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  1. Well, as I understand it PayPal will draw the money from your credit card... The actual fees they'd charge me for running credit cards directly was not cost effective, and I've had nothing but good luck with PayPal... Either the customer or myself can also cancel subscriptions at any time through the PayPal site. As I think you know, PayPal does not charge anything for using it to buy things... Only if you are receiving payments via them. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  2. As I understand it, the only printed magazine left in the USA is "Kiting" from the AKA. I hadn't heard anything about Prentice dying, or Prentice anything for that matter... He stepped out of the kiting scene sometime in 1997 or 1998, at least that's when AKM went down for the count. When SKQ stopped in 1993, I seem to recall KiteLines being the ones who picked up their old subscribers... Helping the SKQ owners out of a pinch. Of course there are dozens of power kiting magazine both on line and off, but the mags as we know them seem to be all but gone. I know Gillard plans on keeping Kiting Magazine around though, as do I with Kitelife.
  3. Thanks for the cheers Ron, we're hustling to get issue 35 on line for April 1st... Barring unforeseen circumstance, we should be on time. I'll also do my very best to get two more issues of SKQ on line within a week or two afterwards.
  4. until
    This year our month runs from March 27 to May 2nd. That's because AKA always strives to give you a little something extra -- in this case, two extra weekends. And for 2004, we are proud to have Into the Wind as our primary sponsor. National Kite Month is a year long effort by kite professionals, enthusiasts, supporters, manufacturers, and friends to promote the wonderful qualities that kite flying has to offer people of all ages & physical ability levels. Kiting is truly a universal activity, limited only by the imagination. If you haven't had a chance yet, go take a look at our new web page at www.NationalKiteMonth.org. The site has been completely revamped by Gary Crane with a special eye toward getting teachers to incorporate kiting into their spring lesson plans.
  5. Thanks for the update Mike... I was still curious about that. For those of you who just picked up this topic, you can see the 2003 Berkeley report and many great photos in issue 31 of Kitelife: http://www.kitelife.com/archives/issue31/b...ley03/index.htm
  6. My associate Moon Kushner is currently at at the Fort Worden retreat... We'll be sure to include a report and pics in the next issue of KL as well.
  7. It's easier than you might think to have a page added... On the new links page there you can find "Add A Site", just click that and the rest is self-explanatory. I also encourage you all to post your own site reviews whenever you feel like it... Next to each link on the new page, there is an option to post or view reviews.
  8. Sorry, no news about Caribbean Kite Co... I had no idea their site was down, the URL has since been removed. Good to hear the new link page is working so well... I'll give it another week or so, then barring any yet to be discovered issues, I'll link it up as the main in conjunction with the release of issue 35 on the 1st.
  9. My trip was from February 16th through the 25th... I took 799 photos, plus video. There will be a full report in issue 35 of KL, due out on April 1st. Any and all article submissions or event reports are welcome and due in to us by March 25th, anything submitted after that deadline will be considered for the following issue.
  10. I always prefer extended handles with the Rev I and 1.5, and regular "Rev I" handles with the Rev II.
  11. I've been tinkering with a more dynamic links page for KL... This is in it's beta stage, so I'd love to get your opinions on what we've done with this. http://www.kitelife.com/weblinks/ As opposed to our old links page here... http://www.kitelife.com/links/ Please let us know which one you prefer, and share suggestions here!
  12. Here is a miniature Cody on Peter Peter's site... http://www.win.tue.nl/~pp/kites/ifosk/plans/cody.gif Linked from Glenn Davison's miniature kites page... http://miniatures.kitingusa.com/mini_plans.htm Look, John knows something about single lines! (sort of)
  13. Here is Al Stroh's article on using Cool Edit... Issue 28 of KL. http://www.kitelife.com/archives/issue28/m...g2003/index.htm It may be of some help.
  14. The "banner row" in Seaside usually goes in either direction of the main promenade, starting about 75-100 ft from each side of it. If you get there early and are setting up in the main area, it's not bad... If you're a late arrival you may have to lug your gear down to the end or out in the field somewhere if you have a bunch of stuff up in the air all day.
  15. You'll be pleased to find that the spell check button has been added (again) below the main text box when you're on the posting message screen for any thread or topic. Enjoy!
  16. Thanks Rum, the issue should now be resolved to where guests can post in this area if needed.
  17. Hey Doug, The vented Rev I is indeed real... I have two of them in my bag. I don't think they ever made it to "production" but have been produced for several years upon request... Primarily to demo and comp fliers. In the right wind, it's my favorite Rev... The control is fabulous like any Rev I, but the reverse is SO much more stable due to the venting.
  18. Interview with Ray Bethell - by Kitelife http://www.kitelife.com/archives/issue32/bethell32/index.htm
  19. Remembering Olan Turner - by Al Hargus http://www.kitelife.com/archives/1198/deathofa.htm
  20. Team Flying as a Self-Supporting Hobby - by Mike Gillard http://www.kitelife.com/archives/issue29/m...pay03/index.htm
  21. The Secret Language of Ballet Judges - by Adena Schutzberg http://www.kitelife.com/archives/00november/secret.htm
  22. Editing Kite Music - by Larry Navarro http://www.kitelife.com/archives/APRIL98/editballet.htm
  23. A View of the Ballet - by Bert Tanaka http://www.kitelife.com/archives/APRIL98/s...kite_issues.htm
  24. Kites in the Classroom - by Sharon Musto http://www.kitelife.com/archives/issue29/kids-kitemake2003/
  25. KiteCraft - by Dick Barnes (sport kites) http://www.kitelife.com/archives/099/kitecraf.htm
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