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  1. Hot Sommer. Little wind. Dusty field. KQK 1.0 SUL Costum.
  2. After some time I had the opportunity to fly again: Level One ONEeleven, Kitehouse SuperTox and Djinn UL.
  3. I use this: 3mm. https://www.metropolis-drachen.de/en/Kite-materials/Bridles-lines/Miscellaneous/Tension-rubber.html?listtype=search&searchparam=Gummi
  4. I can't tell the difference. I fly all Quads with the same handles. What I find more important is a decent knot ladder and the individual adjustment to the respective kite (for example, the Djinn flies on a completely different knot than a Rev) AND the thickness of the handles. I prefer thicker handles, they feel better in my hand. That's why I almost exclusively fly the Pro Handels from KiteForge.
  5. At the end of the day again on the meadow and a round of night flying with Los Hermanos Quad Super Custom and Northern Lights.
  6. Los Hermanos Detox 2019 SUL and Djinn UL. Both great kites for low wind.
  7. Prism Bora 7 to test a new gadget: Easyline. (A tool for safer handling of braided Dacron and Dyneema-Spectra lines).
  8. 3 inches / 7.5 cm that's a lot! What are these lines? New? Used? I would definitely reknot the loops and adjust the length. @John Barresi has a video tutorial on this here: https://kitelife.com/video-tutorials/
  9. Wow! Then two of Yves' quads made their way across the pond. Congratulations! There are enough experienced stack pilots here (such as @riffclown ) who can surely help you with that...
  10. I like the Grace. It looks good and flies nicely. I flew the Detox Semi VTD yesterday. The kite is always fun. Perfect for the wind conditions here inland.
  11. Wolfgang Neumann Multiflex F* UL. A wonderful trick kite. Flies in very little wind.
  12. Wow! That's a big flag. I have a flag with 6.5 ft
  13. Sunday morning. Before breakfast: Djinn UL Nederlân Series
  14. What would Father's Day be without The Child...?! A little Buka fight on the freshly mown field. The Buka is absolutely beginner-friendly and very easy to fly.
  15. iFlite 2 and Skate are really fun indoor. Next to Horvath my absolute favorites.
  16. What kind of kite did you fly today? Single line? Indoor? Or a quad? Show me a photo! I'll start: Los Hermanos Rokkaku 1.5 Custom Dragon Head
  17. On the day I am available. A LPG can always be good to use. So I would take it....
  18. There is no better way to summarize and articulate this for a beginner!
  19. From the album: #BundukiVlieger

    Djinn UL Custom (Nederlân Series) x BundukiVlieger
  20. I have a Spiderkites Shuttle 2.5 (239 x 142 cm). It pulls a 120x200 cm flag plus Line Laundry without any problems.
  21. Hi! Welcome and have fun with your Rev :-)
  22. From the album: #BundukiVlieger

    Hohmann Rev I Pool SUL P1 x Bunduki Vlieger
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