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  1. Happy Birthday Antman!!!

    Happy Birthday Antman! Best wishes, have a great day! Got ya over on the Rev forum as well

    Thank you Ant! I really did enjoy my day

    Thank you both for the birthday wishes! I had a great day! *HUGS*
  4. Happy Birthday to John Barresi

    Happy Birthday to my Sweetie! Hope you have a good day! 32 spankin's on the way, hehehe Love ya!
  5. Indoor Flying Practice

    I saw this one online...just needs to be blue. Hehehe
  6. My New "B" Series

    Yeah... I think I like that idea
  7. My New "B" Series

    Guess I better start thinking of what color I want, hehehe John, Je t'aime mon chéri
  8. My New "B" Series

    Hmmm...Why don't I have one yet?? Better get on that
  9. a walk on theboard walk

    Nice pics Ant...I like the kite on top of the pile of dirt the best Yeah, that is a Kitelife shirt!!
  10. Happy Birthday Steve de Rooy!

    Happy B-Day Stevie!
  11. Lincoln City Fall Festival

    I will be there too getting better on my Rev hopefully. I have new handles John still has to show me how to set them up with the knots and everything. See you all there
  12. Put the "K" in kiteflying...

    Chicks DO dig Kite fliers! Hehe, or at least I do