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    • Yesterday I started out the day reading kite builders post. Got engrossed  for a bit In 1 of sail maker Krijins projects. Like Michio Kaku he can explain the complex very well. Thinking along those lines called Kites and Fun Things for mods on my Nighthawk. Much to my chagrin there are none. Didn't even have enough knowledge to ask a proper question  nor enough sense to get help in putting a repair kit together. Who better to ask I say then the designer himself. As conversation turned to the addiction it took all of 2 seconds to know it would be added to my quiver. Telling me the difference between the Addiction and the Addiction Pro was worth the call. I realized later those post were not mods so much as helping someone solve a problem and get back to flying. At times we all see what we want to see I suppose. Our short conversation turned to the light/zero wind flyers. With profound sadness for all stunt flyers the future of the Aura is in flux. As with most passing's the ripple affect starts with family. Those folks are family!! I went out yesterday right after my last post to maiden fly my new Addiction. The left lower spreader connection took close to 5 minutes of gently rotating and coaxing to finally seat. Thanks for the tutorial. My left thumb with a little neosporin and a band aid is healing nicely thanks for asking.No damage done. I've been advised by the best J.B, Jim P.,Jon T and many others to be patient go slow and get the basics down. 5 minutes into my 1st flight ever that all went out the window. The Widow was just begging to do things I had no idea how to do. So I just went for it and have done so ever since. Result broken kite but fun fun fun. As time goes by I know and will realize more and more how awesome the Widow ng design is. Yesterday I went to the top center of window with the Addiction caught an axle and into a fade. Know enough now that the line was was wrapped around the right wing tip and don't know enough yet to pull it out. The kite stayed in the fade and settled gently to the ground .1st time ever wow that's neat to do (still working on the repeat). The awe with a little understanding that I  was feeling for the design turned into pure joy. No wow look what I did just joy. It's like the kite came alive. I can't explain it but you experienced flyers know what I mean and probably can't either. It's not unique to kiting but nonetheless. Kiting will always be rehab for me. 5 years ago I looked into the grill of a 18 wheeler coming at me 60 mph. Just enough time to think this is it. Much to my delight I regained conscience and wow I made it. I v'e always played guitar. Started so young I don't remember not doing so. Iv'e approached this sport like I approach a new piece of music. Iv'e ticked off every music teacher I've ever had because I do theory best in the middle. Music has always taken care of my head. Kiting will take care of my head and body. As I was walking to the kite I got to thinking how many times while working out a new riff or cadence somebody would interject do this or that. When I was young it came to blows more than once. I have spent hours studying Handle, Bach, Fernando Sor ,Wes Montgomery,  Muddy Waters and many more trying to get this 2,5,1 right you who are without theory!!  Unless we're collaborating shut up until you see what I'm trying to do. Result I'm a very poor band mate. But hey I live with parrots and they are the most self centered creatures Iv'e ever met.Wanting my Nighthawk modded like a ul was me acting in much the same way. Albeit naively,  no respect for the creative process that led to the end result and not even having the skills to understand what the intended result is.If you don't know how do you know what you need to know what you don't know  to know. Errr something like that. Many of you have had the patience to repeat over and over again to newbies like myself there is no 1 do it all kite that's why we get to have so many.On my walk of reflection I thought of the posts I'd read about Steve's passing. As I was just entering into this wonderful world of kiting one that was much loved and respected was leaving.He was not  defeated just lost the fight that one day I too will lose. Reading those post  I knew I'd found what I had been looking for, for many years . I can no longer ski ,surf or ride motorcycles but I can kite . I am no scientist nor artist but I recognize them when I see their work. In the Yin and Yang of our species I believe those people are our polar opposites and we the masses live somewhere in the middle and  because of them  most of us in comfort. When the scientist leaves they leave behind a trail for others to follow and their work continues. It's math. What the artist/craftsman leave no amount of left behind instruction will recreate what they created.Whether it be music or pottery their inspiration goes with them and it will change. We still look at the scientist from the past in wonder and awe from Madam Curie to Steve jobs and many many more. With the artist/craftsman we all somehow know this will never happen again. They're creations while still instilling wonder and awe become cherished.In my mind that's one of the most  beautifully poignant things about being human These kites like many simple seeming things are a complex blending of science and art/craft. I think there have been many Einsteins and Picassos in our history. I can only recall 2 that blended art and science  really well , Da Vinci and Pathogorus. The rest of us all need a little help. Getting close to the kite I started giggling a bit thinking a what if scenario depending on how our history goes. Some future scientist is rooting around and finds a pristine kite from our era. Others gather around, It's pretty must be for decoration, no it's shape says it's for worship, no no the graphics were for communicating. From up on high a group of sail makers pause in their labor look down laughing to themselves at the absurdity of it all. One turns to the other and with slight disgust, says well if they quit fussing maybe they'll find the joy in it just being there cause  they'll never figure out it flies. I got my 1st sail material yesterday. The design I'm going to recreate is called the Faux C authored by Jean Herve'  on kite plans. So now the other part of my Kite Life begins . As I get out and about I am  looking forward to seeing Steve's and others cherished sails. Hopefully I'll learn something.This OPK thing is foreign to  me. No you can't use my skis',no you can't use my board , no you can't ride my motorcycle. Play my guitars ,are you nuts or something . You people like to share!! As of yesterday I think I get it. It's trying to share an avenue to pure joy. As I knelt to adjust for launch I paused . In those few moments from the top of the window to the landing of the kite and during the walk of reflection I had become a flyer. Much, much earlier than anticipated. Without my 6 year old grand son begging me to help him fix his broken kite because his desire to fly again was so strong and these forums I would have never known. I base my time here on 4 days of the year. The solstice will be upon us in the coming days and the renewal will start again. The swallows will be back in May. I've been here long enough that most of them will have been born here but they always bring a friend or two. I will be looking at  their flight patterns a lot different now. I look back over the thousands of years that sail makers have learned to harness what cannot be tamed and I am in awe. But hey that's just my perception. Like Sparkie likes to always kindly remind. Between heaven and earth that's where kites fly. Peace and fair winds all.
    • Only 10 serialized kites not spoken for now, they’re finding homes quick. 🙏🏻
    • 7’ x 50# SkyBond, working on having them available as an add on for folks that need it.
    • Hey John,  what length lines are you flying the Kaiju with?   I assume 50# or are they lighter than that?
    • FYI, looks like 29 Kaiju are already spoken for in the serial number batch of 50, going quick! If you want to get on the RSVP list, send me a message with your choice of color and preferred email address, will follow up to process orders in January and looking to ship in February.
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