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  1. Ok JB, Don't get me started on this "sailing" stuff. We went down this road many years ago. I bet you forgot that
  2. Happy Birthday SHBKF (Dec 11th) Hey Ralph - Hope things are going well, and that you will have a great Birthday. I suppose your kite loft (basement) is overflowing by now, but I'm sure you will always be able to squeeze in one more. Have a good one.......
  3. Now you can get back to work on those "JB mini Revs", but you can have Luca endorse them, for you !
  4. Congratulations JB & TK........... So did Luca arrive on the 25th or 26th ?
  5. So John, Since surely you've nothing else on your mind these days, any progress on the "JB mini Revs"? Just kidding bud. Wishing you and TK the very best !
  6. Before you know it, we'll be seeing JB "mini-revs"
  7. Hey JB, It's been a while now, bud......... Have a happy birthday. Those years are clicking by, my friend. You take care and keep on trucking ! Your friend.....................nick
  8. Well, it would be a real shame to mess up that perfect record. HOLD THAT THOUGHT !!
  9. I'm trying to spare you.............I love bourbon !
  10. I got no problem with bribes..............what kind of liquor ?
  11. Still pulling for you Wayne (well kinda, I'll send a pic, suitable for framing)
  12. Yep, and I heard it all the way over here, on the "RIGHT" coast............right "as in where it's coming".......
  13. Yep, I'm pulling for Wayne. He never wins crap, and it's about time !
  14. Okay, so it's 1319. Now we have it. Go 1319 ! But that won't help you either. Now you are going to be dissapointed when you hear 5 - 9 - 0 He, he, he !
  15. PM John, he will be more than glad to give you your number. We all had to do that, at one time or the other. HE DOES NOT MIND !!!!
  16. Well, we will let you know, after we draw, or you can PM John. John knows all, including the RNG.
  17. Hmmmm ! Odds of winning for this prize is currently 1/350, and will be drawn on May 25th, 2016! Shouldn't be a problem !
  18. You know that doesn't work...........tsk, tsk !
  19. I never lark's headed any of these (although some may have). I simply put the loop over the screw head, turned the screw down till it barely touched the loop, leaving it so the loop could turn. Then I pulled the rubber cap back over the tip. This (the rubber cap) will prevent the loop from coming off of the screw, and allows the loop to turn right or left, without binding. As for that burr, those holes are punched, not drilled. That's why they are so rough. < handle with caution >
  20. Looks good to me............... (also, looks kinda like it's at a funeral, eh, just kidding Ralph)
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