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    Second Panel is basted.. Ready to design the center and start sewing..
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    @breezin, that would be john chilese. Not there all the time, but always nice when he shows up.
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    I've done it with no issues. The materials they're made of will deteriorate faster just as everything else does when exposed to heat and light. Keeping them in a cool and dark location will extend their life. The wind sucks everywhere if you are inland. Ocean, Great Plains and Great Lakes winds are the only good winds you'll encounter. Miles and miles of flat land or water are the only things that don't make wind turbulent. Once you can fly consistently well in inland wind, you will look like a pro in decent wind. It will make you a better flyer so get used to it and let it refine your skills. If you can fly in crap you can fly in anything. Don't let it frustrate you. Have fun in it. It will make you better much more quickly.
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    The Kymera is the same quality as my ITW Hydra. I think my Hydra is really tough and built really well. Iv'e only broke it once and I'm not very good yet.Broke the LS smacking the kite onto it's side in a epic failure resulting from a tip wrap close to the ground. Broke a center tee on a different kite when launching with one side of the bridle under the LS. Yanked real hard trying to adjust flight not knowing I had assembled wrong and pop. Broke the LS on a Widow ng and my Zephyr while trying to cascade. Got the lines wrapped around the kite both times, yanked real hard and crack.I still fly just as aggressive but my timing is better and can see when I'm in trouble easier. Now when in doubt on how to get out of a wrap I'm more apt to take the kite into a softer (hopefully) controlled crash instead of cranking on the lines. Iv'e broken 2 other LS that I was in doubt about the other side so replaced the whole thing. Better safe then sorry I figured.I'm assuming you have the screw type connectors. Take a micrometer and measure the width of the broken stand off. You'll have to get a whole rod and cut to size with a tape wrap to keep rod from splintering. Measure the counter part to the broken one. Some kites with 4 stand offs have 2 different lengths per side. If the stand off won't come out of the connector fairly easy do this.Take the sail connectors apart. Measure from the bottom of the top piece of connector to the top of rod without the end cap. Take the new rod insert into new connector to measure for cut. Some use fine tooth saws. I use a Dremel. I broke the sail connector when replacing a stand off on my Black Dog. Buy a few extra. Around a dollar but a pain in the neck when you don't have them. Shipping will cost as much as a sail connector and a 2 or 3 mil. rod.Fun With Wind will ship for free on orders over $20.00. Jim will help you put together a kit that fits your needs. If the Kymera has Dynamic tubes I don't know if he sells them though. I've gotten my Dynamics from Wind of Change. The stand offs will be a standard carbon rod. I don't think sail connectors get broken often so if you buy a few extra you got a pretty good chance of never using them. Some people will replace them every so often to avoid problems of corrosion. If you live near the ocean or in high humidity something to consider.
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    @Lookuplars Where in vegas are you? I'm in vegas also. Theres a small group of pilots that gather at the silverbowl on fri nights. With all the spares i have lying around we should have your baby up in no time. I'll dm all my info.
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    That is what I love about kite life....another successful connection furthers the joy. The people I have met on here are 1/2 the joy that my kite's have brought me. Good flying to all! Sent from my [device_name] using http://KiteLife mobile app
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    If I had won, one of the days would be weeding the yard. (Sorry).
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    IIRC, almost 2 years ago now..
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    Here's the quick look. The camber will be taken out and replaced by the curve of the leading edge.. All in all my first success at a complete pattern of shape across the sail. Kite intentionally had a very deep belly to give me room to play with.. I think I finally have my pattern of choice..
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    Finally had a chance to get the Tensor in the air. All I can say is wow. I flew it in winds between 7-11 mph with a few higher gusts. The 3.1 was definitely the right choice. After about 30 minutes is was huffin and puffin and arms where getting tired. This thing is a work out. Cant wait to try and fly it in its four ling configuration.
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    Lots of fliers underestimate fundamental control as mere “precision” when it’s the very thing that allows you to set up your tricks reliably, consistently, in the right places in the wind window and with the right sail pressure. 🙏🏻
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    The one thing you want to remember is to give to the kite when you are about to crash. Move towards the kite briskly or just drop the handles if you're about to lawn dart it. It'll take all the wham out of the crash.
