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  1. I was looking at Kent's 300 yd roll, was going to make 120', 80', and what ever was left (25'?)!!! Price was right too!!!
  2. Yer math may be correct, but I've paid me money, and I'll takes me chances!!!! ARRGH!!! MATEY!!
  3. Glad to have a chance at this one!! Very nice!!!
  4. Sorry Duane, your odds just went up by one!!! Now to test beginners luck!!!
  5. I know you're getting some love from the Revheads, but thought it should be here too!!!
  6. Weren't there some anchor points on the ends of the sail that attach to the spar and keep it stretched out??? Of course you could buy one of the new dualies or BUY A REV!!
  7. I have both the Dodd Gross video and the Prism Video, great filming, very informational, easy to recover techniques!!! Great !!!!
  8. Ray - I have both a 1.5SUL and a 1.5 Full vent, love them!!! At the extremes of the wind window, they both have great qualities; good maneuverability, excellent speed, fantastic control!!! Between them, they'll cover most of any wind range, have fun!!!
  9. So, you've invented a safe transporter??? Probably the only way to get us there!!!
  10. 6 inches of snow here, on the hill behind Chehalis - mostly melted into slush, and due to freeze tonight at 18 deg F. One more post from Florida-Duane and I may go cabin feverishly ballistic. Regarding setup and tear down, I find the Rev kites are much faster than large duals - especially if you need to get them into a package less than 5 feet long. It makes up for the slightly longer and more care-required quad line vs. dual line wind-out and wind-up. Some of the other brands of quad kites, now, are a different matter. That's it, Hedge and I are going come down there and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!!!!!
  11. And you're suffering??!!?? It's 35* with snow showers and projected to get colder!!!:kid_cussing:Anyone back there working on a transporter???? Welcome from the "Great" Northwest!!!
  12. Nothing wrong with "senior" moments!!! Have 'em quite regularly myself!!! As long as you don't forget your username or password!!!
  13. So definitely all the comforts of home!!! Wouldn't want a bear to suffer all winter long!!! Ever get a break in the weather to get some flying in??
  14. Just added my marker to the map!!! Now I'm here and on the Rev map, too!!!
  15. John - That must have been "interesting"!!
  16. Baloo - Do you have a periscope in your bear cave??? Or is it equipped with all the modern conveniences of home???
  17. Nope, no video, just word of mouth, and that's from the horse's mouth!! Hey John, I was listening!!! He let that one slip at Lincoln City, last summer!! But he did say that it was a past behavior, now that he's married ...................
  18. Stroke victim - pretty straight forward - had one and survived! Felt like honesty was the best policy!!
  19. Hey John How does that compare to stealing (oops) borrowing bikini tops???
  20. "They" say that memory is the second thing to go - you can't remember the first!!! Quantum physics - just the thought makes my head hurt!!!
  21. Does that bring back some memories!!! Still have an Alien, great high wind machine!!! So little pull!!
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