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  1. Oh yeah, the Breeze bags look great! It's also great to see she does custom work. I don't know if that's in reference to the one model, or if she'll do total custom work. I get the tone from her web site she'll do totally custom bag work. I'd like to eventually get a bag for the stacked B2's. Above, @3wrapframe mentioned Ocean Shores Kites. They have a couple different bags listed on their web site, near the lower right side of the web page: http://oceanshoreskites.com/framed_quadline.htm
  2. What is going on here? Looks great, looks like fun!
  3. CONGRATULATIONS John and TK!!!! Luca Taiyo Barresi, born 8 lbs 12 oz at 1:32am this morning.
  4. Wow, that kind of blows, but most most everything is cyclic. More pressing than that is that you take care of your primary concerns and ending your relationship with Rev will certainly let you put more resources toward Luca and TK! My Rev evolution as far as purchases go: 2 - Shockwave - B - B full vent - B2 - 1 - (3) B2's. I am heavy B in the bag John, it's great to know that the sails I am most always choosing to fly have your expertise incorporated in them. Thank you John for taking the Revs to the next level . I may be making a bad assumption here but I would venture to say that you also took Revs to their apogee in development.
  5. I'm kind of amused reading your post Chuck. I am not meaning to be a jerk, however you have something for sale and don't name a price. I am not saying the following is your intent at all, but some people don't post a price so they can get different people to essentially bid like an auction. People that do that should just put their stuff on an auction site. Again, I mean no malice or disrespect in the above. They are just opinions/observations. That kite is pretty cool. Since you are taking offers, I'll offer $65 + $15 shipping to Fla.
  6. Hi Lisa. Good to see you here.You all remember the Fisher Price Movie Viewer; the one with the 8mm film cartridges and you hand crank it? Lisa has one with an kite manufacturer flying a dually. 70's promotional material. In her shop she also has an awesome wood and nylon SLK eagle. Very cool person and she's the one sponsoring the Fun Fly I listed in the events, on 09/10//2016.
  7. Hasek


    Haaaa, that picture is so great, I love it!
  8. Yeah, I kinda figured it was user error, I didn't want to admit it. The feeling of "Oh guano, that's going to take a minute to get the lines untangled" wasn't all that exciting either, lol. Those aren't stacked Rob. It was just the camera shot I liked best. No worries about the Magic Stick instructions, after the initial " what is all this?", it only took a minute or so to get it figured out and set up. SKBHF, thanks for the two tips. No offense, I won't be using them; I'll just double check my attachments from here on out. Something I suppose should have been being done since day one. No harm no foul huh Jason, lol. Those wooooooo, I was fortunate moments are good! Hyzakite, I don't understand. The larger sleeving makes for a better looking kite?
  9. I was flying today and after about 15 minutes of flight the lower right line disconnected from the bridle. When I was attaching the lines like always, I gave a decent tug on the larks head. The winds were 8+ so in the previous 15 minutes of flying, the knot should have tightened up some more. I'm pretty baffled as I've never had this happen or heard of it happening. The pic is of the B2 I adopted from Rob and the B I've had for a while. Sorry Rob, I didn't get a chance to fly it. The skies were dark and ominous to the south. It was moving away from me. By the time I got the B2 set up and the Magic Sticks figured out, the wind shifted and the storm was more of a concern so I packed up.
  10. Sponsored by Kiteworld. At Cherie Down Park 8330 Ridgewood Ave, Port Canaveral, Florida 32920
  11. Kiteworld in Indiatlantic, Florida is sponsoring a kitefly at Cherie Down Park in Cape Canaveral, Florida on Saturday, 09/10/2016. Cherie Down Park 8330 Ridgewood Ave, Cape Canaveral, Fl 32920 Google Map
  12. Wait until your daughter sees you do that in reverse; from the top of the window to a few feet off the ground It's been a while since I've watched JB's line video, but if I remember right he mentions that everyone has their own method. Figure out what works for you and stick with it. I also believe there is a super experienced flier here that wraps his lines on two winders, I don't have any idea who it is. As you probably already know, there's a ton of new flier help throughout the forums here. Check through this thread: It has a boat load of new flier info and also shows progression from frustration to a big smile.
  13. Rob, I can play middle man for you if you want one of these 1s.
  14. Yup Mark, a good knot and easy enough.
  15. One thing I can't determine from the video or pics; do you larks head the leader over the screw or tighten the screw down to hold the leader? I would think larks head, yes? No kidding on that burr Wayne. Pretty sloppy on Revs part. Drilling slower would greatly minimize that. I started to hand file and switched to the Dremel, much quicker.
  16. Hasek


  17. That's a great way of looking at it. Thank you Mark.
  18. Yup, a pretty successful move. 4 broken dishes, 15 minutes of pondering, and 2 people digging for 15 minutes. Thank you Wayne and Paul.
  19. Thanks Rob. The potential fields closer to my home are also sand. When I first moved down here 30 years ago, my sheltered self was like "what, sand for dirt?". Actually the sand helped in my move; My brother and I backed the 26 foot moving truck to the side of the house. It took some angular maneuvering so the truck's rear bumper wouldn't bottom out getting past the drainage ditch. We finished unloading and my brother-in-law was there. He went to pull the truck out and went straight, even after my brother told him to watch the angle. Anyhow, digging a big butt truck out of sand is A LOT easier than digging it out of dirt! Thanks guys. I will try both the slingshot tubing and O ring. I am thinking the O ring would be better as far as assembly/disassembly. I wouldn't think the tubing would be too bad with one kite, but the stack is a different story. I am protecting all six spar caps, not just the leading edge, yes?
  20. I just moved and have never flown in sand, it's been all grass and asphalt flying. Other than sand and the end caps, is there anything else to be aware of? The amount of forum search results for "beach" and "sand" were mind numbing. I went through 20 pages of beach and about 10 of sand. Each with pretty minimal information gained. Other than ocean beach flying, about 30-ish minutes away, I've scoped out about three potential areas much closer to home! I'm pretty psyched. TIA.
  21. Hasek


    Hyzakite, It has to do with Javascript and Ajax requests. It seems to happen only with IE. It's happening on my IE11 but not my four other browsers. I don't us IE often, however I'd imagine the problem has to do with one or a combo of the forum updates JB mentioned and IE, Java compatibility of sorts.
  22. Hmmmmmmmm, should I be happy or sad that Santa Rob may make an appearance in February? I am still interested if you decide to part with it sans trade.
  23. Hasek

    Pair of Sevens

    Nice field, nice kites!
  24. The pin looks great JB and TK, thanks! The leaders are great as well.
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