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  1. Tip pivots are easy about 1/8th of the time. If you are center wind it seems to me to be very easy BUT get to the edge of the wind and it is a different thing. I forget where I am and that baby just takes off! I guess I just have more time flying needed.
  2. Jim, You use several different and combinations of spars so I will come to you for expert information. It would seem that a 2 wrap spar should be flown in the same wind condition regardless of the sail used. 3 wrap more wind, 2+3 more wind etc. What would you conceder the limits of a single 2 wrap or a single 3 wrap. Is the 2 wrap you talk about the same as comes with the 1.5 SUL? I assume with the other 1.5s you get the SLE so where do you get the 3 wraps? Thanks Denny
  3. Wouldn’t you know it? Today I started making up a chart for myself with just this type of information. After putting what I have for now up on my web server I see this thread it now I see lots of others have done research on the same thing. I probably saw this another time and forgot. I agree I need to add the spar/frame info to it but for now it looks like this http://www.dennyworld.com/kite/wind/ I will work on it in the morning after looking at this thread. I was looking for more info.
  4. What about the EXP leading edge on the SLE sail? Eveyone was talking that up on the other forum. I have on on order now.
  5. I would never get a 1.5 sle,sul,and vented in the same colors as a blast. or would I.
  6. Gee I bet you were kidding. Here is my one rev.
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