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  1. They fly much nicer than the Synergy too... Somewhere between the Deca and a Rev, framed entirely in graphite wisker stock... Exclusively low wind.
  2. Greetings, As you'll no doubt notice, postings made between yesterday evening and this morning are gone... I had called the company that handles our domains three days ago and asked them how long it takes for a "name server" change to become active, and they told me it was immediate. A "name server" is what tells my domain what IP address to find our files at, and I was under the impression that it was done around 10pm last night... This is not the case, and I have a complaint pending with my domain registrar. My humble apologies, and I encourage you to repost if you can find the words again. Sincerely yours,
  3. The Flame? But of course... The stack of Flames is dead center, being flown by Curtiss Mitchell himself between Lee Sedgwick and Sam Ritter with their Rev stacks.
  4. Be frank here... The purpose of the group as I know it is still to provide a user-friendly environment, so do share your feelings and suggestions and please be specific by posting a reply here as well.
  5. I was just scanning some more old issues of SKQ and came across the Omni by Peter Powell.. Is this the one you're referring to?
  6. Whoomp, there it is. For quad line precision, I prefer a vented Rev (any size) over a standard - even if I could somehow choose to have the best winds for either one.
  7. Dagnabbit! I was really look forward to it... I recall Bob Anderson launching his Green's parafoil (big one) with a flight strap tied about 15' down the line... So, this intensely powerful kite launches with me suspended about 10'-12' in the air... What a ride!!
  8. Curious Rick, in the interest of improving... What about the site has given you trouble?
  9. My Loyal, Naturally you might wait for input from other members, but you'll notice that the other three posts were last dated in March... And most likely had to do with forgotten/confused passwords, which in any case were immediately resolved by a reset from our admin (we read and post here daily too). Hope to see your posts in the member forums. Let me know if you have any questions at all!
  10. For the last couple years I have often used hybrid frames, combining various rods to achieve the best results... Especially since I find the vented Revs have better reverse flight, but generally require higher winds. Here are a couple combinations: Vented Rev I 4-wrap center leading edge spar 3-wrap outer leading edge spars 2-wrap verticals Standard Rev I 3-wrap center leading edge spar 2-wrap outer leading edge spars 2-wrap verticals And so on... This has worked with great success for me, understanding that the center takes most of the stress, the outer leading edge rods the second most, and the verticals generally deal with the least stress.
  11. John Barresi

    Northwest SKC

    June 26th - 27th Long Beach, WA - More info - http://www.kitelife.com/archives/issue36/nwskc36/index.htm
  12. You are too cool for school Kent! We're gonna have to sit down and talk shop one of these days.
  13. You can translate darn near anything these days, from German to Japanese... There are translation sites listed on our links page: http://www.kitelife.com/weblinks
  14. For those of you that don't know, much of the spam you might receive can often be generated by "bots" or "spiders" that go through web sites and farm email addresses that are amidst the text... So, I heartily recommend that anyone posting their email address on a web site or forum use some sort of encoder (there is an extension on the Dreamweaver site to do this automatically for your web pages), or format like this: webmaster(at)kitelife.com webmaster-at-kitelife.com webmaster at kitelife.com Or any similar version that is still interpretable by HUMANS reading it. I mention this after seeing a few signatures on our forum with the email address included and formatted normally.
  15. Keep on trying! As long as you're buying...
  16. Some people head out to Broughton Beach along the river by the airport too... Team Invisible Wind and David Brittain used to practice there back in the day. The sand has the odd habit of sucking the "glimmer" out of new sails though, so be wary... A bit narrow too, but flyable.
  17. What, me speak German? Nah, try this: http://www.systransoft.com/
  18. Hehehehe... Good one Frogman. Sorry to say, I won't be there... But if anyone cares to do a little write up and get a bunch of photos, we'll be happy to review it for publishing in an upcoming issue.
  19. As long as I can get transpo with one of you guys from Long Beach and back, I'm game for ill-wacko... Any takers?
  20. Howdy gang... We've added quite a few new items to our store, organized it for easier browsing, and there are a few items on sale as well... I'm not sure when the prices will go back up, CafePress sets the sales: Kitelife Logo Men's Sleeveless Tee (John's personal favorite!) Kitelife Logo Jr. Spaghetti Tank Kitengruven Jr. Spaghetti Tank A few hats... Plus, Frisbees and BBQ Aprons. Additionally, use coupon code K95JBNR and you should receive $4 off any order of $25 or more... Expires 6/28/04!
  21. I just got an email from "Nowak" guiding me to his site... http://home.arcor.de/g.nowak/html/kiting-cartoons.html
  22. A ham indeed... Your domain is registered for two years as I recall, but all hosting plans are yearly. My records say your package was set up Sat Apr 17 12:49:55 2004. Carl's on November 13th, 2003.
  23. Hehehehe... Hey, I'm up for anything. Never do forget, do you?
  24. Well, we just might have to keep our "merrymaking" to some of the other after hours parties, of which there will be many I am sure... I have to say, it will be nice to finally meet some of you face to face for the first time... Even sober! Thursday Eve, the 19th... Starting 8-8:30pm, at the park. Just look for the Kitelife banner, many of the fliers attending WSIKF should know where it is if you should need directions. (unless someone can rally up a map, or post directions here)
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