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  1. ZBear i am confident that Teddy Bear Drop is using just a releasing mechanism attached to the line before to launch the kite not a ferry system what deliver the Beat from the ground.
  2. Yes, your analogy is good. On kiting the anchor is YOU, line must to stronger than the fish (read KITE) pull. Small kites no need more than 50-100 lbs line but at bigger dimensions bigger line. you will be surprise to find that they are lifter kites with require 1200-2000 Lbs line. A 7 fits delta kite witch is identical shape and construction like a 12 inch one need 200-300 LBS on front of 50 so...bigger pull stronger line
  3. the ones you speak about I think there are obsolete do the safety reasons. I remember many years ago a ferry witch drop down a figurine with a parachute
  4. Thank you riff, in the past i used StringLiner braided construction line and is work great. In Yellow and pink is looking good but again you need to mark two of them and to do that i use a small pigtail(that is also to easy open the lars knot). Up lines are pink, down are yellow and on the right the pigtails are pink on left pigtails are yellow, simply like that.
  5. riffclown, this Muzzy extreme bowfishing line is like a bridle tube of is having a core ?
  6. yep, i feel you. Is harder and harder to find the doted ones but you can make a call to Flying Smiles kites and ask them. I know they use them for the 4 lines sets they sell.
  7. you will find different colors for sleeving, from solid colors to doted ones. your choice what you use and how you setup that for bridle left, right, up and down. You may also use a single solid color and use a permanent marker
  8. i know is a Popper by Premier on stores and are the old Gunther kite ferry on eBay
  9. yes, the tail play that role depending of the kite and wind conditions. The problem is not the lenght, that is coming from the weight. all the single line kites are made to fly without a tail between some minimum and maximum wind speed, adding a tail (if the spares ar stif enough) you may add a tail and rise the maximum wind speed. Also adding a tail you make the kite to stay more on the wind witch is increasing the pull efect and automaticaly the stability. Pay attention not all tails are equals on that effect, a ribon ore flat tail is having less effect than a tube one witch is create a biger dragging and wind breck
  10. any time, you have mi phone now so please not be shy and call me for any other questions you may have
  11. ok boys and girls some good and some so and so news. Without not to much background of the flyer and without to try in any way to offend the memory of a friend seeing the collection I felt one of two. Or the flyer was a kite hoarder who buy new and old school kites ore what was shown to me are(I incline to believe more this theory) the kites what was not by the flyer taste or not connected to then. Why I say this? All the kites old school and new are on excellent condition, most of them still have the tags and some to non showed to be flied. Prism, HQ, New Tech kites and old school without names. Taking them of from the sleeves I had the sensation to be the first time when they see the light, except some sand grains in some of them they seams just opened and putted back in. All kites have sleeves, some originals some not lets start with what I remember to identify for sure: a Rev II ripstop and maylar but without any logo (I assume an early production or prototype) excellent condition with a strange sleeve two 6 fits flexfoil with some sail color fading just because of passing time (characteristic to this kite), 1.2 synapse, 2.4 tensor, 3.0 Beamer(handles, lines and stake). All foils are crisp like they just left the sewing table and that characteristic smelt of new. a Silver Fox, 3 or 4 Adrenaline, Flashlight, Quantum. After the fact I realize Quantum may be one of the special editions(worth checking). yin and yang Wolfgang Siebert design there are another 3-4 brand name kites what I will not mention because need to be checked for real value and for sure some more what I forget the names At all this add another 30+ no name old school kites with wing spams from 45 to 91 probably hard to non chances to be identified, a stack of 10 old school nexus dimensions but no name. Line sets ? I do not count them but are 40+ for sure, some LPG, some old braided dyneema and 2 or 3 Kevlar, from 80 to 150 Lbs on 80 to 100 fits all with winders and straps, 2 quad line handles 13 and 15 inches I will end this with an Prism roll on bag on good condition and a duffel kite bag probably 6 fits long. If the owner at least to ones enumerated here, will take the time to post them I am sure they will find a new home instantly
  12. you are right but on the same time wrong, I am sure not ALL of us have a cheating mentality. Having advantage to see first the "merchandise" give you the chance to pick from the "pile" IF the seller agree with the price after researching the market honestly. How many times here on this site people ask on the sales for " the best price" or "decent price" or "decent offers" and general answer was " you are the seller pick your price" ? Do you know how many sales for items I wanted here, on this site and I miss them for 1 minute (including yours) ? first come, first serve, right ? countless, but that is the situation for most of us I am sorry if the post seams to be aggressive but in mi mind I know me and I know most of the people who are here will not take advantage on the way you suggested and YES I will spend 6 hours travel time to give "dibs" to flgrit kites. Sorry again
