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    Hi all, I’m not actively broadcasting this across the community but the core group of folks here make KiteLife what it is and have been so kind to our projects over the years so I wanted to share some personal news, hopefully providing a little insight into my absence from many active discussions here. After a little over nine years, my wife and I are separating - still a lot of love, but we’ve struggled for a long time now and our two characters together just aren’t working for either of us... With this in mind, I’ve been spread fairly thin emotionally while we’ve been working our way through what’s next. I won’t air laundry here except to say there are no villains involved, we just need to evolve our situation and I can’t quite swing the long term expense of two separate residences (theirs and mine) so I am currently working to find an small affordable RV for myself like the Itasca Spirit, which actually fits into my long term goals of being able to do kite tours on and off through the year, as well as being able to stay in Portland and maintain sufficient time with my son - I’m close to having what I need to make all this happen, but I may be putting some old kite treasures up for raffle or sale over the next few weeks to cover the difference so keep an eye out for that! ✌️ Life ebbs, flows and continues, my son is still well cared for by us both, so we move forward with our heads held as high as possible while we find our way. Please, consider all this with the kindness it deserves and try not to contribute to gossip - all that needs to be known by anyone outside my family is said here. ❤️ Thank you all for your patience and understanding of my varying output / input while life is under construction, but everything else should be business as usual and as always, this is your home too. 🙏🏻
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    I wish you well John. Please just let us know how we can support your efforts.
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    Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat. Cut down on the “hunt and peck”, go to it - do it, pause, toss, reorient, repeat, over and over at a steady rhythm - I guarantee your 100th attempt will be better than you 10th, so the gambit is to get there quick. There is also this... https://kitelife.com/forum/files/file/631-rev-tutorial-3d-flying/
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    Love and support my friend. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    Everything looks smoother when you do it. Thanks for the advise!
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    The magic to keeping your lines tidy during catch and throw is the “U”... Having passed both handles to one hand for the pull, I sometimes flick that hand (and handles) deep out to the side as the kite is halfway down to me, this puts each end of the lines 4-6 ft apart, shaped like a “U” on the ground. No overlap, no tangles. The only situation where the U may not free you, is debris or brush on the ground that may snag lines, a twig, random feather or even a HUMAN HAIR (true story) happens to get between two lines at the wrong spot... But this is rare, if you pick your spot for catching - respect the U. There are also situations that may call for a harpoon layout on a throw... Continuing “S” pattern, like on the deck of a boat, between tether and spear, idea again is to eliminate overlap or lines rolling across the ground. Which adds the other golden rule of line management on catch and throws... Try to avoid haphazardly dragging your lines, preserve the U if you must drag them, holding both kite and handles high to lessen the angle of drag.
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    The Pro Dancer SUL is one of my secret weapons for 0-2, 50#, 50’ or so... So easy to generate pressure with a drop of the hands, super stable with the flat sail, it likes small inputs (less wind dump) and will drop a vertical tip stab from a full 10’-12’ off the deck if you hit it right (called a black hole). One of my faves. ❤️
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    I know on Bazzer's caps - they won't fit 3 or 4 wrap frames without reaming them out. Yours being metal - that wouldn't work Bazzer's caps (and probably JB's) do fit diamond, 2 wrap, and all race rods from Rev. But still I would check for fit. They will go on, but hell to get off on some rods!!!
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    Hi All, Trying to resurrect some Trilbys, both single- and as a stack. The framing is all here, but the original bridles are gone. Does anyone know the measurements, have photos, or copies of the original instructions? Thanks in advance!
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    Aaaaaaaaaaaand the RNG is back! 🤪[emoji12]🤪 Sent from my SM-G950F using KiteLife mobile app
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    I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world......it’s just All bad[emoji12] Sent from my iPad using KiteLife mobile app
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    We solved the bridle installation direction issues with the Djinn end caps and bridle, using dedicated bridle holes that point the right way already and don’t conflict with the bunji direction. 👍🏻
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    there's a web-site he has, but I can't remember the name of it. I'd rather support my favorite retailer/re-seller even if it means a higher cost overall to my family. Mario had some at SPI in Bill and Susie's kite shop, but not designed for application on magic sticks specifically. I'm "in" when those are ready though. 5 of us beat a kite unmercifully night flying for an hour, so Mario knows exactly what our expectations are for durability, slack lining and rolled-up into the lines on the sand face down (glowing crab's eyestalks?) as he was "crew" on his baby. Heck the next day he shared revised plans for 3D printing the parts! Not the lightest weight solution, but super bright, even thru a black sail backlit, and sissy-stick users don't need a second stick or his support structure 'cause that crap's there already excited, thanks Mario and your team!
