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  1. Thanks to some incredible work by my server tech support, the forum is back in action... I appreciate you all hanging in there during the rebuilding period. The only piece yet to be restored is the mailing list, which is easy and will be done in the next 1-2 days... Then updates will be functional as well. Much love to all,
  2. until
    Held in Johor, Malaysia, I understand this is one of the largest kite festivals in all of Asia... You can count on extensive coverage from this event in issue 35 of Kitelife. http://www.pgkitefest.com/
  3. Kindly go here: http://kitelife.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=33
  4. Here you go my friends... The latest prizes to offered up here at KL: http://www.kitelife.com/prizes/dvd_fighters34/index.htm
  5. It's our pleasure Dan... We do also have permission from the Negens to put up the old Grand Haven MI tapes online, if a copy(s) can just find it's way into out hands. The Battle Hymn routine is on that tape...
  6. I couldn't agree with you more... The very premise of Kitelife for me, symbolizes an open format with free exposure for any club, festival, or kite flier... We have an open invitation to all, in some cases larger events might exchange KL sponsor status at their festival in exchange for promotion. While it brings us good content for KL, the real key to these articles is the way they distribute kiting character... They plug people into what's happening, in an emotional and direct way... By personal experience, and a peek into somewhere we might never normally get to go. It's about that crazy grin you see on someone's face at an event or your local field... When that bugs bites them squarely between the eyes, it's like light from inside. It's bigger than I could put to words myself.
  7. What do you mean Penny? I don't quite follow.
  8. As you can see, we are now at - http://www.kitelife.com/forum The old forum was located at - http://www.kitelife.com/portal This older URL will be taken down on Saturday, 2/14/04... Any old posts you'd like to copy/paste or images you'd like to save and upload to our new location, I recommend you do so by Friday night. My main concern is to bring it down and put in an automatic redirect to this new URL, as I have had 3 people so far that have emailed me with a "what the?" message and they had to be given the new web address. Thank you for your patience.
  9. I sure did Penny... We got his info added on the 8th as an update to issue 34.
  10. Indeed... I've seen them in use, and was very tempted to "borrow" this one. Daniel should consider himself lucky, and definitely get us some photos! New prizes to be announced soon... Then I'm gone on the 16th for 9 days to Malaysia, back on the 25th with tons of great coverage for issue 35. Nice try Boomer... Good news is, I'll have 2 more prizes announced before I leave.
  11. We'd like to invite all of you to check out four items updated to the latest issue we released on February 1st... Today we've added two book reviews, information about an upcoming indoor event in Oregon and news about our Stunt Kite Quarterly project. http://www.kitelife.com/archives/issue34 Also, we'd like to congratulate Daniel Wilson (known as kitecrazy on our forum) for winning this month's prize... A fully equipped, ready to fly Little Devil Power Foil from Windzup, and Mountain Board from Ground Industries valued at over $400 total. One of the many ways we thank our official Kitelife Subscribers is by holding these regular drawings and by offering a growing collection of unique, exclusive content in our Subscriber's Area, including special photos and video footage from various events... Thank you Daniel! We are periodically contacted by students, new fliers, parents, newspaper columnists as well as television journalists, all looking for information about kite flying or who are doing a TV or newspaper story... KL helps connect these people, to put our diplomats on the media front lines and to promote kite flying as the wholesome and passionate activity it is. You ensure that it continues to be here for them, educating people about what it is that we do and encouraging them to take a spirited hand in it. For $2.95 a month, or less than 10 cents a day, you can help support the many projects going on here at Kitelife by becoming a subscriber... History - With the addition of SKQ to our already extensive archives, we have launched our mission of collecting and publishing to the web many of the great kiting publications and articles so that we as a sport can exchange and have access to as much information as possible. Videos - Currently we feature over 40 top three masters class sport kite competition routines on our site, with the primary idea of those fliers in otherwise "kite dry" areas being able to be inspired by the very best in the world, it's often difficult to travel to events for some people. Photos - We pride ourselves on offering one of, if not the most extensive and colorful collection of kiting photographs from all over the world... Almost every photo on the site is thumbnailed for easy viewing. Forum - Utilizing a very user-friendly system called Invision, fliers from all over the world can connect with postings on a wide variety of kite subjects... Unlike many forums, you can upload pictures to your posts as well as receive notifications of replies to your postings. Kitemail - Our very own free email service for those of you that would like a kite customized web mail account... Similar to Yahoo, you can log in from anywhere and we feature a wider selection of available addresses since we have very few non-kiters. If you are interested in a voluntary subscription to KL, you can sign up on our main page.
  12. Here is the program I'm using for the random drawings... You guys (subscribers) currently number 1-26, so the odds are still very good at 1 in 26. Our luck winner for this drawing is... #7 kitecrazy (aka Daniel Wilson) Daniel, make sure to send me an email with your postal address so we can get this thing delivered... My roommate Moon has been eyeballing the board and foil since it arrived, I think we're lucky it's still there for you!
  13. Drum roll until after noon... I need coffee, I intend to announce the winner around noon. In the meantime, you can check out two more issues that have been added to the SKQ archives... http://www.kitelife.com/skq
  14. My deepest condolances Terry... I can only imagine.
  15. Nothing in Portland that I'm aware of... It's a pretty quiet town for kites these days. Please, let me know if I'm wrong.
  16. I hate to say it, but I had to use copy/paste... I couldn't even log into the "edit" portion of my messages, and had to do it old school from the post itself.
  17. Also worth checking out is Goodwinds Kites, they have an extensive collection of kite making materials as well... Also, they are one of our sponsors. http://www.goodwindskites.com/merch/list.s...acing.shockcord
  18. Just to let you know, KL has on the shelf for upcoming prizes: 3x AKA Convention DVDs 2x 12-foot inflatable Octopus kites 2x authentic Indian fighter packages with Manja 1x Revolution I Sedgwick series w/handles We can look foward to some nice fighter packages from One World Kites in the near future as well.
  19. Greetings, I use Zone Alarm 3 as a firewall against hackers, cookies, etc... When I went into the preferences, I found that I could add kitelife.com/forum and mail.kitelife.com as 100% acceptable URLs to accept cookies from... While still blocking 3rd parties and malicious code. Since I did this, the "View New Post" resets when I leave and come back... And the forum remembers me so I don't have to log back in every time. Please confirm or challenge this discovery.
  20. Everything seems to working now, except for "View New Posts" which will not reset and remove posts once they are viewed, and you return and come back. Please actively let me know what issues you are still running into. Your help is appreciated.
  21. Feel free to post those pictures now... Upload should be working fine.
  22. Here's me and Ray Bethell in 1994, Honolulu Hawaii... The last Hawaii Challenge ever held, picture at bottom. I was 18, I'm now 28... This first picture was taken October of 2002, AKA Grand Nationals in Ocean City MD.
  23. As some of you may have noticed, there are two persistant issues with the forum right now... 1. Log in does not "remember" you when you leave and come back. 2. New posts do not reset once they're viewed, and have to marked as read manually. I am testing and working on the forum cookies, which might be the issue. Thanks for your patience!
  24. Interesting... If you find a web site for Boreal and still want to share the kite with readers here, be sure and post it as even the Kitebuilder link you added requires a log in with user name and password. I'm indifferent, but wanted to make sure you knew.
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