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  1. I see some people mention using a wand to fly the iFlite , what would make a good wand besides having to buy a fishing rod?
  2. Well you hooked me.. Just ordered an iFlite vented. Rain, today and tomorrow, convinced me that it would be nice to have something to fly indoors while waiting for the weather to clear.
  3. Question on the leaders. I flew yesterday in a good wind, about 13 mph, which is rare in my area, and I decided to set the top leader all the way out. The B series flew fine and launched with no problem, with that setup. Now my question is, if I fly in less wind, like say 8 mph next time, will I have to reset the top leader in for that, or can I always use that setting with that particular Rev?
  4. Been using this book for a couple of weeks now, and it has really helped. I put it on my Android phone, as a PDF, and can view it at any time, when I want to look up something.
  5. I flew RC Helis for about 3 years, and quit about 10 years ago. I am having much more fun now flying Revs, and it is as much of a challenge as the Helis were. I have an SLE 1.5 standard as my first, and my second is a B series mid-vent ( Kite Only) . I ordered the B series with an optional Race frame, and am using that frame in the SLE, and using the 3 wrap that came with the SLE in the B midvent. Should cover any kind of wind you run into. http://www.awindofchange.com/category/revolution_kites.html
  6. Yes, here is a link to some of his other videos. https://www.youtube.com/user/DevinC049/videos
  7. I introduced myself to him the first day I was at the field.
  8. Just ordered a set of Magic Sticks for my B series M/V from http://www.flyingsmileskites.com/wordpress/2013/06/22/magic-stick-for-revs/
  9. Just talked to him on the phone about 5 minutes ago. Ordered a set of Magic Sticks from him. Super nice person.....
  10. It looks like they're more prone to fixing large foils for surfing. flying or boarding. Probably cost prohibitive for Rev's since the large foils run into the thousands. I found a couple of posts where they had repaired REVs and some 2LK, so I think they do both.
  11. I think if i had a major tear, I would contact these folks and see what they would charge to fix it. http://fixmykite.com/
  12. I flew at this field in Atlanta for the first time yesterday,, for 4 hours. It was spectacular. Only one other kite flier there, and the wind was great.... Had a blast.
  13. Spent about 4 hours today flying my Rev B m/v in some good winds , for a change. I am focusing on one thing at a time, in learning how to fly the Rev properly, and right now it is the inverted hover. I started by going to to the top of the window, inverting, and slowly descending to the ground. Problems I ran into: 1. Decent too fast ( solution, more brake as soon as inverted) 2. Sliding to one side ( correcting the inadvertent slide by keeping hands together) In working at this , I came to a couple of conclusions that I think are important. The first was, keeping the kite level LE down ( I shall say wings level from my piloting background) , utilizes the exact same control inputs, as when the LE edge is up. I realized this almost immediately. Left side of the kite goes down when inverted, right thumb forward on the right handle. which is the exact same input if the kite is LE up, and the left side goes lower than the right. So looking at the kite, forget for a moment, LE up or LE down, the control inputs to bring the low side level with the right are the same whether you are LE up or LE down. Hey, this makes it really easy, since this is the correction that you have to immediately make when you go off wings level, or whatever left right attitude you are trying to maintain. The second conclusion, which is much more obvious, is for forward-reverse, or slide left and right, control inputs there are reversed or opposite LE up, when LE is past level and pointed down. This makes in really simple in my opinion. Within about 30 minutes, I was able to go to the top of the window, descend at a slow rate controlled rate , LE level while descending, not sliding either left or right, and land softly, flat, on the leading edge. Now I have to work on maintaining a level inverted hover for long periods. The wind was very gusty today, averaging around 14 mph gusting to over 20, so I will wait for a more consistent wind speed to work on a solid inverted hover. I really think much of flying the REV is thinking about what you are doing as you fly it, figuring out what you are doing wrong, and correcting it, and trying again. It's a fun learning experience. I do much talking to myself while learning the Rev, but hey, I can remember doing the same thing when I was practicing for my Pilots License.
  14. Nice to see there are some good options for people looking for a kite that can handle low winds.
  15. I was thinking that exact same thing today. So far the winds in my area, are favoring the 4D and other very low wind kites, and affording not many opportunities to fly the Revs, unfortunately. Hopefully that situation will change.
  16. Another 21/2 hours on the 4D this morning. Really starting to love that kite. Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk
  17. That is what I do with my 4D, in fact, I bought a 3D bag to put it in so I don't have to break the leading edge down and play with the tensioners, which are not easy on the new 4D.
  18. I wonder how many weeks it will take me to do these tricks on my new NikNak when it arrives ( Just kidding)......
  19. Much thought went into my decision, and it wasn't easy, but I decided to go for the Niknak. Ordered one from the company that makes them, after a nice conversation with the rep there. Even comes with a lineset, and I chose 50# test. She said it would probably be a couple of weeks. Could have used it tonight. Weather folks and the 3 apps on my Android phone said wind was around 15 mph, when I got home from work about 5PM. Try 4 mph, max, dropping to zero more than at 4. Launched my Rev std about 5 times, watched it fall over at least 5 times, with 180 degree switch in wind direction, reeled up the lines and went home.
  20. Wind in Atlanta has kept me from flying my 2 Revs quite a bit so I have been putting many hours on my 4D which is flying great. Would like to get something bigger, and more into flying around than tricks, so now I am looking seriously at adding either a Niknak or a Pro Dancer. I love this video that Rob made, and it has me leaning heavily in favor of the Pro dancer, even though it costs twice as much as the NikNak. He says it as a good pull, even in less than 1mph wind.
  21. Been trying to fly my Revs, the last week or two, and with the exception of a few days, that wind has been stinko in my area. So I am becoming a fairly good 4D pilot, since it is the only thing I can put in the air. After having so much fun with the 4D, and seeing that the winds in my area are favoring this type of kite, quite often, I decided to get a slightly larger low wind kite. After doing alot of research, I decided to order a Niknak kite. It is larger than than the 4D, 78" versus the 4D's 58". Apparently it has substantially more pull that the 4D, since a member who is very experienced in low wind kites, and flies several of them, recommended getting 90# test line for the Niknak, versus the 50# that comes with the 4D. I ordered the Niknak directly from the company that makes it, and they are going to make one with a color that I requested. They are made in the USA, which is pretty cool. Will take a few weeks to get it. I found a youtube video where someone is doing some tricks with the Niknak, so while some say "It won't do tricks", apparently this depends on the skill of the person that is flying it. Here is the website where I ordered it. And, they give the AKA 10% discount too... Call them, and ask about it. http://www.skyburner.com/niknak.html
  22. It can also fly away, if you stake your handles with the brake on full, and park it LE down cause you forgot how you staked the handles. Don't ask how I know that.
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