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  1. Hi Kev, I live in the Stockport area and fly trick kites when time and the UK weather allows. Kiting has to fit around my main interest, sailing, which rules out at least one day every weekend for 10 months of the year. Hasn't stopped me amassing a nice selection of trick kites though Jon
  2. Hi Rob, Your ability to do side slides has always impressed me. I still keep on trying and failing. One thing I noticed is how much you are walking towards the kite. What was the wind speed in the vid? Jon P.S. Was in NY a couple of weeks ago on holiday. Only thought of you when I got back home!
  3. Agreed. Much easier to learn the HA at the edge of the window in anything other than minimal winds. Your reactions need to be razor sharp if you are going to succeed in the centre of the window. Do it at the edge and everything slows down and yo have time to break the moves down into their individual components. You won't need to give as much slack either.
  4. Think of the half axel in two halves. First get the kite into a flare: a bit of slack on the top wing and then a harder input to get into a flare. Then a softer input on what was the old bottom wing to lift it out of the flare and then pull on both lines to power it away. If you think of it this way, the transition to HA cascades is much easier. You can also break the trick into two parts. Practice the flare bit first and then when you have got that, you can move onto the second half lifting it out of the flare and powering it off. Sent from my EVA-L09 using Tapatalk
  5. Try these tutorials from two masters of the trade:
  6. I'm with you on that Rob. To the extent that I struggle to interpret which way round the kite is when the camera is facing the flier. Is that just me?
  7. Hi John Just tried it again and it's still behaving the same. Mark read only flags them as read. You still need to refresh to clear out the post from the unread tab. It is only a minor annoyance. It's the engineer in me that would like to understand why KL behaves differently from other forums.
  8. And a bit more feedback. Gone back into KL and there is one unread post. I read it and press refresh and it disappears. I then hit mark as read and it reappears (along with my previous reply). Press refresh again and both disappear.
  9. JB, Apologies, as I've not checked this thread in a while. The Mark as Read option is a pull down from the three vertical dots on the RHS of the orange header bar in Tapatalk. SparkieRob is correct in stating that the mark read followed by a Refresh does remove all the threads from the unread view. Not a major issue, but this is different from the behaviour of the other two kite forums I am subscribed to in Tapatalk, where selecting Mark as Read removes all threads from the unread view. Not sure whether this helps at all?
  10. I think you misunderstand the issue I am having. Let's say there are 7 unread posts when I go into tapatalk. I read the first one and back arrow. It now shows six unread. I read one more, back arrow and it says five. I'm not interested in reading the other five, so I select Mark As Read. On other web sites, this would remove all the remaining posts, however on KiteLife it more often than not returns it to a state of all 7 showing as being unread. It is only when I take the Refresh option that it clears the screen. As this web site is behaving differently from other web sites, I suspect this is down to the web site configuration or the forum version not being compatible with the current version of tapatalk. Is anybody else seeing this?
  11. When I access KL from my Android phone and mark any unread items as read, this site doesn't behave like other sites (e.g Fractured Axel and GWTW). Rather than marking items as read and refeshing the display to show no threads show in the unread tab, it tends to respond by returning the display to where it was when opening tapatalk with all threads showing (even though that have been read) I have to select refresh to get the threads to disappear. Only a minor annoyance, but any idea why?
  12. Sixth Sense? Defo not a Magnet
  13. Don't think it's either of them. Derefat?
  14. I might indeed. Amazon links available via Tapatalk on my phone.
  15. No sign of any of the pics that are referred to in the post, John
  16. Not sure I would ever describe the Taz Machine as a piece of cake. I spent a whole year of my kiting life trying to crack this trick and eventually parked it for a year or two before coming back to it and succeeding. It is a trick that is very kite dependent and for some reason is easier on ULs than standards. Several years later, I sill don't have as high a success rate with the Taz as I would like.
  17. Don't be shy. Ask Tim. He'll be more than happy to advise you what to check.
  18. Not known that happen on a DS of any type. The pressure on the stand offs from the leach tension should be more than sufficient to hold it together. Think some of the KRD kites have used a rubber band arrangement, but it really shouldn't be necessary with a DS. Try emailing Tim about it if you are concerned. He's a really nice guy and will know if anybody else has reported anything similar.
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