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  1. Hey Rob, I can fly in 10 mph, so it will be ok if the RNG picks me 5 - 9 - 0 will be a good choice, RNG ! I think I'd still have my Std out in that wind. The more I get out in the higher winds the more I like it. Tapatalk for iPhone.
  2. Turned out to be 45 knots!!! Is there an XTRA B2?!! That would be AWESOME!!!!!! Tapatalk for iPhone.
  3. Welcome mate. "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave." Glad you are having a ball. It really is good fun!! Tapatalk for iPhone.
  4. Just checked the wind forecast, 34knots for Wednesday. I think a Vtd B2 would be very happy with that! Very happy indeed. 977 977 Tapatalk for iPhone.
  5. I'm only new, this year, but by the time near year rolls around I'll have 6 revs, and a dual foil. That is unless I win one, 977 if your listening RNG!!! I've given away a couple of delta duallies. What I've learned from many, many hours of back reading threads is that you'll eventually have TWO bags. One is your A bag and tha other is your "hey I've got one of those in my other bag, I'll put that in the car for next time" bag. Don't be afraid to share, we are all family on here. Tapatalk for iPhone.
  6. So John, Can we expect a return in 2014 to dual line competition? And new line of Kymeras? Is that what the sewing machine was for? ;-) Tapatalk for iPhone.
  7. Now that is some cool tricking. If I don't win this I'm putting on my list of kites to get! Great flying!! Tapatalk for iPhone. Don't you mean win? Yes, I did... Tapatalk for iPhone.
  8. Yeah don't stress John. Tapatalk for iPhone.
  9. "go Johnny go! Johnny be good!!" Tapatalk for iPhone.
  10. I've got West Coast sand! It's just a little south.... Tapatalk for iPhone.
  11. You're welcome to fly way south to fly for the winter to fly my kite. Tapatalk for iPhone.
  12. I was going to say something witty but......"on an Aussie beach for the summer" kind of says it all!!! Tapatalk for iPhone.
  13. Now that is some cool tricking. If I don't win this I'm putting on my list of kites to get! Great flying!! Tapatalk for iPhone.
  14. Don't need it.... Don't really have to have it... Just wouldn't mind it.... 977 Currently wind is 25mph+ and I think it would be happy here! Tapatalk for iPhone.
  15. Sent you a 360 last night Wayne. Geez, they're not as easy as I first thought! Set up at sunset with light winds, used my SLE with race frame on 80's. Was working on a few things then the wind just dropped. So I gave it a go. I wasn't prepared for how spongey zero wind was, makes sense now. First lap around I could keep it off the ground mostly. Second lap was all in the air. Third lap I tried to do a inverted long slide, several attempts but couldn't get it to work. So I did another to see if I could repeat and that's the one it did for you Wayne. Man, I used a ton of real-estate. Luckily cricket training had finished. Very tiring. Can't wait to do it all over again!! Tapatalk for iPhone.
  16. Not to mention a great looking kite. Very clean lines.
  17. Funny story Baloo, After I watched the Rev Slides tutorial, I DID practice applying a bit of brake with one hand while pulling with the other while I was walking around at work! They did notice. Took a bit to get it all co-ordinated together. But I can slide now, semi all right. Is it an addiction if you can "fly" without a kite....? Tapatalk for iPhone.
  18. I'm thinking this one is hooked bad - hook, line and sinker!!! Welcome to the "Darkside"!! Remember the kite fliers creed - How many kites do you need? Just one more!!! Come on folks, the first thing you have to do to start getting better from an addiction is admit you have One (notice I did not say "admit you have a problem") Admit it, we are ALL hooked. Not me! I can give up anytime I want to. Shhh, was that Ripstop I heard rustling? Tapatalk for iPhone.
  19. I thought the same thing! Tapatalk for iPhone.
  20. Was just out in 25mph+ winds, perfect for a B2 Vtd... Tapatalk for iPhone.
  21. When I give it a go Wayne, I'll do 2 laps and send you one :-) Tapatalk for iPhone.
  22. Next time conditions, and space, allow I'm going to give a 360 a try! This light wind kiting might soon replace my morning run. Tapatalk for iPhone.
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