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  1. @Caller Stephen Perfect! Thx for this easy to understand explanation :-)
  2. Can anyone tell me how bead tensioners (-> https://www.flymarketkites.com/line-tensioners/bead-tensioner) are used? Mine has come loose and I don't quite understand how they are re-tensioned.
  3. Just unpacked after 2 days shipping (US -> Germany) : Kmac 61/49. Looking forward to flying it the next few days.
  4. Great work. Beautiful project. Good luck with it!
  5. Congratulations! Mine is going to be shipped soon.
  6. I don't know why Level One and PAW developed it this way. I guess because the ONE is meant for beginners and they often lose the upper spreader. Regarding the characteristics, I quote karel_oh and refer to a video of his: The ONE by German kite manufacturer Level One is a so called "Cruiser Kite" developed by Peter Maternus (PAW). It's slow and precise and suitable for beginners. Not specifically designed for tricks (no yoyo stoppers for instance), however it is capable of freestyle moves. The shape is rather unusual and no upper spreader and leech line are fitted in this kite. IckyTV on YouTube Update: Another hint from the German kite forum: First of all, the kite was largely developed by PAW. He had actually always dispensed with an Upper Cross Spreader in his last designs. If there is no pressure load on the Upper Spreader in flight, but only pull, then there is no sensible reason to build a heavy and, compared to the bridle line, expensive bar in there.
  7. @Exult Yes, exactly. Here is another pic. You can see it better there. With the rotation Center-T for the lower spreader, it is a simple but effective construction.
  8. Level One ONE. The upper spreader is a line, so it can be set up and taken down quickly.
  9. Back to the roots... Djinn UL between zero wind and gusts up to 8 kn
  10. Hmm... is there a video of the setup and how it works? What is the quality of the KM?
  11. I always recommend this extra equipment when flying gliders anyway. These 3.2g gliders generate enormous lift! And especially when indoor flying, such a foot safety device is very helpful.
  12. @Exult Maybe this answers your questions: 1. where does one buy iFlites in Europe? I think there used to be a possibility to buy in UK. But I would order directly from Patrick Tan. The shipping costs are amazingly low (Singapore - Germany 9 USD) and the shipping takes hardly 1 week. 2. during a session, what does one aim for? I always fly gliders when a) there is no wind b) I am traveling with small luggage (backpack or less) c) so small and compact - is my "always with me kite" d) sometimes in between when I don't have the time/opportunity to get out to fly (from 1-, 2- or 4-lines) the goal is e) switch off and relax / have fun f) to find the breeze or the thermal that keeps the glider up g) depending on the glider (I have 9 different gliders), location and wind conditions I fly what fits (figures, training, ...) To fly gliders you don't have to have an "expensive" Horvath from Switzerland. For a very small budget there is the Piuma from Italy, the iFlite is not expensive either. And if you can build it yourself, there are many open source plans. With this I want to say that you can start even with a small budget :-) You don't necessarily have to fly indoors with a glider (although that's a lot of fun!). I fly outside most of the time. Whenever conditions, time or wind don't allow anything else (2- or 4-line).
  13. I used an empty badminton court to do some indoor flying. Space was a bit limited but with the iFlite Vented it went quite well. The picture shows the iFlite Vented II which is a bit bigger.
  14. Great Djinn. We have too little wind here so that he comes out of the bag too rarely. But then... is great fun!
  15. I had the Blast and the Supersonic. Supersonic (56 cm) and Blast (58 cm) are both slightly lower in height than the Stealth (63 cm). With both Revolution it's all about speed, agility and power. The Stealth is for me but rather a Trickser and Acrobat.
  16. Nice practice. I add then to my drills 🙂
  17. From the album: #BundukiVlieger

    CE Stealth Standard Nederlân Series x Bunduki Vlieger
  18. From the album: #BundukiVlieger

    CE Stealth Standard Nederlân Series x Bunduki Vlieger
  19. What a great evening for flying... wind, sun, golden light, CE Stealth.
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