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  1. At least we're consistent I do appreciate things that are random..... And I do like numbers.... Generators are useful... So how come when I put Random Number Generator together, I cringe!? I'd like to report the RNG for bullying. Or it could just pick my number and we'll call it square
  2. Welcome to the forum, Hoodoo!! I don't live in Texas, I'm hopeful for you that someone will chime in who does.
  3. Congrats again to WindWalker for winning the SDT 2.8!! New banter time!! Hey RNG - I bet you can't break my streak of 100% non-winning Man this Widow Maker is a hot looking kite..... I might actually get back into flying dualie trick kites if I were to win this one
  4. :w00t: AMAZING my friend, just amazing.... This video hits on all the right marks with me!! Definitely not a video just for or about the Rev, this is a video straight up about living the kitelife.
  5. If I win this kite I ain't taking it anywhere near a buggy! Not on purpose anyways. I have a full roll of "caution" tape, I'm going to use it as a tail. Kind of befitting a kite this size, no? Let's hope there is a clean way to attach it to the trailing edge of the SDT.
  6. Rob over at Windswept kites is definitely a good dude. He recently set me up with a Chiroptera, might even be the last one, until they make more.....
  7. That's right John. BEATBOX!!!!!!! Ahh, our often overlooked friend (heh heh), the double entendre: its a figure of speach to mean a phrase that could have 2 different explanations, usually one of the meanings is straightforward, while the the other is mean-spirited, ironic or risque. If you take the phrase I began this paragraph with, "our often overlooked friend" could be taken to mean a friend that nobody pays attention to, or a friend that is attractive and gets the obvious once-over looks a bit.
  8. lol yes, yes it is. The veiled threat almost balances it out Fresh tactics?? I could try and work "RNG" into a double entendre or something......
  9. Hey RNG You should pick me Cuz my name is Dave C and the abbreviation for my screen name is S.P.L.V. and if you don't I'll just keep flying my Revolution Pro-B
  10. Got the nicest compliment on my Rev flying yesterday - "So, which end is up??" :)

  11. (crickets chirping) "...and I'll be here all week long folks!" Actually, for the next year +. Sorry, 'twas a bad pun all around. If I win this kite I'm going to put wicked long tails on it and attract mass attention at my local park
  12. I had an SDT once. Quick trip to the doctor and a shot of penicillin and it was cured.
  13. @windofchange - Kent, how are you buddy?? Geez, haven't seen you at the park the last few times I've gone. @ Must86 - lol exactly! Although I quit paying attention to the flags; I fly Rev kites and I no longer need the wind to fly John Chilese is always giving me a hard time - "Of course you can fly with no wind; you are cheating, your kite has 4 lines." @ Btreize - it's good to be here thanks for the warm welcome! @John Barresi - man, read the "fine print" too late - I must've hit 13 kite people before I read that
  14. I just read thru the "is the RNG random?" topic; cheering on your number is hilarious Concerning the RNG... I'm a hardcore gambler, I have run-ins with cousins of this RNG many times daily. As long as it (Ni!) is in use, it is a soulless device, just as the numbers it spits out are hollow. It doesn't eat. It doesn't sleep. It doesn't feel pain. And it doesn't have feelings. So.... HEY rng!!! (un-capitalized on purpose) YOUR MOTHER HAD AN 8-BIT DATA PATH!!! YOUR FATHER WAS AN INPUT/OUTPUT SERIAL BUS!!! YOU'RE ABOUT TEN "0"s SHORT OF A "1"!!! YOU WOULDN'T PICK MY NUMBER IF I HAD MY FINGER ON YOUR DELETE BUTTON!!! (I've seen reverse psychology used here!) PS - Um, I'm sorry RNG please please PLEASE pick my number!!!!!!!!!
  15. Thanks Wayne! It's good to be here homie. My love for kites is ever-expanding, I decided I should push past the confines of the Rev forum and start checking out the "general" kiting forums. Another place to "vent" is that a pun? Was on the vented Rev this morning.
  16. My name is Dave, I'll be posting here as SkyPuppets LimitVoodoo. Hello! I'm thoroughly hooked on Revolution kites, and this addiction is starting to effect my regular life - I swear I just bought a t-shirt only because it matches my set of B-Pros. I can't drive around Las Vegas without planning kite missions, or without pointing out to passengers how "that would be a good place to try and fly" (as I gesture to an empty park/parking lot). Now, I'm planning MOST of my travel around kiting..... If I'm leaving Nevada, there better be a place to fly where I'm going! I'm thoroughly hooked. I'm here to connect with other kite people, as my friends and family don't quite understand my infatuation with kites, and I can't talk to most of them about kites for longer than a minute without seeing eyes roll. From what I've found, in my home-state and online so far, people who enjoy kites like I do make good friends I post at the Revolution forum under the handle SkyPuppet; please look me up there if you like. Add me as a friend! If you participate heavily in the chat here - if you have are willing to share your opinion, are funny, or just plain courteous and nice, I'll be seeking you out with a friend request. Good winds for everyone! Got to stop typing now and get my fly on -Dave (SkyPuppets LimitVoodoo)
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