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  1. Anybody planning on going to Rogallo at Jockey’s Ridge? I’m really, really, really hoping to make it. June 16 & 17 from 10:00AM-4:00PM https://www.kittyhawk.com/event/rogallo-kite-festival/
  2. I think I saw this location on KiteMap a while back. I was in the park yesterday for a birthday party. I didn’t realize where I was going until I got there. It’s an honest hour drive for me, so I doubt I’ll be there much, but it looks like a viable option for anybody in the area. There was one guy with some SLKs and laundry flying.
  3. Must resist urge to stack... I have one and need to keep it that way for now.
  4. My first Kite was a Bora 7. Then was a 4D. I feel like a Quantum was next. Then it got out of hand. The problem with budgets and kites is that small kites cost less, but fly faster, sometimes too fast for the beginner that wants to spend less. I would agree that the Synapse 170 is a better choice than the 140 for a beginner foil. I’d allow the Nexus, but would push the Quantum.
  5. I would tie a figure eight on a bight and use that loop to tie your larkshead. A figure eight is stronger than an overhand, but I also simply prefer them from all of them that I tied back when I was rock climbing.
  6. You would think working for a school system I could get in a high school gymnasium nearly any time I want, but we are big enough to be completely restrictive. I’m almost scared to ask.
  7. I was tempted by this one. It’s just not quite my style. I’m drawn to the fast and loud, but indoor interests me. The sad truth is that I have less chances to fly indoors than out.
  8. I really like the one I got in a karma drawing a long ways back. You can definitely fly a kite without one, but if you build kites, fly something with a narrow window, or just like gadgets, it’s a good tool to have.
  9. Wowzers, Mak! You got everybody's attention with this one.
  10. That was a nice one. A kite I wouldn't mind having around. Congrats!
  11. Thanks guys. I refuse to be the sole contender.
  12. Heck, I'm in. Just this once..
  13. I rode my bike in 40F rain this morning.
  14. Wow, that's pretty cool! Somebody should enjoy one of those.
  15. Where is everybody at? I'm not ready to get back in the fray yet, but I can't believe people aren't all over this.
  16. Thanks! It's one set, with 300# mains and 200# brakes. I'm actually splitting them up into 2 dual sets. It was just cheaper to buy them as a quad set.
  17. Ok, after pulling on them and rolling/sliding the lines through my fingers I think my initial inkling was correct. While they don't look much different to me, the lines with the red trace sleeves feel thicker.
  18. Thanks guys, I'm going to have to get them under tension to be sure.
  19. Thanks, I don't know how I got a dupe. I caught the typo and submitted an edit. Somehow it must have become two.
  20. I have a 300#/200# quad set and I am unsure of which pair is the 200# and which is the #300. I know the sleeving is color coded and I think I have it figured out, but could use some reassurance.
  21. Nice work! That's neater, and looks like a different stitch than what I know. I've never thought to make kite handles though!
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