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  1. riffclown made public his work and because is having time, technology and passion made the modification for other fliers who are inexperienced or do not have the right conditions. I personally modified a 2.5 symphony, I also modified a 5M Chinese dual parafoil to quad both 1 year before riff to write about. I build for myself 2 Quads Rev general shape but different dimensions Some of us have all the tools to make a build but not all of us are so prolific like him from different motives. I know at least 2 people who have in the bag more personal builds than brand names If you do that you will not have the quad experience, will be just another frameless dual line
  2. Dark side be with you !!! I started with a Chinese copy of Supersonic and trust me was a fast kite but after i pass the point where i figure out the crashing of the kite everything started to make sense. back hoover, turns, reverse launch, sudden stop and from there...by passers start to look at the kite. on that moment because of the knowledge and control over the kite you may provoke then to look making close passes to them, a dive where the kite is buzzing or simply 10 spins right followed by 10 left. A more dramatic impression will be if you add a small tail to the kite, a fuzzy one or simply buy 2 colors of ribbons and combine them. with more control over the kite you will be able to use 35-40 fits lines that will make you to be closer to people and may engage them with basic conversation lines like " what a beautiful day" while keeping the kite in to a hover at a low level. From that moment people will start to engage you more and more with different questions and information requests and some will ask you to try it. Be prepared to elegantly decline now when corona is still very active and a close contact may not be avoided for a first safety fly. good luck and mostly have fun enjoying yourself
  3. redistributing the weight on wings you will give momentum to side to side but you will lose all you have now on the spine axe. so basically will flip better but on to a different vertical axe and will be more incontrollable than before, also the imputes will need to have more force and made in "advance" to prevent over reaction
  4. makatakam is right, I have some kites with FB and I may say I prefer them but is ME. there are some Pros and Cons to FB and on your situation now in search for a bridle is a 50-50 option. Pay attention from when you will buy that FB because are some confusions with a Spanish one
  5. by how the two bridle (red and black) are connected for sure is not a REV 1.5 STD bridle, is look close to a speed ore a power quad. the spares are definitely not for a quad. they are from a 2 lines, Top is a spine and bottom is a wing tip. if you have the chance contact the seller and put some questions eventually after you research the prices for a new frame and bridle ask for a refund ore some reimbursement if you want to keep the sail. Let us know how is going, good luck
  6. also you may need to move the tow point a bit upper close to the nose ore lower to the tail
  7. figure 8 tool is a special design (old but secure) made for a certain kind of climbing lines. the two 0 what create the 8 figure are meant to be putted on to a certain direction depending on what to do, go up or go down. also there are if i am not wrong in 2 dimensions to cover all thickness of climbing lines. if you will want to use a figure 8 for kite lines you will need to build one what will accommodate less tick kite lines usually used for fast descending but controlled speed may be also used to go up in line if you do not have the special tools for that (belay) use GammoRay method or semicabestan knot on regular carabines and you should be good
  8. in what way you will use the simulator ? you realize is just general acting and nothing like in the wind ?
