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  1. Primary willing the numbers of 833, 259 and 461. Secondary 655......... c'mon number overlords!!!!!!
  2. Earlier in this topic I noticed some stating they do listen to music but make sure they can also hear what's going on around them. That is ultra important, especially in some areas more than others. Two summers ago a guy from my area that hangs out at the same r/c plane forum I do was flying at a public park and got mugged of his wallet and r/c radio while flying. He said he was listening to tunes. Granted I would think the avg. Joe wouldn't know the value of kites compared to an r/c radio and even if Jack didn't have fully inserted ear phones he very well may have still been robbed. Not factoring in Jack's lost $400 radio, any kite flier listening to tunes with fully inserted ear plugs I would imagine is an easier target for a mugger and I'd also think that most of us fly with our wallets on us. Point is anytime/anywhere the more aware of your surroundings you are, you increase the possibility of avoiding badness.
  3. My apologies Joespickles, my discussion in the rules thread was in no way meant to have you alter your drawing. Off topic - West Australian, you ever see the movie Bran Nue Dae? I love that movie, is Perth really like that if you've seen the movie? If you haven't seen it, it got mediocre reviews but I groove on it because it's a feel good movie.
  4. WOW Joe, putting new stuff up, that is very much putting it forward! As for my request in regards to find out if we can have two Karma things going, I believe the decision should come from Rexracer, as this is his baby, and/or JB. There was a short discussion of this when the Karma idea came to in this very same thread posts 9-11 with no decision stated. From that discussion, it seems one at a time was the way this is leaning. Although maybe the over see-er of this could have exceptions in the case of a long time frame Karma drawings. For Example if Joes drawing is 08-03-2013, if someone wanted to start another one that drew on say 07-24-2013... splitting the time frame, that might be acceptable? Pete, BB, and Joe have chimed in. Does anyone else have thoughts about this. I'm sure RexRacer and any others that may be involved in stating an official policy on this would like to hear other's thoughts..... other than my own...lol
  5. Rexracer, has it ever been decided if more than one Karma drawing could be going on at the same time? I'd like to put something up on the block. Joe's drawing is a four week deal, and then I'd also need to be the person to get RNG'd.... I'm itching to pass something along and the two mentioned factors are impeding my impatience...lol
  6. Very cool Joe, I'm up for some grapefruit (This isn't an "I'm in" post, I'd just like some grapefruit) Two or Four lines?
  7. That was awesome, I bet it was all kinds of fun!!!
  8. Flying with music is awesome
  9. I've worked on them both upright and inverted with more trying upright Wayne.
  10. until
    THE CLEVELAND INTERNATIONAL KITE FESTIVAL - Events start at 11 am each day, field set up starts about 8 a.m. The Windjammers Performance Sport Kite Team will be here this year. This is at Edgewater Park, Cleveland, Ohio. Map There is competition and stunt kite demo's, although this festival is geared a bit more toward family. Here is the write up from a previous year: The Ohio Society for the Elevation of Kites (OSEK) welcomes Northern Ohio families to share a day at Edgewater State Park in Cleveland at the 23rd annual Cleveland Kite Festival — for the least costly fun day one can find in this difficult economy. The festival is 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sept. 12 and 13. Admission and parking are free. There are no participation fees in the games and demonstrations, nothing to pay to learn how to fly those modern two line kites in the Learn to Fly field. If you want to make a kite in the club’s workshop tent, that will cost $3. OSEK also will be selling some new Kite Festival T-shirts, hats and visors, but they aren’t needed to enjoy the day. Windstar Kites also will have a kite shop in a tent on the grounds for this event. We welcome back the Windjammer Performance Kite Team from Michigan. This team has added “International” to its title since being guest performers in Canada and France. There will be Wind Sprints for children of all ages. Bring your own kites or use the one you make in the workshop. Mystery Ballet will feature regional kite-flying experts who will fly a brief performance to music they have not worked out a routine for. Unique to Cleveland is how they will be judged. All of these people have competed for trophies and prizes in regional competitions, where judging is very detailed. At the Cleveland Kite Festival, we ask for five people who have never flown a sport kite to judge each performance by how much they enjoyed it. Beginning the activities of each day will be a mass ascension of kites while the “Star Spangled Banner” is played. Everyone who has a kite is encouraged to participate. Ending each day will be a fighter kite competition by kite club people using a Japanese style kite called a Rokkaku. You can cheer on your favorite. Since it is part of the OSEK mission to share knowledge of kites, a ground display of “Crazy Kites” will include some odd forms and décor not seen on the average kite, with information about what kind of kite it is. Bring a picnic, chairs, family and friends, and enjoy. Edgewater Park is at 6700 Memorial Shoreway NW in Cleveland. http://osekcleveland.org/index.html
  11. Do your leaders off the handles have a bunch of knots on them Kirkey? If so, like in the pic, you can adjust/tune the kite by moving which handle knot you attach the lines to. If you don't have a bunch of knots with only one, you can/should make leaders with a bunch of knots. John has a video on kite tuning, you need to be a subscribed member here to see it. Others will probably chime in with more specific info.
