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  1. Wow, that's pretty inventive! ...and makes sense in alot of ways.
  2. Who remembers their revelation that one doesn't have to run in order to get a kite in the air??? Hee...
  3. I don't know how many people have seen this, but a wonderful short film was made about kiting legend Ray Bethell last year. Good Stuff!
  4. Neato! Love the rainbow shots. How lucky is that?!
  5. Neat pics! It's always cool to see other people's kites. Especially during the winter!
  6. ...Ditto to what DWayne said, your video helped alot! Really like that beginner stack you have.
  7. Congratulations Kent, for the new addition to your family!!! Got your Christmas prezzie a little early, eh?! ;D
  8. Here's hoping the weather pushes far enough out to sea as to not affect you! Have a great time!
  9. Thanks for posting this! I've been wondering who does these funky cool works!
  10. If anyone missed it on the Rev Forum, here are my pics from our Fall Fly: http://www.flickr.com/photos/16896184@N05/...57602812701239/ It was So Awesome to finally meet everybody! I can't say Thank You enough for ALL of the help that was given me!
  11. Wow, what a line up! Congratulations on achieving a dream, JB!
  12. I flew my first kite(s) when I would vacation in Wildwood with my family as a kid. I'm not sure but my first kite was either one of those black vinyl bat deltas with the eyes (that everyone had) OR it was a styrofoam psychadelic looking UFO kite that my Grandmom brought back from Florida with her for me & my brother. Hee! Those silly things were good for 1 fly until they would crash and shatter into a million little pieces. They were pretty cool in the air tho. I remember them spinning in the sky.
  13. That's Insane, Rob!!!! Something really stupid must have happened to cause that.
  14. Check out this vintage KAP photo from the San Francisco Eathquake of 1906! Wowwwwww! Makes me wonder how on earth they achieved this... http://www.flickr.com/photos/stevenbaker/222232843/
  15. Ah Cool! Traditional or Stunt Kites then? Monkey read my mind there, hehehe!
  16. Maybe folks are reading about it on the Rev Forum?...or it's too early for them to know?
  17. Miss Scarlette would make a wonderful tatt actually!
  18. SoBe is a product line of soft drinks, their logo looks like this: http://www.cool-drinks.com/Images/SoBeLizards.gif I think their logo is modelled after some native american art, so Grandpa, your friend isn't the only one with this dilemma! Lol! There is also a medieval group in Philadelphia with a very similar Salamander Standard which was made before those drinks.
  19. Oooops Sorry. Baseball euphemism there. :? I don't have any tatts either actually. I can't make up my damn mind! o_O
  20. It's your job to spoil the grandchildren! ;D Sounds to me like they're lucky kids who are going to have some awesome memories of you. Hmmm, I'm noticing that the women of this forum are the ones with kite tattoos! I think our gentlemen need to step up to the plate.
  21. What a cool mom y'are, Penny! I'm glad you made your son wait a bit. Plus it's important to find the right tattooist. (Most reputable places won't do it if one has been drinking or underage btw). Kudos to your Mom! My Brother is tattoo artist and has worked on people from all walks of life.
  22. Reminds of a Monty Python style, heee!
  23. Hee Hee! Sounds Cute! I knew someone was bound to have a Rev Tatt!
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