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  1. I have enough left to rebuild the leading edge. I'm not going to put them in a kite again while I'm flying over asphalt or around immovable objects. With the B-Pro being out of commission, it has forced me to learn to fly the MV Djinn in lower winds. Lemonade!
  2. No, but that may be due to the either the hours on the sail or the fact that it could use new bungie cord all around. It's down at the moment until I can replace a couple leading edge spars. You wouldn't happen to have a couple of Black Race rods just lying around 😂.
  3. I ordered extra t-connectors and end caps when I ordered my Djinn and installed them on my B-Pro. The sail already had leading edge tabs and wear strips so I just had to cover the remaining bungie cord to complete the effect. Looks like you were braver than I when it came to cutting the slits in the back of the leading edge. I placed a dowel in there to insure I wasn't cutting through to the front.
  4. So, how does one conduct this type of handle strength testing? Would it be too personal to ask for details? 🤷‍♂️ (In all seriousness, I always appreciate your contributions)
  5. Do tell 😉. Just kidding... I'm glad you found a place to fly. Now, as an encore, some action shots with the custom Djinn? "We, however, had a more private place to fly our kites, away from the crowds, with lots of room for kites."
  6. Around here they pair purple with "hi-liter" yellow. You see it everywhere 😂
  7. Compared to 30 years ago it is a bit overwhelming trying to find the "right quad" line kite. After Rev started enforcing their patent, you had one choice. I still had my original Rev when I got back into flying last April. Guess what, after some advice on adjustments from members on this board, it flies just fine. I've since picked up a used Rev B-Pro and new Mid-vent Djinn. Those two kites fly as well. Which one of those is right for me? It pretty much depends on the wind and my mood. But, for casual flying, the original Rev on a long set of lines in the middle of a big field still has a lot to offer me. -Michael
  8. I feel your pain? Not much help I know, but sometimes the fact you're not alone can be helpful. I've been trying 30' lines in my cul-de-sac. I would only get clean wind if it were coming from the north. And at 30', the wind hitting the sail is sometimes completely different than the wind in which you're standing. I'm just trying to use visual cues (i.e. a flapping garden flag) and adjust accordingly. I've been avoiding "the walk of shame" by choosing my kite with Magic Sticks to fly 😉.
  9. Is the "older FS Nylon Rev" a Rev 1 or 1.5 sized sail?
  10. Just in time for some summer fun... HQ Kites Jam Session complete with zippered sleeve, original standoffs, and speed brakes. Some rules and guidelines: Don’t play unless you’re willing to put up a prize and ship it to whoever wins. Shipping is paid by the original poster, the winner pays nothing. Be prepared to ship your prize anywhere in the lower 48 US States. Sorry, but due to shipping costs, we really have to limit this to the lower 48 US States. RULE CHANGE (7/31/2014): Members from Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii are welcome to enter the Karma drawings provided they are willing to pay half of the Karma prize shipping cost. The method and timing of the payment will be agreed upon between the two parties after the drawing for a particular prize. You can choose the length of the giveaway, but keep it between 1 and 2 weeks. Try to ship the prize promptly. You should be able to ship it within a week, but if you can’t, PM the winner and let them know. Sometimes life gets in the way! This whole thing works on the honor system so if there are any problems shipping or receiving a prize, it needs to be worked out between the two parties. Don’t forget…Karma! This isn’t a competition, but feel free to be generous! If you can only put up a hat, or a tail for a stunt kite, great! If you have something in your kite bag that you never fly and would be willing to ship, that’s great too. Either way, the people that join to win it will appreciate it. When you receive your prize, post a thank you to the thread where you won it.  The thread will be locked after that point so the new **KARMA** stays above it.  Good luck, and have fun! 
  11. Dodd commented on a post saying that he didn't even own one now. He didn't take me up on my offer to send mine to him... and now this. I'm going to have to take it out and fly it because I apparently can't give it away 🤣
  12. I have a Jam Session to offer in order to get the ball rolling again?
  13. Congratulations @renodc2! Have fun with it.
  14. Wait! That's a MV not a VT. And where did all that Christmas gift money go? 😂
  15. <sarcasm> No, he held the drawing early! I've been exploring its low wind limit the past couple of weeks. 😉 <sarcasm> https://photos.app.goo.gl/46w93qsVkxTcEEH7A
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