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  1. First where are you in the UK 3mm bungy (bungee) try here:- https://kitesup.co.uk/materials/
  2. Here you go ! https://www.kiteworld.co.uk/acatalog/Skyshark-Straight-Carbon-Tubes.html I fly on Dunstable Downs but depending where you are in London Blackheath Common home of the Decorators may be better, at either place you would get good advice !
  3. A bit too far north for me unfortunately ! you could try contacting team "Fusion " admin@fusionrevteam.co.uk they are based in the Newcastle area and will almost certainly know flyers in your area ! There are quite a few good festivals in your area, Lytham St Annes being well worth a visit.
  4. Hi Madoldlad, Give us a clue as to where you are in the UK ! I probably know of someone who might be able to help.
  5. Hi Cliff, I have just found you on the forum ! Yes you are most welcome to join us on Dunstable Downs, as stated we are there most Sundays from about 10 am. Frequently there are about six of us sometimes meeting up on a Saturday as well depending on the weather forecast. See you tomorrow if all goes well ! Bill
  6. Hi Edmond, You have given me some good options to try, thanks ! The Bol has 15 bridle lines at 13ft in length so I will not add any more yet, Towing line length is the easiest thing to try but for now I will vent the outer edge where the collapse emanates and see what happens ! Its all about experimentation, if you don't try you will never know.
  7. Thanks Mitch, I understand what you are saying but what I am considering is adding some form of venting on the outer edge just inboard of the bridle attachment points ! Will it work ? don't know until I try it ! I am surprised that you are the only person to reply so far !
  8. Hi Kite fliers, During this pandemic I decided to make something different from a quad, using a free plan downloaded I have made a 8ft BOL, It flies great with a lot of pull BUT frequently collapses when it moves to either side of the wind window ! Are there some BOL experts out there somewhere in the ether who has a solution ? Bill
  9. Remember that the EXP was supplied with 3 wrap rods that did not have stickers !
  10. See you in the morning then! The forecast means vented kites are the order for the day, we have an assortment and will set up for training.
  11. That,s handy Mark, That,s not a kite I recognise but we can have a look! We fly on Dunstable Downs just about every Sunday (LU6 2GY) from about 10 am if you can make it come and join us. A couple of hours with us and you will be saving a lot of frustration and set you in the right direction. facebook :- dunstable downs old gents
  12. Mark, I see you are in the UK ! give us a clue as to where please ? I might be able to put you in contact with quad flyers in your area. If you can state what make/model you purchased preferably with a photo it would help.
  13. oapbillf


    Hi Lulu, Your leaders are way off for any control, loads of drive to take off but that,s it ! The attached pic shows my leader set up and is purely as a guide, what you are looking for is the differential between power and brake, normally this would be between three and eight inches, your sweet spot would usually fall in that area! Have a look at JB,s tutorials and other videos taking notice of flyers handles and their leaders but best of all if you can hook up with another flyer that would have your problems sorted very quickly ! Good luck facebook Dunstable-Downs-Old-Gents
  14. The Cross 1.3 would be ideal as first kite, I have flown this model and found it pretty good ! A kite killer is not really required but there again it would be good practice to get used to using one, a ground stake would also be useful ! If your nephew can get up to Dunstable Downs on a Sunday and look for any quad line flyers, they will help you and teach the basics.
  15. And don,t forget that the vertical rods go on the back of the kite !
  16. Hi Fubar, Jeremy Wharton gave me the tip that you are looking to fly quad line ! We are not too far from you on Dunstable Downs and you are most welcome to come and join us, we are usually on site from 10am on Sundays where we can assist you in what and where to buy and of course try our kites ! You can find me on face-book as"bill final " and team "Dunstable Downs Old Gents"
  17. Funny thing is that we had a video talk room last week and these flyers were discussed. JB can and probably will give you good information on their style of flying my only contribution was to look at the length of the handles they use, much longer that most of us !
  18. 1) Sometimes for fine tuning, usually it,s time to change kite ! 2) Yes ! Once you have found your sweet spot stick with it, and that depends on your style of flying !
  19. Never heard of that one before Paul, good idea ! To refit the ferrule, first scrape off any residue adhesive and ensure it fits into the rod with ease. Wrap a piece of adhesive tape to divide the ferrule in half leaving a tab for removal. I use a super glue gel, works for me, put a small amount in the rod and just a light smear on the ferrule. Doing it rapidly, insert the ferrule into the rod giving it a twist until it butts up with the tape. Allow the adhesive to set for a few minutes then remove the tape. Trim off any excess adhesive if required.
  20. Yes I understood that, I was basically referring to the fact that they also make custom bags !
  21. What you need is a manufacturer similar to what we have over this side of the pond, I have one of their bags that I use for quads that are folded and will hold about fifteen kites up to Rev 1 size ! https://bags4everything.co.uk/
  22. Hi Loiko, If it as a 1.5 size quad then this is what I use as a standard bridle ! Not a Turbo :- REV 1.5 Bridle V3 Aug2017.pdfREV 1.5 Bridle V3 Aug2017.pdf
  23. A translation of Loiko27,s post:- Welcome. In England https://www.kitetec.co.uk/pulse in the EU http://www.polokites.com/ http: //esste.com/ https://www.cerfvolantservice.com/ https://wind-r.com/fr/ there is A-QUAD in Sweden, but they are not very available. You can also wait for Revolution Reflex XX Tarantula in the range of 3-20 miles per hour. It will be spring in stores in the EU. when it comes to mentioning predecessors, there is no universal kite. Yes, you can wide range by changing the frame. I use an unreinforced rigid carbon tube and a modified wind bridle at a speed of about 7-9 m / s. But share it also with faster getting a kite. I am in a similar situation because I have difficulties with the availability of kites and the cost is limited (conversion to dollar x4).
  24. Just about all kites will " buzz " when driven hard. I suspect that as a newbie you might be flying with a lot of drive and new leaders with multiple adjustments would help, see other posts. Do you have anybody you could hook up with for hands on advice ? When wrapping up your kite try to ensure the trailing edge does not fold over as this can cause a crease that will fly out but can also add to the noise !
  25. Not sure about the site and the price you stated is far too low for a new item ! Scrolling down the site EMMAKITES is mentioned, I have dealt with them in the past with no problems and the prices quoted there are about correct for a kite without lines/handles ! Genuine FREILEIN , I have no problem with, the quality is good and they fly pretty well.
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