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  1. Yup, Gallery seems to be working fine! ps. Choccy, I always enjoy seeing your pics! Thanks for posting so many neat shots!
  2. If you make the newspaper, make sure to post it here!
  3. BWAhahaha! Ohhhh that's Classic!
  4. I think if you polled people the overwhelming response would be B-Series. The dark side has a strong pull. ;D
  5. Wow, that's some really great advice!
  6. Funny that you mention that, someone just posted this video of Steve from team iQuad just this past week: As for flying inland, the reason why I asked that is because I am running into similar problems. The winds shift often and are very inconsistent sometimes. :/
  7. Are you flying inland, Dean? It rather sounds like the case to me. I also encourage you to post this over at the Revolution forum as well. I think you'll get faster feedback there: http://www.revkites.com/forum
  8. Hehehehehe! That's great! Stop giving me ideas!
  9. Aerochic


    I'm definitely there! Don't know that I'll have enough skills for the games tho. :/
  10. Amazing how quickly you feel cut off from everyone, right?
  11. Hehehehe! I was out at my local kite fest last weekend and there was ZERO wind! *Sobs* The only ones flying were the little kids and their home made cellophane kites running around like little maniacs... but they had a great time! Hee! I love the idea of a stacked butterfly! Does your fiance have any interest in trying sport kiting?
  12. Thanks Watty! I did see that, I just didn't get a chance to comment on it yet.
  13. Hmmmm... Do you think all the new iQuad & Revolution fans in Japan have flooded the server?
  14. Aerochic


    It certainly was kiter's torture to watch all that fun on a webcam! Here are some select shots for those who might have missed the thread on the Revolution Forum. There are more pics there: http://www.revkites.com/forum/index.php?sh...c=1116&st=0
  15. LOL! I can just hear people trying to describe the sound to the tv reporters!!!
  16. Laughs! If people wouldn't get so bent out of shape over this stuff, that could be wayyyy too much fun! Sadly it would probably reflect badly on the kiting community. It beats potentially burning your neighborhood down with flares tho. What was that guy thinking!?!?!
  17. Update: According to USA Today it was a hoax! Gasp! Someone has admitted to attaching lit flares to balloons: http://blogs.usatoday.com/ondeadline/2008/...s-over-pho.html
  18. The South Jersey beaches are wonderful and you're not terribly far from the Philadelphia airport. There's quite a variety of shore towns which might suit your taste... if my family wasn't rooted in PA, I think that's where I'd go.
  19. Oh I'd have that framed and displayed somewhere in your home kite space!
  20. BWAhahahaha! I can see you doing that! I've seen several pics from this so-called UFO sighting now and it looks very much like a delta kite shape. Lol! Silly People.
  21. Someone is stirring up the folks in Arizona again... http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared...enix_lights.php
  22. You've been a lucky duck! That's for sure. I could kick myself for not getting down to your festival sooner...
  23. I think given you're enthusiasm for kites and all the cool things you can do with them, your son is bound to catch the bug too. It's too much fun. There's something very zenlike in flying single lines too. Quite carefree. I'm sorry to hear your "home field" has been built over. My hometown has been built up alot over the years and I know how that feels. I grew up with lots of farmer's fields nearby. My "home flying field" though, was the beach 7th & JFK, fwiw. Makes me sad to see the hotels I stayed at either gone or turned into expensive condos.
  24. Ahhhh, but you did have fun, and that's the point ofcourse! Was a winner declared? My Dad said that he and his brother used to make kites from newspaper and cigar box struts when he was kid.
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