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  1. MGower, You do not need to " I'm in " for this drawing. There are three types of drawings at KL. 1. Drawings such as this where KL puts up a tasty kite and members that are official subscribers are automatically entered. Once these drawings are done, John will choose something else to put up and once again, all official subscribers will automatically be entered. 2. The karma drawings. These are the ones that us KL members do. These are the drawings you need to mention if you're in or not. 3. Special drawings handled by KL. These are like the "Win JB for a weekend" or sometimes they are kites. You purchase tickets for these, so that is your I'm In for those
  2. John, it appears when articles are posted here it is done via the "quote" codes for ip.board? What I am wondering is if under the quote or however the article is posted here, can a summary be added to the post here at KL? Just as if someone posts an image already on the net, then comments on it in the same post. The reason I feel value in this is that sometimes the article title does not indicate the topic.
  3. Good stuff, thanks for the replies. It seems there are many that just put the rods in the bag as I do with no issues. With that, I don't think I will go out of my way to get some protection, although if I happen by something, I'll snatch it up.
  4. Howdy Allen, Congratulations! If I may make a suggestion for when new articles are posted, would it be possible to give a couple of sentences summary of the article in the post?
  5. Ray(?), Titles are based on the number of posts one has. So if a decade long member has only posted twice, they're shown as a newbie. I am not sure of the post count/title breakdown, although I think the first step up is at 50.
  6. Yup, I cannot use the quote function or copy/paste using ctrl+C ctrl+V or right clicking to copy or paste. Running IE 11. I also keep getting logged off. None of this was happening a week or two ago. No issues using Mozilla 26.0
  7. For certain John. A lot of artsy/video production stuff. My stuff is hardly artsy and they haven't come kicking down my firewall....yet, lol.
  8. SkyPuppets, have you had Vimeo pull something of yours (due to it not being yours...lol) or are you just going by their TOS? I am sure any vid hosting place with have something about this in their TOS and I have never had anything pulled by Vimeo due to the music I chose to add to my vids. I broke free of Youtube/Google a bit ago because an acquaintance of mine put up an anti mainstream line of thought political video that he had made. Youtube pulled it. He then re-uploaded it, they pulled it again. Two months later, he re-uploaded. They then locked him out of his Google account and Youtube. He had everything on Google: contacts, schedule, documents, the whole deal. Why anyone would put themselves in that position is beyond me. However the point is Google never sent any messages to him giving him a "hey, chill out" and the vid he posted wasn't anything outrageous, it was simply truth backed by documented facts and it was anti-establishment... Google simply screwed him. For that reason alone, I found better (for me) in Vimeo.
  9. based on various different avenues, Youtube is doing this for revenue reasons and/or ACTA reasons. There are lotso thoughts and fixes, none seem to work. The best option to me, is to break free from Youtube/Google and check out other such places.
  10. How do you store your extra rods in your kite bag? For now I just keep them in the plastic bags the frames come in. I've never had an issue doing this and was just wondering if anyone does anything to protect the rods a bit more than just laying them in the kite bag.
  11. I've tried quite a few free video editing programs Rob. For me, the down fall of all but one is the sound aspect. The one that handled volume well was super complicated; more than I wanted to deal with. I roll with Win Movie Maker as well for most everything. I am not sure about youtube, I use vimeo.com and they have basic editing once the vid is uploaded. One thing about Vimeo is that if you don't pay you're limited to I believe it's 500 megs per week. Handbrake is a decent program, support/tutorials are somewhat lacking and the version I tired about 2 years ago didn't support avi files . That's a big negative for me, maybe they rectified that in newer versions. The best option is maybe to set the record quality a bit lower. Dropping the file quality a notch or two really shouldn't make a noticeable difference unless you're watching the vid on a medium-high to high end television.
  12. Clearly I am not a graphics person. I have spent some time over the past week messing with GIMP, I couldn't get in the groove of it. I found another program much less complex to make my mojo. It won't let me save in a vectored format, so here is my binary napkin A big thanks to West Australian for letting me use an image from his gallery
  13. Hasek

    wump Jpg

    From the album: Misc

  14. Ha ha Rob, that's awesome!
  15. Dave at the Kite Connection has 2012 B standards at $265 http://www.kiteconnection.com/cgi-bin/store.cgi?act=prd&id=1006 Thanks Dave!
  16. Click on the "edit" button at the lower right of the post you want to edit. Then at the bottom center of that, click on "use full editor" and you can change the title info.
  17. Your welcome northwavesailor, glad to be able to share good stuff! Are you adding another std to stack them? Rev stacks are the best other Western Australian's stack of singles, I think it's 26 of them or so. I'm gonna get a Rev from Kent also. Of course me being me can't make things simple and need to speak with Kent tomorrow before I place my order.
  18. I saw on Facebook that Kent at A Wind Of Change is having Cyber Monday Deals on Revs. He knocked down prices roughly 20% on various in stock models/colors. B2, B Std, SLE, Zen, 1's, Blast, http://www.awindofchange.com/category/revolution_kites.html Thanks Kent! Dave at the Kite Connection has 2012 B standards at $265 http://www.kiteconnection.com/cgi-bin/store.cgi?act=prd&id=1006 Thanks Dave!
  19. Haaaaa Baloo, sanity is way over rated. Roll with the madness
  20. How about the Kymera? http://www.intothewind.com/shop/Trick_Kites/ITW_Kymera_Barresi_Stunt_Kite
  21. JB drawing is on the 12th isn't it? Yup, sorry about that "tomorrow" business. Thanks for the heads up BB.
  22. Oh, by the way Tmadz, if you choose the JB for the weekend raffle entry, you need to let me know by tonight as that drawing is tomorrow.
  23. Number 4, Tmadz, congratulations! Please PM me your shipping info. If I get it by Tuesday it will be shipped out then. If gotten after Tuesday, the shipping will need to wait until next week. As mentioned in the initial post, since you are a KL subscriber I will get you a couple of raffle entries. Either JB for the weekend or the B series Pro drawing. We can get that all figured out via PM which is on the way.
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