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  1. You can buy a quality 8-foot single line delta for about $30 or less. Look on eBay. You'll find hundreds of them. The dual line you have is not really intended for single line, and although not impossible, the conversion isn't worth the headache and trial and error involved. Of course, if you want to give a try, go for it -- and let us know what you did and how it flies. Most of us who have done conversions have gone the other direction; from single to dual or from dual to quad. Good Luck,
  2. I thought Benson was made in the UK. Shipping 50 miles under the channel is expensive?
  3. That's a cruel April Fool's joke to play on us. 🙃
  4. Whoever manufactured them would have the specs and maybe even replacements. A little research may prove rewarding.
  5. You can also lubricate the thread with a light machine oil. Don't go crazy and drown it in oil. A dozen drops equally distributed on the spool will work wonders. Wind bobbins from the lubricated spool. The light machine oil evaporates within a month and doesn't leave any stains or bleed into the fabric if used sparingly.
  6. Short version: Life sucks, then you die.
  7. Welcome to the forum. If you have any problems or questions please ask. We are all happy to help.
  8. Welcome to the forum. For anything kite-related, single, dual or quad-line, you're in the right place.
  9. I want to buy a complete Djinn bridle. Is it available?
  10. Thank you for the link. I looked at it, but I'm not certain that I saw the complete bridle anywhere. I could tie it myself if I had the dimesions, but I would rather just buy it pre-made.
  11. Where would one purchase a Djinn Bridle?
  12. 100 pound test line for this kite should be adequate. You can go with 150 to be on the safe side, assuming line deterioration over time.
  13. Germany has lots of kite fliers and shops. So does England.
  14. Check with a marine/boat dealer. They have emergency transmitters, and with today's technology they may be small enough to be attached to your harness or bar.
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