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    It comes, do the homework, don’t bypass the fundamentals (ground pass, circles, squares, shapes, landings) and enjoy the process. 🙏🏻
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    My first buggy ride was with the Symphony 2.2.4..
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    @breezin, that would be john chilese. Not there all the time, but always nice when he shows up.
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    After flying at the beach be sure to rinse your sail the salt can be harmful.
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    I've acquired the quiver for 0 to 30. Skills, ahhh getting there slowly but surely. Had to go to town today. Got back and winds were over 20 and later hit 30 for a bit. Didn't have the poop to fly . Feel ya. I used to not have the choice. Yesterday winds were 0 to 4 for a good while.Had the choice. Chose to fly.As long as they're not in direct sunlight I don't see a problem. It'd make me paranoid though. Thieves and such. Mine are kept in a barn guarded by 2 Akbash Shepherds and 7 booby traps. 1st ones a fairly painful stiff blast of sand and small debris as a warning. Progressing to leg traps, amputations and ending in decapitation.Maybe the next 6 are getting a little extreme but hey the warning is there. Love my kites. Heard that Kaiju will fly if you do what Acrop says 🤯. Might be well worth the try. Did that to my Pro Dancer once. Passed out hurt my head and haven't done it sense err since.
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    Hi, Larry, and welcome to the forum. Once carbon tubes are cracked or broken they will never be the same. You can repair them, but the epoxy and other materials required to do the job right will cost as much as replacing the tube, and the repair will probably fail soon. You can make some repairs if the tube is split at one of the ends and position it at the outer tip of the sail where there is little flex. If it is broken in the middle it's history. I always replace those. If it fails it may damage the leading edge sleeve or the sail, and those repairs cost more in time and money than replacing the tube, which you will now need to do anyway. Not worth the risk. Replacement tubes can be found online. Check the originals to determine what type you have. Visit a kite shop to consult if you can. There's one in Vegas called A Wind of Change on Russell Road. They are awesome. A very reputable shop known by most serious flyers. They can get you going again at minimal cost. I look forward to flying with you someday. Have fun, smile and don't forget to breathe.
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    Can't help I don't live near saltwater. Got sandy soil though. I just fly at the top of the kites wind range and they get dry cleaned LOL. Seriously though I use mild dish soap pretty diluted and rub gently. I don't scrub at all and air dry. Made the mistake of putting a damp kite away after a snow day. Thought it had dried but no. Got a little bit of staining on the sail from the bridle. Had to get close to see it but still.
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    First Panel is shaping up. Black, Charcoal and sunset fade colors..
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    Hello , Thank You For The information Maka, I’m glad that I have a great kite that will allow me to progress as fast as Possible, Main thing was I wanted a quality kite to start with, That’s Why I choose the Kymera, I was aware that John Designed this Kite and that’s exactly why I choose it. I wanted a revolution, but For now This dual will be perfect, Definitely will help build some basic skills, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be tricking this kite at first, I’m doing like you say , Taking it slow and Just overall I’m going to fly this kite around in a controlled manner for now. THE Kite For My Princess will need to also double the attention for my wife after the baby girl starts to loose interest, So all in all hopefully it will spark some interest with My Wife , I dunno. Thank you for taking time and touching base with Me, That’s very nice of you to help. Thanks again
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    Special it is, but I can wait for - the Djinndor! 😄
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    I have a Zero G. I'll remember this for when I break mine. Thanks.
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    Went to B&S today and brought in the Zodarion for a checkup .. All good to go after some adjustments (Kite is over ten years old)! Looked at the Magnum and walked out with another 36 Sled (yeah it's an with addiction). I'w working my way into the Magnum...
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    Must86, I wonder if you are winding the lines on too tightly or too loosely, so that one or more lines gets pulled under a previous wrap. This could happen with either a straight or figure-8 wind and with 2 or 4 lines on the winder. Take some time to walk the lines out very slowly watching carefully as each wrap comes off the winder. You may be able to see what is causing the snag if you unwind with a light enough touch. Then you will be able to decide what to adjust in the way you wind them on.