  9. some people told you already: manufacture recommendations are more than informative an are not valid for two people. let say the manufacture have a master flyer for testing and with 3 wraps frame will give you 3 to 15 MPH. right? is not right because you are a beginner and at 3 MPG you will not even rise the kite and at 15 MPG will crash constantly because you do not have any control. i will not add the length of handles, the leaders knots setup, line strength and length ore a different frame than manufacture tested let say Sky Shark 120 witch is stiffer look at your car, they say use 87 but all the time you full the thank with 89 because you feel the car working better, they say use Micheline tires but you are happy with Handcock CONCLUSION: take all that information's INFORMATIVES. is not a rule and is not ABSULUTE. you really want that chart, i understand but to be REAL and close to reality ask Beginners on the first 3 months of fly about theirs experience, ask good flyers and see what they will say and listen Paul LaMasters, makatakam and JB witch are masters. you will have three charts for the same configuration witch will overlap from masters to beginners fly range is like stile, something individual depending by conditions a lot more complex than the wind speed and sail/frame characteristics Is my opinion after 4 years of all kind Rev, Eliot,, Oskusa, Freilein and many more
  10. you will not feel any difference from original. I fly with David and the kite is really good
  11. pay attention to already made line sets, most of the time even before to use them you need to stretch them and equalize them especially for LPG and PLG Pro so...making your own sets at desired lengths will not be a waste of your time may actually be faster and also cheaper. If on discussion is the knowledge to do them i will agree: buy them, check them and you will be good
  12. i think you may buy them just from JB and shipped
  13. the best is to have another quad flyer to show you the moves and practice with him/her. If that is not an option check some videos and do not replicate them but try to do similar movements. i agree with people before me, Club 38 is just to rise your self confidence receiving that rewords but for the teething curve is nothing, no show, no explanations, no help of how. Fly ,fly and fly is all you need and do not bother to be recognized by antibody, is a hobby,is yours is how and what you like
  14. yes riff is something like that with a twist, for some time a 8 years kid is flying a 1.4 Synapse on the top of the wind window, all good and nice but at one point after a turn is dropping in the power window and on that moment is swiped. I am totally agree with you previous post "COMMON SENS" must to prevail, better to be safe than sorry
  15. maybe this help https://www.chicagokite.com/product-page/high-wind
  16. check this https://www.facebook.com/alfred.leong.94/videos/3423997400943933/ how long the kite is up in the wind window seams to be ok but pay attention at the last seconds of the video when the kite start to come on the power zone
  17. i suggested fist straps not wrist just for safety reasons and same is apply for bar. Let say is releasing the bar in full wind window the safety what is on the bar tided to the wrist will remain connected and for the all space covered by the kite before to collapse the person will be dragged by a single hand. that is not a good option for nobody, you lose your footing being dragged side way, you may sprinkle or worst the wrist, arm, elbow ore humerus. human reflex is not to let go the bar rather to cringe to and if that is happening you are already down. if the kite ordered is having a bar is an easy fix but you will need some extra to buy to make some adaptations. first you will need 2 pairs of straps, second will be a 6-7 fits of line same like the lines of the kite is coming to. now will be easy to take of the bar and mount the straps instead right? good, now make another two equal lines 2-3 fits long for the second pair of straps and connect them to first pair. you see where i am going ? you will have on the lines two right and two left straps, closer to the kite will be the kid and in his back you ore another person who will test and control the pulling by weight, on the same time the kite will be controlled and take of from the kid a lot of frustration what is coming with crashes at the beginning. at any moment you may let your lines slacked and just the kid will have the control and feel the full pull of the kite. on this way both of you will have fun, one learning and the other teaching
  18. if is a link in the post i usually fallow to see the connection
  19. not the driving part is bad trust me, is the wind. the only way to kite boarding on Michigan lake on west shores is to have N-NW ore S-SW winds anything else will not work to come back to shore except if you want to visit Michigan state in to a wet suit. how hard the wind is less important because if you are a serious kite surfer you will have on your quiver probably anything from 20 to 6 M to cover all wind condition but you must to have something more...a licence. some city's require a kite boarding licence
  20. all the kites classified like "trainer" usually are just smaller dimensions and from here smaller pull but that dose mean they are not really bad for a light person. kites are not for "AGE GROUPS" are for WEIGHT and how long that weight is less then half of kite pull really bad things may happen. forget about TRAINING in kites name, find something about pull characteristics and match that to the weight. lines rating will give you an insight of that preferably to learn first to control the kite before to feel the full rage of personally for a 8 years old at around 60 Lbs (26 kg) i will not use ANY kite with bridle and lines rated more than 75 Lbs (35 kg) I meet good kite-surfers at 175-200 lbs and more being pulled and face-plant down by a 3 M Beamer so..... give the kid the pleasure to fly not the pain of being pulled around. may be fun when motor skills and bones will be ready for some 10-15 fits jumps but for that first must to know how to launch and especially how to land and all this means knowledge to control the body and the tool, in this case the kite. start small, really small and progress from there depending of the conditions is my opinion PS i forget to add, also on my opinion, preferably start with straps and keep them on the fists not wrapped around wrist. that will make a safety release more convenient
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