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thinking of getting a stunt kite


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In that price range you have a ton of kites to choose from. Your decision (and the responses here) will depend on what you are looking to get out of your kite. If you are looking for a fun kite to fly that is nearly indestructable then I highly recommend the Beetle. The Beetle is a very simple beginner kite and will not do many tricks, but it sure is fun to fly. The Beetle sells for around $50.00 ready to fly.

Moving up I recommend the Addiction by Premier. The Addiction is pretty durable and can trick fairly well. It may be a bit harder to do some tricks than others. It is rated as a beginner to intermediate kite but is much easier to trick on than the Beetle and you can grow and learn with it pretty quickly. The Addiction sells for around $65.00 ready to fly.

Moving up from there I recommend the Nighthawk or Magnum from Premier. Both of these kites are very well designed and fitted with a skyshark frame. Both kites trick very well and are excellent fliers. Kites retail around 90.00 to 150.00 ready to fly.

Along with the Nighthawk/Magnum I recomend the E2 from Prism. Excellent kite that can trick very well, is fairly durable and also comes with the Freestyle Pilot DVD instructional video. The E2 has been around for quite a while and you can find dozens of reviews on it. A very nice kite and the video is great too. Price is around $150.00 ready to fly w/DVD. The E2 is an intermediate to expert kite.

The best deal right now for an awesome kite that can trick just as well as the high dollar kites is the new Acrobatx from Flying Wings. This is the KTAI 2006 kite of the year and has really raised some eyebrows. The kite has excellent construction and comes pre-weighted, ready to fly. The way this kite can pull off tricks is amazing and the price is even more amazing than that. Retail is $80.00 ready to fly and for what this kite can do it is a total bargain! The Acrobatx is a intermediate to expert kite. :kid_cussing:

These are only a few suggestions and I am sure that you will get dozens more from other readers here. Our shop does sell all the above listed kites as well as a bunch of others so keep in mind that there are a ton of other kites out there that are equal to the above listed kites in price and trick-ability, best advice I can give you is to fly before you buy, check with your local shop in your area to see what they recommend, Fly the demo's, find other pilots in your area and if possible fly their kites to find one that will do what you are looking for. Most of all, have fun!!!!! :kid_content:

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The Acrobatx will actually take a pretty decent beating... It's ranked as an intermediate kite, and was designed for a little abuse... Rods are pultruded, so it won't be as costly to replace anything if it does break.

If you're really keen on learning on something else less expensive first, you might look at the Cherry Bomb by New Tech... Around $50, it's a decent flier.

The key is, you really won't be able to do much on kites for under $80... For only $30 more than the Cherry Bomb, the Acrobatx is the first in it's price range that will allow you to do some of the higher end tricks, take some punishment, and not hurt your wallet too bad.

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