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  1. Thank you kind sir, you are much appreciated ❤️❤️
  2. Is it possible to bring a few leader sets with you? If so, I'd like 4 please. Color not an issue. Not sure there's anything actually in Perdido Key. Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, downtown Pensacola is what's close.
  3. Not sure there's anything actually in Perdido Key but Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, downtown Pensacola is what's close. I'm actually tent camping a couple miles away at Big Lagoon State Park.
  4. I've only flown an indoor, once. But Joe recently said that an experienced pilot could easily overcome whatever variances the lack of mesh causes.
  5. I only have sticks on my Shook. Rich loaned me one of his Shooks and it had them on there and I really liked the way the kite handled so naturally when I got mine, I put the sticks on.
  6. Xtra vent, Shook 130%, and a Vickie are the high wind Rev options. Bazzer makes a couple and Freiline or however it's spelled makes a Max for high winds.
  7. RaginCajun

    E-cigs ? Vaping ?

    Currently using (2) RX300's with a TFV12's @ 175 watts. An Elabo tank @70 watts on a Predator 228 and a few other devices.
  8. This is a sweet ride. I have a 5 stack of 4' flexi 's that I've only stacked two of them once and something wasn't right. I think I need this to make a 6 stack.. And some stacking instructions lol
  9. Lol, back when I only had an exp it didn't have a wind rating.. I've flown it in 30 before.
  10. Doesn't take long and the video makes it easier.
  11. Have you tried YouTube under Watty's videos?
  12. Classic Rev is a Bflex, same sail pattern as a B.
  13. Length is fine with the 1.5 size Reflex, the diameter is what's different.
  14. Guess I'll have to get my Revs out and find out.
  15. Has anyone actually used a 1.5 rod on a newer Reflex 1.5? The newer rods, with the internal ferrules are 5/16 whereas the regular 1.5 rods are 1/4.
  16. You can never have to many Revs, you always need just one more. 1- FV Pro 1-Mid Pro 1-Std Pro 1-Xtra Vent 1-B2 1-NYM - std 1-Trifinity 1- XX Reflex 1- RX 1.5 1- RX Spider 1- 1.5 mid 1- 1.5 1- EXP 1-B- std 1- Shook 100% #188 2- "Who Dat" Revs a friend made
  17. Wow! Love the colors on that bad boy!! I really miss my 5m, I sold it to get my first B Series. I would only fly it in winds between 15-22mph. That's when it really came alive. Loved getting drug down the beach.. I just got a 3m Beamer, it's a lot faster but no where near the pull of the 5m. Congrats brother, enjoy that fine ride
  18. This is my quad collection and some of what else I carry. Obviously assorted lines and handles. 1 Shook #188 1 Full sail B 1 Full sail NYM 1 Full sail B Pro 1 Xtra vent 1 Mid B Pro 1 Full B Pro 1 Full sail B2 I RW&B Trifinity 1 Full sail Reflex 2 Homemade Who Dat Revs made by a friend for my wife and I. 1 1.5 Full sail 1 EXP 1 Prism E3 1 Prism Hypnotist 1 HQ 3M Beamer 1 Rush 300 Pro 1 2.2 Symphony ( w/ 320# lines'. I've popped everything smaller.. One of my high wind favorites.. Lol)
  19. RaginCajun

    E-cigs ? Vaping ?

    30ml bottle, so 4-7 mls a day. Nice. And I go through 30mls in a day.
  20. RaginCajun

    E-cigs ? Vaping ?

    How much juice do you go through in a day John?
  21. Congrats!!! Sweet bonus prize too!!!
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