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  1. John Barresi

    Shipping update!

    Most of the last batch has already arrived in flyers’s hands and I’m pleased to report our builders are back to 100%... As always, subject to variables and shipping time, 46 more Djinn (mixed customs and stock colors) should be on their way to us as of Dec 14, there is even a fighting chance they’ll be delivered to North American flyers in time for Christmas. Thanks for your ongoing patience, we’re nearly caught up now. ✌️
  2. John Barresi

    Got a drone to film kiting...

    Just a mash up from yesterday, playing with angles and automated functions.
  3. John Barresi

    Thinking about buying a machine

    I have an old Pfaff 1222, very stable and simple, mostly metal, worked for everything I need.
  4. John Barresi

    Got a drone to film kiting...

    Playing with the Active Track function (locked onto my body - it didn’t want to recognize the kite). Nothing exceptional, music is only there so it’s not so boring to examine the video - just playing with the drone functions still. Obviously LOTS yet to learn.
  5. John Barresi

    Favorite SUL?

    The other strong issue is the MASSIVE attrition in both high end kite buyers and cottage kite makers... Also, manufacturers and stores both used to be owned and staffed by hard core kite folks, those are farther and fewer than ever and practically none in the US, so most of what we have available isn’t conceived by true end users.
  6. John Barresi

    Favorite SUL?

    Ocius is faster, more full bodied (sail pressure) and trickier, IMO.
  7. John Barresi

    Got a drone to film kiting...

    Yep, but the bullet and got myself a Mavic 2 Pro - looking forward to getting some set new angles on kites, lots of sport kite potential with the intelligent flight modes. Also, I’m hoping to have 2-3 capable drones up and filming some of the mega flies at WSIKF next year - just imagine this with dozens of kites... Anyone else here got a high end drone like this? Anyone on the Mavic 2? Any experiences to share?
  8. John Barresi

    XT and HV prototyping...

    Testing process has been good, found I wanted less pull and added yet more venting to both the XT and HV... No videos yet, still ultimately waiting for a solid 35+ mph day to give these a solid pounding. Flying from a vehicle gives some sense of it, but also makes for bad posture and hand position so the data gets a little confused. Will update again when I have something worth sharing. ✌️
  9. John Barresi

    Favorite SUL?

    Sadly, I’m not sure if either of my two favorite SULs are available new any longer. Shiva SUL by Cavalier du Ciel (definitely no longer made). My other favorite in terms of sail pressure / control might be the Ocius SUL by Skyburner, but it is very sensitive and I wouldn’t fly team with it.
  10. John Barresi

    B-Series MID Package (1/1/19)

    Lovely sentiment, warming my heart. 🙏🏻 You know why I’m here. ❤️
  11. John Barresi

    B-Series MID Package (1/1/19)

    Please note, this will probably be the last B-Series we ever give away... I'm down to a set of just three unopened factory B-Series now which I will probably keep in my collection for sentimental reasons, but we should be able to look forward to seeing some Djinns and other cool stuff coming up for grabs in the coming year!
  12. John Barresi

    B-Series MID Package (1/1/19)

    We're pleased to yet again announce the next prize being given away to our most appreciated supporters, the Kitelife Subscribers... For roughly 10 cents per day they play a major role in keeping KL growing in every way. B-Series MID, roughly a $350 value and no longer manufactured by Revolution as of 2017! This package includes a MID VENT sail, 2 and 3 wrap frames, adjustable handles, DVD and kite sleeve! NOTE: Primary color of the kite in this drawing is RED and BLACK on a STANDARD SAIL... This is regular (factory) model, it is not a Pro by Bazzer, but will still provide excellent flying for whoever wins this. You can sign up here. Odds of winning for this prize is currently 1/374, and will be drawn on Jan 1st, 2019! Our thanks, and the very best to you... Let the drooling begin!
  13. John Barresi

    B-Series STD Package (11/15/18)

    Our lucky winner this month is #1469! Huge congrats to @Breezin, I hope this kite serves you well. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you for your ongoing support - will have a new prize up ASAP.
  14. John Barresi

    B-Series STD Package (11/15/18)

    Alright, drum roll please...
  15. John Barresi

    Subscriber Number?

    Our newest supporters... 1535 @Todd Council 1536 @More 1537 @DTill 1538 @MikeB Current subscriber count, 374.