  13. especially Nasa wing is not a joke. I have a 500 or 600 one not sure and i want to convert to one line this year if will work. the bridle is a bit twitchy but i hope to find that sweet spot to make him stable
  14. trust me, with a 4 lines kites i had a guy who look at my performance 10-15 minutes before to come and ask me if is an old model because now everything is wireless. I was speechless
  15. COVID should not affect meeting other flyers except if a passing bottle is involved. I flayed all last year with Chicagokite club all over Illinois and non of us had problems. Learning alone is harder than under wing of an advanced flyer but is possible. Alone fly 15-20 minutes and after that take a break, yes, take a 5-10 minutes break to relax the brain. At the beginning your biggest enemy is the brain witch will try to follow and order the muscles to what, how and when do things. worst than that is if on that fly something is going great and after some repetitions where you will want to redo that "great thing" and is not happening frustration is kick in so...stop, step away, breath, relax and come back. fly how much you have time and at one point you will realize how advanced in confidence, control and skills you are
  16. is an old Latin saying " gustibus non disputandum est " and is applying to everything. How frob already write try different brands, different sails, different frames combinations and you will find what is your choice. On the same time pay attention at lines brand, handles length, leaders and kites bridles. for masters this will be just tiny details but for most of us any of them is making a huge difference
  17. Happy to help, all the best
  18. Great explanation from your point of view, thank you but...do you know that John (Djinn) and Bazzer(Phoenix) are probably the main reasons for Revolution kites to be where are now? yes Revolution is what you may know but both Djinn and Phoenix are with some levels on top of because they continued to improve and develop the sail ? Do you know they added solutions that make the sail more resistant to regular wear and tear ? Especially now with all kite stores closed I think is the moment to expand a bit your search and at lest to considerate this kites for future. you may be right about taxes but parts are the same like all others bowtie shape brands, same caps, same spars same bungees. A months ago I received a brand new kite from Bazzer from Australia and in the past I also had orders in Europa and China so you are right "A good kite is one that meets the buyer's expectations"
  19. why you will pay 300 Euro for Revpolo (1 panel printed) when the same amount is a Phoenix and Djinn multipaneled customizable more stretch resistant ? just because is closer to your house ? color choices ? better sail ? better bridle ? I do not say Revpolo are not good kites but....what is a good kite after all ? for me a good kite is to not stretch to much, bridle give me more adjustments liberty, frame options in different weights and reaction and many others more. I am not affiliated with John or Bazzer and definitely not against Revpolo, this is just mi opinion and I do not contest any others choices, I just wander why but nobody's explaining
  20. THANK YOU for your creations, for your flying dreams and for joy to let us play with them, I perfectly understand your reasons to stop. is unbelievable how much human species regressed in the past 10-20 years. Kids are not kids, teenagers preferer confinement spaces and young adults enjoy more the clubs and do nothing. Is sad to realize that almost all outdoor activities soon will be just remembered by some and practiced by almost nobody
  21. you are right, i think flyers who are not so energetics like John like Rev 1 and Zen for that that high quality of "low speed", yes is a personal preferences and i will ad is also an age limitation at one point
  22. yep, is one of the most common combination colors in Rev I. I see most of quad fliers like Rev I and i may say I love it, is mi preferred kite under 8 Mph. For one of mi Rev I i use graphite frame and i fly it under 3 Mph on 50 Lbs lines anywhere between 30 to 120 fits is fly gracefully, slow and steady (like a Cadillac) but if you like you may force him to any speed you want changing a bit the setup of the lines (less breaks) on handles or couple different length pig tails attached to the bridle
  23. Rev 1 spares "T-300 REVOLUTION EQUIPPED" have the stickers under the last epoxy layer so is no way to be taken of by accident and if is intentional the "sticker area" will have a different thickness including a different feel at thatching. EXP rods no matter what year will have printed on and covered with last layer of epoxy two or three feeders depending of what was originally provided. The spares what do not have any Rev sticker or feeders means are not REVOLUTION spares and probably are one of the no name brands witch make them at the thickness and length of branded ones. almost for sure they are have a different general look and weight
  24. I see that on the sale section but you are not on the two people i had in mind. one is in Illinois and second in Michigan.
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