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    We're pleased to yet again announce the next prize being given away to our most appreciated supporters, the Kitelife Subscribers... For roughly 10 cents per day they play a major role in keeping KL growing in every way. Djinn VT from Kite Forge, $395 value, in PURPLE FADE! == Full info - https://kiteforge.com/djinn More videos - https://kiteforge.com/videos/ This package includes a Purple Fade VT (FULL VENT) sail, Mystic 18 frame and a kite sleeve! NOTE: This is exactly the same Djinn VT configuration that I fly myself - no special mods needed, it's already a boss right out of the bag... We should be able to ship from existing inventory when a winner is drawn, worst case will be 2-4 weeks for restock (depending on color choice). You can sign up here. Odds of winning for this prize is currently 1/409, and will be drawn on Jan 25th, 2020! Our thanks, and the very best to you... Let the drooling begin!
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    Took delivery of this bad boy suite today. SUL STD & VENT all from KITE-TEC here in the U.K. Just need some half decent weather to go play now. Can’t wait Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    Purple is NOT one of my colors - which is perfect because I like having ALL the colors!
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    Aaarrrgghhh... Purple be one of my colours! Thank you for all these great opportunities.
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    A translation of Loiko27,s post:- Welcome. In England https://www.kitetec.co.uk/pulse in the EU http://www.polokites.com/ http: //esste.com/ https://www.cerfvolantservice.com/ https://wind-r.com/fr/ there is A-QUAD in Sweden, but they are not very available. You can also wait for Revolution Reflex XX Tarantula in the range of 3-20 miles per hour. It will be spring in stores in the EU. when it comes to mentioning predecessors, there is no universal kite. Yes, you can wide range by changing the frame. I use an unreinforced rigid carbon tube and a modified wind bridle at a speed of about 7-9 m / s. But share it also with faster getting a kite. I am in a similar situation because I have difficulties with the availability of kites and the cost is limited (conversion to dollar x4).
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    Finally got one of these Tuesday. In hindsight this should have come before my Lams. Thought it would similar to my Hydra but more durable. More durable for sure but doesn't fly much like anything I've flown. First flights were in 10 to 15 mph pretty smooth winds. Hour in winds were dropping and got to the sul winds point. Like my Mongoose and Black Dog the kite flew pretty much the same as the winds varied. Yesterday went up in 15 to a bit over 20. WOW!! Moderate pull, really smooth loading with no yanking around. Thought the kite would be wilder and faster. Happy that it's not. Got other kites for that. Kite can dump wind really fast which led me to higher risk moves too soon. Need to learn the kite more before attempting much more than basic axle, turtle stuff in the higher winds. I've no doubt it's capable of flic flacs in 20 to 25 mph center window. I'd better be on a good day though. Kite doesn't feel very forgiving. It seems very deliberate without being methodical. Not a zany kite but still plenty of on the edge sensation. Really bumpy nasty stuff yesterday. Only kite that handles that stuff better is the Mind Trick vented. Bonded to my Tekken instantly and this kite just about as fast. Afternoon winds were getting close to 30. PSYCHO time. Now that kites zany!!! Imagine one 25% bigger with vents on 150# x 120' lines in 30 to 35 mph. OH MY!! Working on it cause the Superfly is the last kite I'll be buying for along time. Yeah I've thought that before but with a lot of help I've acquired a definite nirvana bag the last couple years. As kites wear out they'll be replaced but additions aren't needed. OH SNAP!! Speaking of Nirvana DAMN IT R-Sky. Really, really should have gotten a Superfly way sooner.
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    @ Exult: i was surprised too, those were the first 4D videos i 'd seen at the time...very impressive, and the prodancer videos as well,,, i've watched JB's several times, trying to learn how to get a kite fired up like he does (is that what he means by whump?) man, so much to learn/look forward to. like you said Breezin, the 4D could satisfy more than 1 mindset...no need for criticism on my part. if i can post another vid...
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    View Advert Rainbow Vented Pair These riffclown diamonds vented kites are available for a new home. Skyshark Camo Frames $300 each or $550 for the pair CONUS only please. (***Note I do not have paypal so payment will need to be postal money order or other terms we agree on) Advertiser riffclown Date 12/06/2019 Price $550.00 Category Kites (Quad Line) Brand riffclown Model diamonds vented  
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    i will take this beauty. I am amaze after couple of days is still here
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    View Advert Ocean Shores Printed Sail + Beyond Zero Frame I'm paring down my kite bag and am selling my Ocean Shores printed sail with a Beyond Zero frame. This is a super light weight kite that is 9 months old and in perfect condition. New, this sells for $300 + shipping. It's yours for $245 and I'll pick up the shipping in the lower 48. Advertiser Jim Doman Date 12/04/2019 Price $245.00 Category Kites (Quad Line) Brand Ocean Shores Model Printed Sail  
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    Yes I’m now a member of STACK and taken out the additional insurance for solo flying for the same price as my old power kite insurance, STACK also on top of that offer an additional insurance for competitive flying too 😊
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    What was the conclusion, did you manage to sort insurance or find any more information? Sent from my SM-G973F using KiteLife mobile app
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    Added a couple more variations. This is so hard. Photomom’s Djinn Color Ideas
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    Thanks to Addict Kite! https://www.addictkite.com/john-barresi-nous-presente-en-exclusivite-son-djinn/
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    After realizing I was completely hijacking the other conversation, I split this off to its own topic.. I'm going to break with conventional wisdom and disagree with what we've always thought on one minor point. The B-series taught Rev how to vent from what is now the standard accepted approach. Mid-vent take a stripe off of each wing and replace with screen . Full vent, Take 2.. etc. Bazzer's Phoenix started venting the trailing edge (including on the full sail) which changes the way the kites load up. It kind of de-whumps the sail if you know what I mean. Right or wrong it was a different approach that really seems to come into its own around the full vent level. The Spider as you said, moves lamost all of the flying surface outside the spars which works but the kite has very little glide and no real belly to load. It was yet another approach. @John Barresi's Djinn design smooths out the limitation of the B-Series by making the venting profile follow the natural curvature of the loaded sail. It adds a consistent relief in a more effectively targeted area. Personally (and this is why I disagree), in those versions of venting, (including on the Shooks) you still have a basic solid panel in the center which in essence becomes the axis of your flying surface. Too much belly throws off the overall balance of the sail as much as "not enough" affects the Spider. You end up flying the belly which can lose fine control of the outer surfaces. IMO, a balanced approach to venting across the entire sail whether a small amount or a large amount gives you the best result. You still have your balanced sail feel on the handles. You still have your glide. Most importantly, no part of the sail becomes overpowered in a gust. We've all made tweaks to existing designs to get what we want from our kites. The balanced venting approach is really hard to set down once you've tried it.. It feels like a full sail, flies like a full sail but handles the high wind in ways you'd never expect. Bottom line, is I feel a balanced approach to venting gives you the most stable sail design, within your targeted wind window and even just above it. It takes more work to make a kite this way but it's truly worth it for the increase in feel and handling. Winds 18-25 Flying balanced diamonds venting Full Vent 72" style. Blisteringly fast but still balanced flight. Winds were whipping this year at the Rogallo. 1.5 size and my balanced diamonds mid venting.. Notice the flags in the foreground at the beginning of this vid.
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