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    • Got me on one now dude, so added a piece of fibreglass tape to both verticals in the place the spring moves as suggested, as well as both ends for support. Then found some 7.5mm carbon tube and added some tape to just over an inch sections. Once fitted was able to see exactly how much of the tube is loosley supported by the new style plugs. About 7mm and even that is a loose fit. I then left these sections on the plugs as they fit beautifully. Now my verticals are heavily supported at both ends with no wobbles from the loose fitting plugs. Bungees are still able to move the vertical so its not like am stressing anything, just supporting the load against the ends.
    • I am a relatively new pilot, but I have noticed that as I get some more kites and then want to fly in different conditions and spaces, I am maklng and collecting quite a few different line sets of different weights and strengths. I see that Prism has a bag on their web site for organizing lines, but it seem to be out of stock. What other solutions has this community found to what must be a fairly common problem? 
    • This was a change made by Rev to go with ferrule based endcaps (slide inside the spar) as opposed to caps which enclosed and protected the spar. In the original style (caps) a spar with a small split could be glued and still used as long as it wasn't the ferruled junctions of the LE. The slightest crack in the new system becomes an instant stress point. This is one of the changes made by Revolution that had me seeking other options. The different size framing has some different characteristics but not all are advantages. It's also worthy of note that in the reflex design it pays you to sleeve the friction point between the spar and the spring itself or the spring will eventually saw the spar in two at that point.
    • is there any kite festivials in northern europe, Germany, denmark, scandinavia etc
    • Reposted as the first post was in error. My apologies to any who responded. Findings have since changed some. Intial post was a rash response to a personal crisis lol This post sums up my feelings about my kite more precisely. Am not ready to ditch Reflex just yet. Vertical, second flight quite strong winds at the upper end, brand new Reflex RX. I always ensure everything is seated properly. Launched, hovered vertical blew off WTF 😲☹️ top inner edge gave out 😮10mm ish of splits about as much as is fitted inside of the plug. Baffled, unhappy, hope this is not going to happen all the time otherwise be goodbye Revolution Reflex RX. My second Kite, first was the Pulse UK made, Skyshark P90 tubes, so not an utter newbie error....or was it. I've re-enforced all my tube ends with fibreglass parcel tape as used in the construction of Peter Powell Stunter Kites hoping this will help support an inherant weakness?? Joe reckons can carefully cut off the damage and re- use as a leading edge spar. Leading edge will shrink by 10mm but is already too long by 20mm ish, all that extra carbon sticking out is unsightly anyway lol. If it happens again the same will have a tidy leading edge, equal and a restored spare tube 😎 Am not keen on these plugs as they tend to fit uneven, the top one looks angled probably due to Reflex pressure and the bottoms wobble about some which can't be a good thing. Leading edge plugs fit just as uncertain. Caps from my Pulse seemed a much better idea. Top has a plastic sleeve around the plug, it offers no support I can see just gives a more tidy finish. All my plugs felt quite loose like the rods were only just under tension.
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