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  1. Comments, suggestions, and threats can be sent directly to: Codykiteguy@I_wish_I_never_said_that.com
  2. Mousie, now that you know what chainmaille is... I wonder wht you might look like in it! :w00t: Ok, now lean in for that smack!
  3. Straight man huh? Codyguy walks into a bar... Llama says "Ouch, bet that hurt!"
  4. Yeah, I was going to do it again but I cant seem to hack his account anymore! <_<
  5. ooooOOOO wondering how I got dragged into this!
  6. Ears up, nose down... eyes bright... that's not a spit <_< ... it's a kissy from Crissy!
  7. Yes. Haven't you figured it out by now that our little lives revolve around you?
  8. Cool kites and great photos! But... You realize that as soon as Codyguy sees those, he is not only going to drool, but he will disappear into the shadows for a long long time.
  9. This boss man isn't even venturing near the eatin' britches topic! <_<
  10. Just finished reading the last 6 or so pages... Y'all had a good time while I was gone!


    Back to the magic question ... I studied the art as a youngster but have long since forgotten it. I never much cared for the David Copperfield, or the flashy smoke and mirror illusionist style of magic. I am more a fan of the David Blaine style. There's a term for that... close-up or...something Some of these guys that do the SOH card tricks at a table... good stuff!
  12. (pounding my head against the wall..... Yeah... but stop before you see blood! Oh that Codyguy... we keep him around because he's fun to watch!


    Thanks... long trip I hated to leave but it is good to be home. -looks like the only thing gassed up in that car was you, Cody! <_<


    Help is on the way!
  15. JD, No matter what paint you use, I just cant imagine that you'd be happy with the result after painting over the factory design.
  16. Ccngrats! Of course you did! was there ever any doubt?
  17. Boz, Kristie is out of control and running around naked. This is a family forum!
  18. ... and if I am not mistaken, ONE of the Angles is Cody's ride to Lincoln City! He's either really brave... or...
  19. For those that haven't heard, and might still be considering whether to attend or not, this is a clip from a message received from the Lincoln City festival organizers. [snip] The D' River Wayside, site of the festival, has thrown a challenging curve our way. The river has in the last few weeks decided it doesn't want to be the "world's shortest river" anymore. So in an effort to extend it's length, the river has taken a 90 degree turn to the south and run parallel to the parking lot wall all the way to the end, and then it heads out to the ocean. What this means is that the beach has been cut in half, with a river running through it. This is ok for novels and movies, but not for kite flying festivals. Also there are banks of up to 5' on the sides of the river. [end] For those that remember, the beach in LC is not a huge beach anyway... now there's a river in the middle. I have not yet seen it, but it has done this in the past and makes for difficulty in setting up any sort of flying fields while maintaining a safe area for spectators. Trying not to put a bad spin on things, but this will be different! -so ya know! Llama
  20. Perfect!!! use them. AND after the bouncing Angel remark... I think we can consider it "open season" on Cody.
  21. Angels... bring sand crabs!
  22. So who are we after now Bosley????? Angels ... you've fallen for the oldest trick in the book and I am disappointed! Cody threw you a curve, distracted you, managed to get you off his trail... <_< Dont worry, he'll be there! And please plan to attend remedial Angel training after AKA convention.
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