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    Falconry, Photography, Kites, Martial Arts... Too many things to list here, My interests range the entire spectrum. From sitting around and enjoying the quiet, to Jumping out of an airplane at 14,000ft.
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  1. this is the one kite that I don't have in my set yet.. and it matches my full vent perfectly!! I NEED THIS KITE!!! Well, I need it, unless there is someone that doesn't have a Rev that is in more need of it than myself.
  2. Having read a couple of the thread for the monthly give aways, and the last rev that went up.... Some of this "Banter" goes beyond just a little fun. I'm sure that I'm not the only person that views some of what is said in here as "jest," as down right ungrateful. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for joking around, just be respectful. And for goodness sake, show a little gratitude. Thanks for the update John. Get some rest man!! And safe travels.
  3. Come on guys. No need to get THAT cynical. Just leave it be. John well come through for us when he can. Its a Free kite, and you don't even have to pay shipping. Whats it matter how long it takes? Try offering more support to the guy that runs all of this, and makes it possible to get a free kite!
  4. No need to worry. John will get to it when he has time. hope your feeling better soon John, and safe travels
  5. **pouts** I need a good dually
  6. Ideally, extreme sports just being extreme, will never be over populated, regardless of how much popularity or coverage it gains. It will still remain an extreme sport. There just aren't that many people that crazy enough to do it, like Swoop for instance. It would be awesome if they had better coverage though. Extreme sports will always be better than your casual, boring sports such as football, just because of the simple fact they are extreme. So when it comes to these sports. I say let the underdog win. That tends to tick more people off. It's all boring anyway, so I have to find some way to enjoy myself.
  7. OH OH OH OH OH!!!!!! I want this one!!!!
  8. Football is boring. Why don't people watch real sports... Like Skydiving/Swoop? or the plethora of other better, extreme sports?
  9. Mobile browsing seems to be better than the old system. I can't wait for the Rev Forum to be upgraded.
  10. See!!! A Rev is posted as the prize this time, and in less than a week, this thread is already up to 4 pages!! LOL!
  11. :blue-love: :blue-love: :blue-love: :blue-love: :blue-love: :blue-love:
  12. Grats!!! Enjoy the new kite!!!!
  13. Awesome!!!!!!! Safe travels coming back home.
  14. Hey!!! Why hasn't the banter in here got this thread to 18 pages yet?! Or is it just because it's not Rev?
  15. Exile

    Kite lines

    I prefer straps to handles, any day. There is only one drawback to them though. If you aren't using a padded strap (and sometimes even then), when you are flying in high winds and playing with a lot of pull, the straps can start to cut off the circulation in your hands. Love them though, and would fly with straps over generic handles any day.
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