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  1. Just published a fix for that.
  2. Update: Fixed the autofill for xtra vent.
  3. Ah, you're right about the issues with the xtra vent. I had to update the template earlier, and must have forgot a step. I'll get that fixed soon. The logo should be able to be colored the same as it is in the Rev Colorizer. It is done just like any other panel. No, saving the design will just save it. You can make it public ine settings menu (gear icon), or it will ask you if you try to share it. No, the background is not considered to be part of the design. It's just there for user''s visualization. No plans to, no. The B-Series PRO was added as my launching product because I built the one for Rev in the past. Any future additions will be individual deals with manufacturers.
  4. I have a side project that I have been working on for the last few months. It was somewhat of an experiment with different technologies, and has been very much a learning experience. But, today I am ready to announce the beta launch of kitepaint.com. This is a beta launch, so the project is at the point of usability, but is not yet finished. The reason I am beta launching this is to get some more eyes on the project to find bugs that I may have missed, and to see what public opinion is and how it may influence changes to the site. I am launching with only one product at the moment, the Revolution B-Series PRO. But, I am hoping to add more to the site in the future. Feel free to play around on it, and let me know what you think! Thanks, Watty
  5. Hey Augustus, When I do a two point landing, it is very similar to how I do a half axel. Here is a good tutorial on how to do a half axel: I basically just drive down the center of the window, and hit a hard half axel just before hitting the ground.
  6. I also want to mention, that most Revs come with a basic instructional dvd as well that goes over the very basics.
  7. Glad to hear it. Nothing wrong with posting links. On another note, there are some good free beginner rev tutorials available here. Some videos are particularly helpful, like Line Management, Flat Relaunch, and Changing Frames.
  8. What you want is a good spectra line. Laser Pro Gold, Shanti Speed, Shanti Skybond, and Berry Blue are all good products for duel line. I generally lean toward Laser Pro because I like it's resistance to stretch and creep (stretch over time) which is particularly important to me when flying Revs. I haven't found other products that quite match it.
  9. Tedlar tape is my remedy of choice as well. Just be sure to cut off a round patch. Any corners on the tape can come loose and make the tape start to peel off.
  10. Yep, same here. 30' x 90# is my most common street set. On occasion, I might pull out something closer to 15' if space it tight.
  11. Just finished the last final that I will be taking for all of my foreseeable future. There's a profound sense of freedom followed by the harsh realization that I need to figure out how to make a living... On that note, I'm in the market for Web Development work ;)

  12. I would say that it depends on both the kite, and the person flying it. I know the Barresi family uses what might as well be an extremely long strand of hair to fly their Zen gliders on. I use 50lb spectra to fly my iFlight, or pretty much any indoor glider that I use. I have seen others, and have even used a variety of heavier lines as well. Some folks like the additional weight of the heavy line. To break it down, larger types of kites should probably be using at least 50# line, and super light kites probably shouldn't be using super heavy line, but it really comes down to personal preference.
  13. My old custom Bs have a special place in my collection. They were my first sponsored set from KiteLife.com, and my first custom kites. Been through a lot with them.
  14. Long day today. At school by 8:00, win an award for #nextchapter at the WSU research showcase, hang out with an esteemed author, give a bit of a speech, meet with a client for an upcoming project, arrive slightly late to Spanish class, and get home at 7:15. I should go fly a kite this weekend.

  15. To be fair, I wind up using the same method as John. My lines very rarely snag while I unwind the lines. 90% of the time, I hook on the lines, turn around, and walk away as the lines unravel without any stops.
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