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  1. Looks like a great time. Memories made for years to come.
  2. I thought you were suggesting placing sacrificial material at the fly line attachment points, not attaching the bridle to the frame in that matter. At the moment I don't have any suitable bridle line to work with, but I do have the FSK French Bridle on hand and an unfavorable flying forecast. So I'm taking the plunge! I'll definitely make sure to check for wear at the bridle to frame/bridle to end cap attachment points going forward. Thank you for all your contributions to this thread. -Michael
  3. Nice idea. I'll definitely be implementing it. I would imagine unsleeved 50# line would start to eat at a bridle over time.
  4. Did the bridle on the 1.5 have a little extra brake tied into it? I don't have a standard bridle with which to compare. Got to fly the Rev 1 with my bridle modification in some appreciable wind today (visiting the in-laws and they seem to always have wind coming off the Albemarle Sound). It was the first time I was able to achieve a forward launch with the lines attached to the furthest knot on the top leaders. It's a totally different kite now. Before it had a tendency to feel limp except when in the center of the window. It now keeps its authority a lot further to the edge. At some point I may undertake an upscaled 1.5 bridle for it. Before I made my modification I had already inquired about a French Bridle. Cath and Elliot didn't have any on hand, but I'm hoping it will be ready when I head out there tomorrow or Thursday. Thanks for checking in on this post. This kite has been an interesting riddle. Now that I have the bridle sorted, exciting days lie ahead.
  5. I need to read more carefully. I thought you were suggesting "a sandy beach" or a "grass field" (as opposed to an actual location) as good places to fly a kite when traveling to Hawaii.
  6. I was doing some comparisons between my Rev1 and JB's old 1.5 with the TK Bridle. In an attempt to duplicate the angle of attack, I measured from the distance between the vertical rod end caps to the line attachment points. The lower leg was 75% as long as the upper leg on the 1.5. The Rev1 was only about 64% as long. So, I put a knot in the upper bridle for an attachment point and put 3" extensions on the bottom. Tried it out today in 2-3 mph winds with maybe 5 mph gusts. It worked, and she's beautiful! There was finally some presence on the end of the lines in a light wind. Equal measure of drive in both forward and reverse flight. Thank you all who have responded to assist me either in this thread or by direct message. There's still a lot of learning, and tuning, and fiddling left to be done But I've finally reached a threshold where I feel confident this kite can take me further. Thanks Again -Michael
  7. Sorry for the delay, I had a kitchen incident last night. Then, I remembered I really can't draw that well. How about photographs... Securing Line on Winder.pdf
  8. There is a trick that requires nothing more than the loop you already have on the end of your line. Feed your line through the loop to create a lasso. Place the lasso over the hoop in such a manner that pulling on the loop knot pulls the line in the same direction that the line is wound. I wish I knew of a video because it is easily shown; not so easily worded. Give it a go and I'll try to upload an image later.
  9. Contrary to what I said, I'm finding it difficult to stop obsessing about this kite. I've already purchased a lightweight frame. Turns out it is a hybrid with a racing rod for the center leading edge rather than 2-wrap all around. Elliot Shook probably did me a big favor in selecting that for me. I think I'm ready to start looking into the bridle now. Does someone have the dimensions for a Rev1 bridle that is supposed to be used with equalized lines. I want to compare that with what came on mine. I'll see where that gets me before I go fully into it with the French Bridle and sissy sticks. I do see myself heading down that path, just not yet (have to save up my allowance 😏).
  10. @riffclownand @John Barresi have been the ones who have assisted me with my past site issues. I know riffclown is on vacation and his response may be delayed today. I have no control over the site, but something you may want to try on your PC is using different browsers to see if it solves the issue. Respond back if it does/doesn't work. That being said, hang tight, I'm sure help is on the way. - Michael
  11. Whipping winds? I'm sure you have something in your bag of tricks for such an occasion [emoji6]. Sent from my LG-H872 using Tapatalk
  12. Welcome to the site. It's always good to see more North Carolina residents on the Members Marker Map!
  13. I'm in, would be silly for me not to be. The instructions and I parted ways decades ago and I'm now of the age that I might actually read them. This is an endorsement rather than an entry. I've owned the 10' version of this kite for almost 30 years. I've (almost) exclusively been flying quad line since I got back into kiting in April, yet I always have the Scimitar in the truck. Not for me, but for anyone who might want to give it a try. Over the years it's been a lot of people's first taste of sport kiting. On a recent day trip to Corolla with extended family I didn't bring a Revolution onto the beach, but I did bring the Scimitar for my niece and nephew. They're from central Texas and were more interested in the ocean. Oh well, their loss was my gain. This is a fine example (better cared for than mine) of a fun kite with some really unique flight characteristics. Kick back, throw a tail (or three) on it, and have fun with it. Then share that fun with others.
  14. Have a great time on your trip. I hadn't started flying when the USAF sent me there in '86, so I wasn't looking for flying fields. We were operating out of Barber's Point NAS on the Leeward Coast of the island. Dusty, dry, with scrubbed over trees and farmland beyond the runway perimeter; I thought we had diverted to Kansas when first peering out the cargo door. Don't know what that area is like now, but back then there was plenty of room to stretch out lines. And contrary to the "leeward" moniker, they do occasionally have wind. Seemed like it would kick up every time we went to try to cover our equipment with those huge pallet bags. Now that I think about it, I had all the makings to develop a quad line foil kite and didn't know it 😁 Again, have a great time and post plenty of pictures. -Michael
  15. These 13' lines are going to get me into trouble 😏
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