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  1. yes you may do that but is possible to need some lenght ajustments for brackes. If that is the case make sure that are equal
  2. bottom is at around 0.25 top at 0.5
  3. on Ohio you have inland winds which are twitchy irregulars and shifting. For learning you need the right sail for right wind and from your description you will not launch a full vent in low wind. Deca is another animal and is build for low and no wind. So…try a full sail in brise and low wind if the winds are a bit stronger mid vent and on stronger winds pull out the full vent. Leaders setup may be another reason, start from 1st knot on bottom and 4th from top and work your way down on top till the kite is not launching any more, move back 1 knot and you are good to go No matter what frame you have on to a full vent if the wind is not strong enough you will not launch, yes when you have experience you will fly in lower winds, but you will need a minimum
  4. from what i know is not something like that, any way, any button will save you if you are out is not pressed so...a phone on watherproof casing will do the job ore the best do not waterkiting alone. that i think is the first smart thing what may be done
  5. hello, i am a quad kite guy so... On quad you have all what you need to cove the most winds conditions. You have a Rev Indoor for indoor, pick a Rev I and Rev 1.5 that will be for light to medium winds pick any vented for medium up. you have a Blast and Super Blast for some speed and power pull, Sockwave and Rev II for speed. For different than Rev you have Fulcrum witch will cover low to medium winds with a bigger pull than Revs. For some pull the quad foils you have will do the job
  6. ok, let’s start with basics. If the kite is having 150 lbs. line recommendation that means the kite on the highest winds manufacturer find the kite to pull 120-130 lbs. and is give you some reserve. Now adding any more dragging to that line like a laundry you must to add at least from the anchor to laundry cumulate both pulls. let say the laundry is 10 lbs. himself and is having 50 lbs. pull you need to add to that line from 150 another 60 lbs. so you will go on 210 lbs., again at least to the part from anchor to the laundry. If the laundry is 100 lbs. weight and pull you have 250 lbs. and so one. Another thing you need to take on consideration is the pull capability of the kite. A 150 lbs. pull kite will lift or not a 50 lbs. laundry? The answer is YES but on certain wind conditions witch you will find them experimenting. line damage usualy you will find it to late, after a breack or after fly sesion. why ? new lines are having a limites elongation and if we do not speack about higher than 700lbs you will not here any sound or sign of that. At high weight lines when elongation reatch the limit you will start hearing not a buzz a really high pitch note comming from the inside fibers under brided cover. the buzz is not elongation is just vibration under the wind
  7. also if recommended line is 150 use 200 for safety but on the same time that is the maximum weight of lifting, any tail and line laundry is adding theirs own puling so...i am nor so shore the Hibridoid will be to happy
  8. they are more stiffer than others brands for that the reaction is faster. They are good quality
  9. if you just start fly again try 120' on 50 ore 90#. Rev II is a speed devil and longer line give you more time to react and correct
  10. for testing tail use a garbage bag, cut strips and there you are. if is unstable and wobbling left to right at that shape is almost nothing to be done to stabilize except bridle check and recheck to be equal. tide the bridle on the center of the circles to give them the chance to let the wind to flow free. teste after that a tension line from left to right and have at least 2 inches bow on the center. for start i will try a 3 point bridle ,top left, right. top to be long from center of circle till to the center of midle spar (C-D). left and righr to be longs from center to center of circles (A-B and B-A), will be a tetrahedrom with base on center of the circles and 2 sides equal with the base AB and BA third one (top) CD. pointy top of tetrahedrom will be X. Take reference from last pic posted good luck and keep us on the loop A D B X C
  11. John T. making the setups for your kite is the best thing what may happend. About your Revs waith a bit till you will met somebody to check te bridle and make setups for you. I am not a fan of new generation Rev but is not worthing to get rid of them befor a an experienced flier try them for you. Generaly you will have more strugaling with Rev becouse is not a 3D kite
  12. for two leg on the way you describe the kite must to be perfect balanced left/right. on 4 legs will not work because you transform the sail in to a parachute and will break the spare. I will try to bow the horizontal spar with a tension line (light color circles) and try to see the effect. another modification what i will do will be to rise the lower leg of bridle upper than the bottom circle. I assume the bridle is not equal, top and bottom. If that is the case i will play with the tow point making the top leg shorter. building a kite is a try and correct process especially the bridle. Let us know the evolution P.S. on my experience top leg is approximately 2/3 and less from bottom one. a tail will help also
  13. not long time ago I never see me flying from a chair. Now is fun to stay down on the grass or sand and look around at bystanders scratching their heads trying to figure out who is at the end of the lines.
  14. congrats! the most important things like setup of the line for a successful maneuver is to have some breaks, if you are one of the guys who fly with all drive this is one of the difficulties
  15. a chocker will not work to good if the kite is not have openings in the back to lose the presure. Trilobites are an inflatable sled and have that opening but is not hard (is an work out yes) with a reel or carabine on the tow line especialy becose is not fly at to a high angle, most of them are are fly somwere at 55-60 degree witch is makeing resonable to be bring down. what line strengt is recomanded for that trilobit? 600, 1000 ? if is not 1500 you will be able to bring him down alone without any proablems
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