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    Living the Dream; One Nightmare at a Time.
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    According to the Meters, this is Topic #8000.. Thanks @John Barresi for the excellent resouce.
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    Stitching is done for the main panel. LE will be Black for this kite. A few more tweaks and this will be ready to assemble and test.
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    Wow great job looks awesome
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    20 Yards of the White mesh is on the way. It's time for me to make some vented sails. More info soon..
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    Probably not, these are bags for me. I wouldn't feel right selling them as a professionaly sewn bag. They are testing different designs to see what works. The cost of materials is about what you want to pay for a real bag. I've seen the Rev bags and there nice. But I can build one that works better for me. Your looking at almost 50-80$ it materials. The bags ive built the outer shell is 30$`a yard, then theres zippers, grossgrain, inner fabric, seat belt, basting tape. I would like to get them dialed enough to reproduce the same one over and over, but I know I'm a tinkerer and could never build two the same. That said, I'd trade the last bag for a B2. But then I'd just build a 2 sized kite and a bag for it. The rabbit hole is deep, I think I'll just keep cutting fabric and see what happens.
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    From the album: Riffclown's Homemades

    Test went well. This kite is ready to fly..
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    Found and purchased an Inferno. They also had Orca.
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    IMO, they are pretty much interchangeable. The difference seems to come into play when you start talking about P3T which is a tapered spar.. Not sure.. the polymax has some cool reflective properties but the refractive quality is not so much. The is the same material as Indigo Sunrise, Winter Jacket and others I've made with the word Midnight in the name. Hopefully first flying video will answer your question for both of us.
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    Done and ready for quad clinic next month. Hopefully I can build another kite before then.
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    Cool, it’s an ongoing pleasure to see what folks do with it. 🙏🏻
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    Steve Hall sent me this for some inspiration. Things HUGE!! Really,really bummed the GWTW forum is ending. Something that caught my attention was a lack of advertising for GWTW and Kitelife on the field. Don't recall seeing a flag or banner in any photos with a GWTW or Kitelife forum on them. Wasn't looking for them though. Looked at several sites that make feather banners and was surprised at how cheap the basic designs are.JB seems to like those Asian dragons. Putting those on a 8' feather flag looked really cool but crowded. One like this with a ascending air dragonwhere the diamonds are would look really cool. Imagine it would need to be a printed mesh fabric.With the right colors it'd really grab people's attention. Where the Buddha is standing the silhouette that JB uses on his stickers would look neat but might be to much.Maybe we could come up with something like this that's pretty big for JB to take with him on his travels. Hold a raffle for some donated kites to cover the costs. Smaller ones we could purchase ourselves and put up wherever we fly. I got 4 old school kites and a couple beginner ones I can send to a central location for a raffle. Condor Gremlin and Skynasaur Classic 96 sails are still crispy. If enough of us get involved we could pass around quite a few kites and get some pretty neat displays out there.For those of you who don't access Addict Kite you should. They believe that kiting is making a resurgence in France and are making the effort to promote the sport.In the US we've got to do the same. Things have changed and we've got to figure out how to adapt. A lot of young parents are starting to figure out electronic stuff has to be limited.My grand kids range from 1 to 23 and I'm seeing this change in my own family. Kites are pretty cheap and most everyone in a family can do some type of kiting. There's a faulty train of thought in fliers that have been around a lot that Kitelife is a mostly quad site. That needs to change because it's not been the case at all in my time here.We might be surprised at how much more traffic may come thru here by just having a Kitelife.com banner flying next to your kite bag.Might not work at all but it'd still be cool to have.Going to have one made for the Mile High Kite Club. Need to run it by the members but I'm leaning towards a rising Phoenix 🤔.
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    I realize advertising this will lessen my chances of winning, but it's too good not to share. "Enter to win a weeklong adventure vacation on the Outer Banks, complete with surfing, hang gliding, or kiteboarding lessons from Kitty Hawk Kites." Outer Banks Getaway If one of you should happen to win, could I crash on the sofa for the weekend? 😁 Official-Contest-Rules-Kitty-Hawk-Kites1.pdf
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    Very quick clip of the bridle test.
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    Bridle Test went well. This kite is ready for Wind.. I'm revising my lower range estimate down to 10.
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    I got a feather banner made for when I'm on the field. Also works great when we are at the beach so the kids know where home base is set up. Made by some good folks here in Oz. I sometimes just set it up in the back yard and just watch it flap in the breeze. Sent from my SM-G950F using KiteLife mobile app
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    I threw a Black Race frame in it for a pic. I just need to tie a bridle and this is ready for testings. I tossed it a few times and it has a pretty good glide for a very vented sail.
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    It is hard to tell from photos,videos until a kite is in the air on the end of your lines for sure .My 1st Nighthawk had the warm color. Didn't care for it much until I put it in the air. One of the prettiest kites I've flown IMO.
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    We demarcate our field with the neon yellow/orange paint bucket spill lips from a home repair store,... kind of like safety cone, but much shorter, more flexible too and you won't trip over em either stepping backwards. Typically they are laid out in a circle, with the music and our base camp at the center. As the wind shifts you just move around the circle, keeping the center point common and holding an area (w/o a permit!). Not even holding an area, just encouraging the public to respect our boundaries for their safety purposes. 25 or 30 of em fit into a backpack, or just a long bread wrap type of twisty-tie. you drop them 25 or 30 feet apart, using the staked-out 120s from the center as your guide as you walk in circle around the parameter.
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    I also picked up a Singer 500a "Rocketeer" from facebook marketplace. Only has a couple of chips in the paint. It is one of the last all metal gear machines built by Singer. I like that the multi step zig zag on the Singer is more adjustable than on the Phaff.
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    Finished another one. This one is a little lighter and while essentially the same design as the last one I changed a few things. Overall dimensions are smaller, used a stiffer mesh for the pockets, 45ed the corners, the flap is a separate panel and I added a spot to clip my stake. I dig the red stitching and how the red flap looks when its rolled up. Just need to hem the webbing tails, stuff padding in the handle add make a shoulder strap.
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    Hello @Flying Fish, Welcome to KiteLife®! Although this is an automated message, it is written with heart - I love kites deeply, and I believe the KiteLife community represents this passion with a very friendly and helpful environment for everyone. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Need to tweak settings? Edit your profile here - View Member Edit your settings - http://kitelife.com/forum/settings/ Other than that, here are a few handy links that you might have a use for... Member Chat Member Map KL Shop And while it's never an obligation, we always love hearing about our new members if you'd like to share some of your kite stories, videos, and/or background... Tell us a little about YOUR kite life!
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    Didn't have lines or handles in it, but turned out nice.
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    I might consider rods instead of tubes. Tubes might be lighter, but rods might be less likely to break? Either way, I would leave a way to remove them if they should get broken.
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