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    Thank you Wayne. I did convert my only pair (the bottoms for now) to snagless, yes easy enough and I did avoid "THE BURR" thanks to the men and woman who traveled before me!!
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    Nope very different frame than the AC standard. Bridle tweaks are mods from the original AC SUL bridle. Wing tips have internal weights so I got a spare along with the kite. From 3 down PD would float away on me cause I'm not very agile. It's not a trick kite but I could turtle, fade, axle, 1/2 axle and rotate but not very well or often.3 down and away the kite would go stuck in the turtle or fade and me not fast enough to catch up. Friday spent 5 hours on the AC(trick monster). Did to much and didn't get much going yesterday.Winds were bumpy and swirly giving me the excuse to whine and snivel even more.Been checking the wind real often while learning it. Caught a Slot in 1 1/2 to 2 first day on it. SHOCKED.Had to tell Lam all about it LOL. Friday in 2 to 3 would do a few 1/2 axles getting my timing and then Taz or Slot pretty well for me . On one I gave a little pull at the end instead of exiting.Rotated around again with a close to perfect exit.Never attempted that before. Don't know what you'd call that trick but it made me whoop and holler.That's probably why I overdid it . From that moment on got REALLY excited and didn't want to stop flying.Hydra front flips the easiest for me. AC is a pretty close 2nd. Read where a lot of SUL kites don't roll up that well. Not a issue on the AC or Tekken.3 and lower roll ups can get a little floaty on the AC but a small step or 2 brings the tension right back to the kite.Tekken just flips even when popping off the ground in 0.There's hardly any yaw when losing power like the Zephyr, Tekken and PD. I don't think any of those kites have excessive yaw at all but the stability of the AC makes it stand out a bit. With the little time I spent on a Ocius and Aura I feel the AC is a lot more stable than them .The Ocius with 00 framing and heavier inputs could make one think it's to fast and twitchy. Heavier inputs like I flew the Zephyr with could make the AC feel twitchy too. Just not as dramatic as a lighter framed kite.If for sale would have bought either of those Skyburners on the spot. Both top out around 5/6 mph so it's for the best. Probably bought 3 00 tubes by now anyways LOL. PD gets the edge on precision but not by much. Don't know much yet but I do know you can't call a Premier Addiction a precision kite at all.At 3 mph both the Tekken and AC are easy to fly. No footwork or pumping needed to keep either in the air. Below 3 my skills need some improving to really compare. The AC seems to hold the air a little better.Can fly both at the bottom of their range w/o a lot of work.When winds are bumpy at the bottom I lose the Tekken a little quicker and have a harder time recatching a puff on the way down.Heavier, a bit shallower sail and lack of skills. Mind Tricks vented so in SUL winds one needs to run about 5 mph. Takes a very talented person to run backwards at that speed for a 1/2 hour tricking a kite . AC pull is light enough to fly 50# lines in 10mph with no problem. Lot of twists on a 50# dyneema set and the Tekken broke it in 8 or so. Had it in 6/7 mph gusts yesterday on 50# LPG with no issues but in higher gusts I'll be on 90# or heading for the side dumping wind in a hurry. Tekken is still a light pulling kite. In 10mph about 1/2 the pull of a Widow ng maybe a little less. One fella I get to fly with has the SKD 7 SUL. Watched it fly and that is one impressive kite. Was 3rd on my list because of all the mylar and tops out in 6 mph. Gonna be fun watching him compare the 7 and AC. Probably not skilled enough to be trusted with his 7 but he definitely has the skills to fly mine. Another has a AC SUL but I think it's before the bridle mods. That's going to be just as interesting. AC has 3 adjustments for the nose. Only flown on the bottom knot due to the 0 winds. Think they're more for different tricking than the "need to pass wind" . Hey FOCUS, kites are not flatulent. Still need a 0 wind kite.99% sure it's going to be a VII Gravity Performance. If anyone knows of another indoor kite that flies on 10' lines and outside up to 60' in 10 mph please let me know.The only other kite in the running is the Level One Amazing.Problem is VII comes in 2 sizes and then there's that what color thing to stress over.That kite will take some different skills to roll up and probably not a precision kite outside. Could be wrong but I don't see how the VII could handle the gusts like my other 3 Lams. I may seem a little paranoid about the gusty winds here but it is a real issue.Gust hit the Pro Dancer and put a whisker thru the sail one day. Took a long time to get confidence back in the kite. Never really did.When I say bumpy watch JBs Kaiju video in the parking lot. Kaiju gets hit pretty hard and that is some serious skills keeping the kite intact.From what I've gathered SUL winds are 0/1 to 6 mph. From 3 down opinions get very subjective. I can bomb around in 20 and pull off a lot of tricks now. Most of that is setting up and hoping the wind helps instead of blowing everything apart. 