  12. This past spring I decided to work on my side slides. I've been having a difficult time getting this down. I also think the side slide issue may be part of a more encompassing issue that I haven't figured out yet as to what it may be, Here are my variables/situations: - A B-standard and a Shockwave. I can't even come close to side sliding with the B, yet with the Shockwave I can do it for maybe 1/4th or 1/5th the window. I've tried various brake settings with me always going back to the know furthest away from the handles due to sail loading. - My lines are equalized. - I use small and smooth inputs. _ I've watched JB's Side Slide vid a bunch. http://kitelife.com/forum/files/file/697-rev-tutorial-side-slide-hd-1280x720/ - Location, the area which I like to fly due to closeness is very choppy. I do have a spot right off the lake with stable winds, although I haven't been there in a while because they've been filming a movie and the ease to get to the park is a hassle until last week. I'd think the choppy wind location isn't helping anything. Per JB's article "Flying With Intent" http://www.kitelife.com/tutorials/flying-with-intent/ , I am an "experience flier" with a small lean toward master. I don't crash and the rev in basic flight goes where I want it to; I am not reacting to the kite but rather it does what I want it to as far as up, down, left, right, basic hovers, etc. What happens is I'll start the slide, generally I start left and go right, and with the B, almost immediately the right side turns down. So I'll use small inputs on the left and the slide will still not slide. Either the Rev still continues right side down or the kite goes right side up. I haven't been able to get the equilibrium. I also believe whatever the cause of my lack of JB-ness is, also is the same thing that prevents me from inverted launches. Once I am 5-8 feet off the ground, the Rev wants to flip/rotate rather quickly. Any thoughts?
  13. Seeing as how you are a Kitelife subscriber, you have access to the premium vids as well. The videos on the web site Spence gave are actually hosted here. If you're logged into the KL forums, when you click on the premium vids at learnkites.com, the vids will pop right up for you. The advantage to finding them at learnkites.com is the vids have a description. You can also get the vids through KL by going to the "Downloads" tab at the top of KL web pages.
  14. Wonderful idea Rexracer. I look forward to participating.
  15. The tone of a forum is greatly affected by the people behind the curtain John. Crappy admin = crappy forum. As for KL, great admin, great forum.
  16. Who remembers Kevlar line sets? LOL and just kidding of course.
  17. Hasek

    Rev GoPro

    I am not familiar with the Go Pro, although on RC planes a lot of people buy the chewing gum sized video cams or the MD80 or a knock off. I have a knock off and it about 2.5 inches x 1 in. x 1 in.I am guessing weighing in at less than 1/8th oz. This is where I got mine from: http://www.buyincoins.com/new_en/details/mini-dv-camcorder-dvr-video-camera-spy-webcam-md80-with-tf-8gb-card-sd-adapter-product-15630.html The gum pack cam might be easier to figure out a way to mount it though. If you do get a cheap vid cam, make sure you get one that records at a minimum of 30 frames per second (fps).
  18. Happy birthday John! Wishing you a kazillion more. Thanks for everything you do John.
  19. Hello Escape, I have a few dual lines but haven't flown them in a long time, so I am sure you'll get more informed replies than mine. You have a couple spare ferrules, the other thing i can think of that may break are the spars. Get one or two of the longest spars on the kite. If any of them break and they aren't the longest, you can wrap some tape around the spar where you need to cut it to match the broken spar length, then grab a saw, Dremel, or whatever (high teeth count), and then you're back in the air! An 8 foot kite? Niiiiiiiiiiice I really like that Orca colour scheme. Welcome to Kitelife Escape!
  20. Pigeon Forge is an incredibly awesome area DayHiker. That's great you also were able to fly a bunch and had a tremendous time. You nailed it Rob with "... but kiting is the best bang for the buck". I have/had more expensive hobbies as you have. The beauty of kiting is once you have the kite, you don't have to lay out cash as with other hobbies to keep the interest going. Before it's said, yes, more kites can always be had...lol
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