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  1. RNG is on vacation for the next month..............
  2. Sorry, but didn't want you to waste the whole day, waiting by the phone..........or computer
  3. I suppose you'll need to chat with John about that !
  4. Anxious with anticipation - I understand..............I suppose you just got a little carried away !
  5. Hate to tell you, but I think that is 11/10/15, NOT 10/10/15, Today is 10/10/15 B-Series STD Package (11/10/15)Started By John Barresi, Sep 30 2015 09:39 AM
  6. I never flew it with more than 150#. Yes, I would imagine that 300# lines would be like dragging a 100' tube tail...........you don't need that much
  7. Well welcome aboard, Glitch AKA Doc Martin AKA Marty, or whoever. You'll find a bunch of friendly people here, and an absolute TON of great information. Just ask, and you shall receive...............Welcome to Kitelife !
  8. Oh great.............this is terrific, but I sure hope the RNG doesn't pick me ! (NOT)
  9. Wayne, you just got to ignore it....... don't let the RNGt get to you. He's smiling on you this time (NOT). Hey, I'm surely pulling for you (NOT), I mean, really, just kick back and forget about it. We'll all pull for you this time (NOT), and we all want you to win (NOT) ! Trust us !
  10. Hey Rob, That Delta Hawk pulls like a bull dozier ! It's really amazing the pull it will give you, to be no larger than it is. Only 57" - 58" tip to tip ! Never had it to break a line though, and I've flown it in 25+ winds, straight off the ocean..........
  11. This is one great little dualie...(3/4 size).....It's one of the few that I'm hanging on to - I had several, and but I'm keeping one in the bag, just letting one go, for now. Check it out.......[http://www.beersmith.com/kites/nighthawk.htm]
  12. Only got one set left ! It's an 80' x 50# set, perfect for that new Rev B2........
  13. Ok, what happened to all you SLK guys ? Everyone needs a few spare hoops of line - right ?
  14. Last set............I'll re-mod them snag-less, for $10 $5 This set is still in the plastic package, along with the B-series instruction manual, weights, and Rev DVD.
  15. None today ! I knew you could do it..................
  16. Just don't lose them. They will come out, if you hit the ground going fast, and if you are flying a Delta Hawk, it's because the winds up, and you will be going fast (hence the RED)
  17. Hey Rob, the Master speaks..............get to JB, if you can, because I know you can speak his language, and explain what is going on ! All the rest of us know, is that something is "wrong"...........
  18. It seems to be getting worse. Just took me about 10 minutes to finally get on. Many tries, just to finally get on Wonder what is going on. I hope Kitelife isn't getting ready to "crash and burn" Come on, JB to the rescue !
  19. That's what I'm getting. I emailed JB, but haven't heard back yet !
  20. Anyone having any problems with the website. I keep getting error messages when I click on a different link, within the website, and sometimes, when I initially try to get onto the website. I've removed all Kitelife cookies, I've tried to access the website by simply typing in the "www.kitelife.com" address, vs using my bookmark, but it seems to make no difference. Just wondering if anyone else was experiencing anything strange ?
  21. It can't be a country song. There's nothing about momma, gettin' drunk, pickup trucks, trains, or prison. Now, for all those (youngsters) out there, that don't have a clue what all that was about - "here's the skinny" Actually, that "perfect" Country and Western song wasn't written by David Allen Coe, only sung by David. If you'll remember, and as is acknowledged in the song, David's friend, "Steve Goodman", wrote the song, and Steve indeed, thought that he had written the perfect Country and Western song, until he was promptly informed by David, that NO, he had NOT written the perfect Country and Western song, because he hadn't said anything about "momma, or trains, or trucks, or prison, or gettin' drunk". So, Steve sat down and wrote another verse to the song, including the aforementioned omitted items. Once complete, then and only then, did David admit that his friend, had indeed written, "the perfect Country and Western song", and he felt obliged to include it on his album, "Once Upon a Rhyme". And all together now........... "I was drunk, the day my mom, got out of prison And I went, to pick'er up, in the rain But before I could get to the station in my pickup truck She got runned over by a damned ol' train" And so goes the perfect Country and Western song...............(just in case anybody cared) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh, and my big rant - "Walking a quarter mile, up onto a big sand dune, on a blazing hot day in July, carefully opening and staking out out a brand new set of quad lines, carefully walking them out and attaching them to my Rev, then coming back back to the stake, and realizing that there was a big empty place, in my back pocket..........NO HANDLES " Hey, what can I say, it happened a long time ago, and it hasn't happened again. One of those occurrences with a short learning curve !
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