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    I don't know who made it but it sure is nice. Very smooth in the hands. 13" Would like to get $50.00 (including shipping U.S.)


    Dade City, Florida - US

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    For sale: Organic.108 UL Basically new This is a slightly bigger version of the Organic from Christian Déréfat. The Organic is a very radical kite, but this bigger version (245cm) is more gentle. In flight, all tricks are there. Nice kite on long lines or short IMHO. Both are great for taz and cynique based tricks. Weight is light at about 240 grams Icarex colour is grape which is obsolete UL:- Leading edge P90 and P1x (the best UL stick I think) and 3pt Lower spreaders Built by Krijn The build quality is excellent. Kite is still in very good shape. Used some nice shades of purple (not available anymore). £199 each plus shipping. Only selling as I have too many kites :cool:


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    Test - not a test. All black B pro Xtravent for sale. Condition 7 of 10. Had plenty of use, but not used in last 2 years. 4 wrap frame with it if you need one, but makes shipping harder. Looking for $200 + shipping with frame, $150 without it and I'll eat the shipping. Thanks for looking! Test - not a test.


    Clackamas, Oregon - US

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