but also be vigilant with the wind. It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt!
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