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  1. RaginCajun

    kite lights

    Ok, i see where you said anything. Wish we had this conversation a few weeks ago.
  2. RaginCajun

    kite lights

    That's awesome John, even more of an incentive!!! I like that. Is that anything that Amazon sells? I just bought a few things a couple weeks ago off amazon.
  3. RaginCajun

    kite lights

    Thank you for the heads up John, i was needing a new place to get some cheaper than Academy!
  4. RaginCajun

    kite lights

    I don't have any pics of the lights on my kites but there are pictures in the link I provided above
  5. RaginCajun

    kite lights

    I use iNova Microlights. They are foolproof, failproof and pretty darn shockproof. They all come with clips, easily attatched to any kite or line, come in assorted colors. They can be seen for MILES, and can be set to low, high, or strobe. I use them on all my kites, slk's, dualies and rev. Depending where you get them, anywherer from 5 to 8 bucks each, replacable batteries are cheap too. The only brick and mortar I have found them in is Academy, for 8 bucks, and a 6 pk of replacement " button " batteries is 2 bucks. Highly recommended.http://www.inovalight.com/microlight/ ( and a set of batteries will last 24 hrs or more, they take two )
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