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  1. Grant, Let me be the second to congratulate you ... happy winds. Cheers, Tom
  2. Psst, John, it's the 15th here in the Midwest ... also in England ... the Netherlands ... Japan ... and every other place I can name. Actually, it's already the 16th in Australia ... they missed the drawing completely ... they'll be so disappointed when they wake up. So, shouldn't you wake up Mr. Random and task him to make one of us a happy camper? And please don't use the, "I had to go get supplies for my cat" excuse this time. Good luck everybody ... Cheers, Tom
  3. You have to ask John for it ...
  4. Oh, this is terrible! I can't whine any more about never winning anything without catching flack on the forum ... probably will catch it anyway. Certainly blew all my luck for the year ... there goes any chance at winning the vented B-series ... and, I do so love to watch that special video of John washing his kite. Darn ... Cheers, Tom PS ... thanks John!
  5. What do you mean I'm on a roll ... don't take my wife's side in this discussion! I did not gain that much weight over the holidays ... geez! Oh, you're referring to my luck with the SUL kite ... right, sorry about the rant. But really, that was my very first lottery win in 60 plus years. So, it would take snagging one of the subscrips to officially turn my luck in to "on a roll." BTW, we dug around in the basement and came up with an old delta kite that I flew with my son when he wasn't much older than his son is now. Compared to the deltas of today, it's a dinosaur, but was fun to fly it and add some new memories to the old. Again, thanks for all you've done to support the sport ... and thanks for the lotteries ... Cheers, Tom
  6. John, Ah, let's see one B-series vented, one B-series non-vented, an SUL and an iQuad night flight SUL ... and I've got to choose my favorite ... naw, that won't do. Thanks to a Christmas present, they're now in a bag together ... I'm sure they talk to each other ... if I picked a favorite, the rest would rebel. Let's just say that all my Revs are first, right after any kite my grandson is flying with me. And, I currently live in the middle of Illinois. Thanks for the opportunity, Tom
  7. Kent's idea with a dowel jig is a sound method. Even there, brad bits are worth the expense when drilling in round stuff ... the point locks the bit in position and reduces wandering. If you're to0 cheap economical to buy the dowel jig, then I would suggest a vee block. It can be cut in a 2x4 with a table saw. Put the bit in your drill press and lower it down into the bottom of the "v" ... then clamp the vee block in that position. Carefully mark both a centerline and a distance line on your dowels and drill away. I used this process to drill centered holes in PVC and it worked well ... again the brad bit was the determining factor. Cheers, Tom
  8. You might want to check on your translation/understanding of "basic" ... your English far exceeds the basic level. Your English writing might have a slight accent, but it's very good. Welcome and enjoy, Tom
  9. Watty, Thanks for taking the time to make these videos. For folks like me who are miles from the nearest talent, they are nothing less than great. I also want to complement you on how interested you are in improving the vids ... accepting any critique of your work is difficult, but you've presented a very positive attitude both on the forum and privately in PMs. Attaboy and keep them coming, Tom
  10. quaa, Yes, I was very luck to be given a UL iQuad style kite. And, trust me I"m elated. But, as to jealous, yep, been there and done that too. Was so green with envy of Choccy grabbing a Purple B-series right out from under my nose ... 5% probability of success and you think Mr. Random would look my way? Nope, not even close. So, if I can't get one with a 5% probability, I'm positive that I'll never get drawn when the probability is less than 0.5%. So, knowing my luck, I can easily sluff off missing most drawings ... and a neat kite in the "kite bag" makes it even easier ... but, it really would make me stay up late if John put the next kite I'm dreaming about in the drawing. Cheers, Tom
  11. John, Please promise not to put up a mid-vent B-series in Lime ... you know, with line and all. I'll never get to sleep if you do that. Cheers, Tom
  12. Are we there yet ... why not ... that's so long. That kite would fit right in with future plans that are being made. I can't wait ... even with a probablility of only 0.38% it's better odds than the lotto. Can I talk to Mr. Random? Neat prize John, thanks for offering it up! Cheers, Tom
  13. Subscriber 348 - Tom Coffey Congratulations Tom ... you'll love this kite ... it's big enough to provide shade on a hot summer day. Cheers, Tom
  14. Cool John, but I've got to say the Rev forum sure has been nicer to me. That John guy over there gave me a new Rev UL just this last week end. But, here on Kitelife, I can't even win a pencil ... darn. Cheers, Tom PS Where would one find their subscriber number?
  15. Psst, John ... today's the first of December.
  16. Not so fast ... Actually John, the kite should be mine ... after all, I'm probably the only one here who has actually flown that specific kite ... color included. One of our IKE club members bought that kite a month ago and we had to try it out at our picnic. The funny thing is that I went in with him for half of a ten pack of the smaller 7' deltas ... great kite to hand off at a festival for someone to get into the spirit. He told his wife that he had to place an order because I wanted some kites. The 16 footer somehow simply showed up in the package. Don't think she bought the whole story. Cheers, Tom
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