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  1. Looks very much like the 3 Winds bridle setup.
  2. Not sure I've had the pleasure yet of flying one, but I have seen several Amazings flown at WSIKF the last couple years. Looks to be a very capable light wind choice - and with a fair amount of trick-ability
  3. While you might see kites rated 5 - 20 mph, that is not real. Not if you intend to keep the kite for very long. They will stretch in too much wind, and once stretched, well they aren't going back. You are caught in the trap of hoping that one kite will do it all. Sorry - not happening. In those winds I suggest 2 - a full sail and a full vent. With that, you cover most of the wind range (extremes not included). Bought with different frames, you can mix frame and sail to handle most conditions. To look at Phoenix kites if you're on FaceBook - try Kites & Designs by Bazzer. Or directly through - gluedtotheblue@gmail.com Another place might be The Kite Shoppe or Ocean Shores Kites. Both ship overseas. The Kite Shoppe features 3 Winds Kites, Ocean Shores has The Freilein. Both solid choices.
  4. What is available to you locally? You said you are on a budget - how big? (please convert to $) What are your "normal" winds? Are you tied to a "brand" or open to other choices? You've asked a very open-ended question.....
  5. I think I meant this remark for your red/black/white center possibility...
  6. Only thing is that if I remember the colorizer correctly - all the red would go away for vents.
  7. I'm liking everything.......... but that pure white center. Something about white just makes me feel like something is missing.
  8. I do like this as an overall pretty look. And the white is part of a nice progression of the colors. The little panel in the center colored black. makes the white center easier on the eye too.
  9. Congrats photomom!!! Pix of your choice of colors!!
  10. Yes it does!! And Thank you riff!! I'm a crappy pic taker, so please excuse a lack of them. If I use it around my team, I'll get someone to snap some and post to FB. Then I'll try importing them over here. Again - Thanks!!
  11. As someone that flies Phoenix kites in a team - all of his kites, from Ashes to Megavent, are available directly from him. Limited amounts are carried by the stores mentioned, and either can help with any custom orders. The Ashes is an awesome kite, It is an SUL version of his other kites, but with no little center vents. So it is a full sailed kite, built for low wind. It is however surprisingly strong and can handle more wind than you expect. As a team, we've been caught in wind changes, but still had our Ashes on the lines. Made it through our performance with no problem. If you are on FaceBook, he can be reached through his page - Kites & Designs By Bazzer or through his email address - gluedtotheblue@gmail.com
  12. I actually use 3 pairs - 15" for light winds, 14" for "normal" flying, and 13" for strong winds. Typical indoor handles are 14" for most quads. But - there are exceptions.....
  13. Choices do seem limited over there, I guess. I would still recommend getting 2 sails, something full sail and something vented. Preferably the same company, so frames can interchange between the 2. That will get you the most wind range coverage. Get the full sail first, but plan on getting the vented reasonably soon. If you fly that full sail in too much wind, that sail will stretch, no matter who makes it or what material it is made from. The same handles, lines, can be used for both, you might save some by getting the second one as "kite only"? It will be kite, frame, and bag - nothing else. Wish you luck on your search ....
  14. Are you saying that 4WD or Polo don't have any presence in your country? Or that they are unavailable? Not even online? Los Hermanos should be online too. I think they just changed their web address, let me see if I can find it. Try this : www.esste.com Should take you to their new site for the Detox. Another possible source online : http://kites.aerialis.no/back-online/?fbclid=IwAR3QQX4RYNxV0ADZjYQPrPujS3ZqVxfFIZJeHxGc_xtyUWi8p9VqMmxMIIE not sure where exactly this goes, but should get you to the right place.
  15. One of my "pet peeves' - manufacturer's listed wind ranges. Who sets them? I've found that in general, you can up the low and drop the high on most all kite packaging. The "average" flier isn't going to get the same performance from a product, as say an expert. Can some "pro" get it to fly in no wind? Can a "pro" handle it in screaming winds? A lot better than the weekend warrior or occasional flier. Read all the numbers, but remember those are estimates, not set in stone. Otherwise you might come away from the flying field disappointed .....
  16. Add to that: Swiss Made by Andi Kites Polo kites 4 Wind Drive kites Orao Kites - new All these kites are in the Quad Lines Kite Group, found on FaceBook. Might need to scroll or search, but they are there. I believe all are European makers.
  17. To be clear - I am a team flier with Phoenix kites. Our team has 5 different models to choose from (and some of us have 6). If you use FaceBook - look for the page Quad Squad North West to see us and our kites. Made by Bazzer Poulter, one of the members of Team iQuad, since disbanded, He and John worked to make the Revolution "B" pro series as good as they could. Since establishing his own brand, Phoenix, he was able to make further changes to the design. We've flown them in just about all wind ranges, but we have the correct models to do that too.
  18. Searching for the "Unicorn"....! As was said - no single kite does it all - unless you like being yanked around in strong winds, or sitting during the light winds. As the quote above stated - you can get by with 2 - a standard full sail and a fully vented kite. Interchangeable frames helps too, if they are different weights or flexes. Then you can put either frame in either kite to increase range. This combo will give you a pretty good chance of covering the most wind ranges you might encounter. It will however still leave the extremes, again to be pulled around or sitting and watching. As for the Unicorn - still looking.....
  19. Yes Lon - just a gentle tightening on the leaders. Drywall screws are way too small. I used those that came in the package, anchors and screws. They should be blue anchors.Don't overly cleanup the tubes, just remove the flake caused by punching the holes. Flange on anchor will cover the end of the tube, preventing rubbing leader to metal. Gently tighten down on the leaders. PS: for those really worried about it - If the screw has threads right to the top, you can file them down some and knock off the edge to the thread. I like to chuck up the screw in my electric drill and take a small file to the threads. Dulls them some. I don't try to go flush, just knock the sharpness off.
  20. We are planning 1:30, but some might be there by noon. Staying til 4:30 or so.
  21. At my Home Depot, you got screws with the anchors in a bubble pak (kit). They weren't drywall screws, closer to panheads.
  22. Ask to join the page, I'll add you. Name I should watch for??
  23. If you got a kit, the screws go with the anchors. You can get panhead SS screws if you want. I larkshead my leaders on, then gently tighten down. Thread the vinyl on and you are gtg.
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