3 down really is the hardest to learn cause it's 90% skill and the wind is only keeping the kite up.Not helping much in pushing the kite thru rotations and spins.Blathered on a bit here about stuff above my paygrade. Go to GWTW and look up what makes a $500.00 kite. Also search Fearless Light vented. Lam posts as Fearless Object.Before I could axle I wanted a Widow Maker Pro, any Blue Moon kite and a Sky Sport Design.Are they more fun than a Addiction?I don't think so. Are they worth the money? For most probably not. For me I cannot afford to NOT have kites like Skyburner, Blue Moon or Sky Sport Design. Few days ago I got to laughing at myself a bit. It was about a year ago I was walking to the shed putting away my kites. For the 1st time I really got what people meant when they describe being connected to the kite. I had become a kite flier. Year later I still do the walk of contemplation just about as much. Main difference is I can soft crash and rarely take a hard hit. Although a week ago broke Mudders spreader.I LOVE the tricking. Better at doing some precision moves building routines but sometimes I'm still only in the air for 30 seconds. Never laughed at myself so much in my life as learning this stuff.When I get to the festivals this year I want folks to say hey he's pretty good and not be to bored. 3 years from now I want folks to say WOW he's REAL good and be entertained.One needs the proper equipment to excel at anything. You can have a ton of fun in a Nissan 370Z(Nighthawk) but to excel get the 911 Porsche(Widow Maker Pro).Goal is the same as when I started. I want to fly like those guys.Wow after all that I may have not answered a thing .
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    Didn't get video, but the first flight attempt wasn't great. Let's just say I learned things. I talked with Mario a bit at SPI festival today, and he had some ideas. He said his lighting rig is around 30 grams, but it is much simpler. With the microcontroller and breadboard and backer and large battery and the long light strip, mine is over 300 grams and feels like a tank. I can probably drop 50-75 grams easily, but the battery will be my biggest issue. I need at least 700 milliamps on 5 volts so a USB battery works perfectly, but the things are heavy. I tried it again here at SPI, but light winds made it impossible to launch.
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    Since this transaction is completed, locking this one down.
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    Kite is everything I had hoped on 120' x 50#. At the bottom of it's range IF it it gets a little floaty 1 or 2 easy steps and I'm right back under it.Winds were 0 to 10 most of the day. Stay at the high end for 2 or 3 minutes then drop.Mostly between 2 and 6 and smooth. Kite has a light smooth pull and the 50# worked a lot better than I expected. AC like the Tekken and Mind Trick dumps the wind in a split second which helps.Like the Tekken the kite instilled confidence quick.Think winds were about 3 or 4 when I set up for a slap and tickle. Tricks still hard for me and most times I fail. To late spinning out of the tipstand but man was I stoked trying that so early in learning the kite.So much for taking it easy.Had to switch to my trusty Nighthawk and go bonzi for a bit. Fly it a lot and today right wingtip tensioner gave up.Really should do less shark stuff but dang they're so much fun. Right on the edge of disaster every single time. Mind Tricks got one getting close to done too. When trying the comete, cascade and cynique I've always started vertical. Lam said that's to advanced at this stage and I should be learning from a 45 degree angle.Sucks cause I'm now having to change body mechanics and relearn inputs. Plus is I can see this kite really, really well. Being able to slow trick in 2 mph on long lines having enough room to recover or soft crash is going to speed up my learning big time. I guess some might say that I'm now one of those Lam kool aid drinkers. Nope don't like kool aid at all. Besides this kite is a strawberry daiquiri made with Bacardi 151. CAREFUL unlike kool aid this kite will kick your butt 🍹!!
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    Bravo Jack!!! The showmanship was excellent. Dug the catch and the flair you displayed at the end. Well done sir!!
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    We put it through the Paces in Corolla back in 2017 with 240' lines. The White kite is dogstaked on 240's the Red/Black kite is on 120's
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    Oh, well. It turns out I have the Peter Powell stunt kites so I cannot help you. Best of luck.
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    Using a Phoenix? They have just a bit more venting, so maybe unless seriously overpowered - use one lower sail. Instead of mid - use std. Or if everyone else is on full vents, use a mid. When I fly with my team of all Phoenixes, all is good, we all agree on a certain sail. But in my team with mixed quads, I usually try to stay a bit overpowered and use more brake in my setup.